Title: What is a “water-only sports drink” that focuses on supporting athletes such as “RIZIN.40” where RIZIN VS Bellator is held?

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Title: What is a “water-only sports drink” that focuses on supporting athletes such as “RIZIN.40” where RIZIN VS Bellator is held?
The other day, a shock ran through the martial arts world.
That’s because on October 26, 2022, at the press conference of the martial arts event “RIZIN”, which is celebrated every year on New Year’s Eve, it was announced that a battle with the world’s strongest “Bellator” will be held.
The superstars that any martial arts fan can’t help but get excited about, and the stars of RIZIN in Japan will clash fists.
Did you know that there is a company that supports the “hydration” of athletes facing such a once-in-a-lifetime big event?
This time, we would like to introduce a “water-only sports drink” that supports athletes such as RIZIN.40.
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Why did “FROM ATHLETES” decide to sponsor RIZIN.40?
Orbs Co., Ltd., which has been researching water for over 40 years, has developed “FROM ATHLETES”, a sports drink made only of water that supports the body of exercisers.
Active oxygen, which has recently become a hot topic, is the cause of lifestyle diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as oxidation of the body, which is said to cause wrinkles and spots. Active oxygen is known to be generated by exercise.
Therefore, through joint research with Professor Masaaki Sugita of Nippon Sport Science University, “FROM ATHLETES”, which has data on the ability to resist oxidation “antioxidant”, has been developed to help martial arts fighters who are forced to fight hard to keep hydrated. In the hope that we can support it from a different point of view, following the previous “Super RIZIN” where the “Mayweather vs Mirai Asakura” match was held, we will be sponsoring “RIZIN.40” on New Year’s Eve as the official drinking water. I was.
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What is “FROM ATHLETES”, a new sensation and water-only sports drink? “FROM ATHLETES” was completed through joint research by Orbus Co., Ltd., which has a research institute in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, a sacred place for water, and has been researching water for over 40 years, and Professor Masaaki Sugita of Nippon Sport Science University. , It is a “water-only sports drink” that prevents oxidation of the body by increasing water retention.
In a blood test experiment at Nippon Sport Science University, it was found that the group that drank FROM ATHLETES had “lower oxidative stress” and “higher antioxidant power” than the group that drank ordinary drinking water. Furthermore, in the subsequent experiment during exercise performance, data on “improved exercise duration” and “decreased blood lactate concentration” were also confirmed. As you can see from these data, it is the best drinking water not only for athletes, but also for middle-aged and elderly people, and for women who seek beauty.
[Image 3d47070-11-673ccd757fc710059a4e-2.png&s3=47070-11-44deab81cd3f8ad55302147f9a386a4d-1620x1080.png
It is also recommended as drinking water during exercise because it is weakly alkaline just like body fluids!
The feature of FROM ATHLETES is that it has anti-oxidation data with “water that is weakly alkaline just like body fluids”.
In general, many foods and drinks with antioxidant power are “strongly alkaline”.
For example, the standard ph value for drinking water is 5.8 to 8.6, but drinking water that claims antioxidant properties is often strongly alkaline drinking water with a ph value higher than 8.6. However, drinking strongly alkaline water can neutralize stomach acid and cause problems such as indigestion and an imbalance of intestinal bacteria.
The sports drink “FROM ATHLETES”, which consists only of water, achieves anti-oxidation by retaining water firmly in the body. It is weakly alkaline drinking water with a ph value of 7.2 to 7.6, which is the same as body fluids.
Because it is weakly alkaline, just like body fluids, it is gentle on the stomach and makes it easy to rehydrate.
If you would like, please refer to our website for detailed product explanations.
Please try the new sensation “sports drink only with water”. 【Product information】
・FROM ATHELTES 1L 486 yen/piece (tax included)
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・FROM ATHLETES 550ml ¥324/bottle (tax included)
[Image 5d47070-11-e7a0b9d8fdb9f04ca7f7-4.jpg&s3=47070-11-0477d66410137431ddc8b55dadedb042-3900x3900.jpg

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