To commemorate the 110th anniversary of the founding of Ichibata Electric Railway, the second mystery-solving event “Twilight Mystery Train” will be held!

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To commemorate the 110th anniversary of the founding of Ichibata Electric Railway, the second mystery-solving event “Twilight Mystery Train” will be held!
The Ichibata Train, which is popular for sightseeing, connects Izumo Taisha Shrine in Shimane Prefecture with Matsue Shinjiko Onsen.
A mystery-solving event will start on November 26, in which
participants will take on the “Ichibata Train” and become the main character of the story, and walk around the spots along the line while solving the mystery on a mysterious journey over the history of the Ichibata Train.
November 19, 2022
Ichibata Electric Railway 110th anniversary project Enjoy riding the Ichibata Electric Railway
About the second mystery solving event “Twilight Mystery Train” [Image 1

Ichibata Train (Headquarters: Hirata-cho, Izumo City, President: Shigeto Fukutomi) will start from November 26, 2022 (Saturday) by the Japan Tourism Agency. Using subsidies from the project, we will hold the following event “Twilight Mystery Train”. This event will be held for one month in January this year, and will be the second
puzzle-solving event that you can enjoy on the Ichibata Train, following the popular “Mystery Solving Treasure Hunt Train” that everyone in the area participated in. becomes.
The Ichibata Train connects Matsue, Hirata, and Izumo/Izumo Taisha Shrine in Shimane Prefecture. This year marks the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Ichibata Keiben Railway in 1912, which has been patronized by local residents and tourists alike.
“Twilight Mystery Train” is a decentralized event where participants are rarely concentrated in one place under the circumstances of the new coronavirus infection. It is an experiential puzzle-solving experience that can be enjoyed with peace of mind by elementary school families and puzzle-solving beginners, rediscovering the charm of. In this “Twilight Mystery Solving Train”, the participants will become the main characters of the story and will proceed on a mysterious journey over the history of the Ichibata Train while solving the mystery.
▼ Participation can be done on different days according to your convenience. For those who participated in the first mystery solving event “Mystery Solving Treasure Hunt Train”, we have prepared more challenging riddles (problems) for you to enjoy. It is also possible to solve the mystery on the other side, and you can proceed according to the convenience of the participants.
▼The story begins at Izumo Taisha-mae Station on the Ichibata Train. Participants first get the “Mystery Solving Game Book” at Izumo Taisha Mae Station on the Ichibata Train, read the QR code on it with a smartphone or tablet, and access the answer web page to start the game and start the story. (* The event participation fee is free, but the communication fee for accessing the web page and the transportation fee will be borne by the participant).
Solve the riddles written in the “mystery solving game book” and enter the answers on the answer web page to read the continuation of the story, find out where to go next, and move on the Ichibata train to advance the story. increase. Hints are provided for all mysteries (problems), so families and beginners of mystery solving can participate with peace of mind. We are taking care of it so that it can be resolved.
▼ Opportunity to win wonderful prizes by clearing the game.
[Image 2

Apple Watch SE (1 person), Twin Leaves Hotel Izumo Pair Accommodation Ticket (2 groups of 4 people), Hotel Ichibata “Teppanyaki Aoi” Lunch Course (4 groups of 8 people) will be given to those who have completed the game and answered the questionnaire. ) will be presented by lottery. In addition, the first 1,000 people who clear the game will receive an event original clear file as a clear certificate (ends as soon as it runs out).
*When traveling during the event, you can get on and off the Ichibata Train as you please. It is convenient to purchase the Ichibata Train One-Day Pass (1,600 yen for adults / 800 yen for children *Valid only on the day of sale).
[Performance overview]
■ Title: Ichibata Electric Railway 110th Anniversary Event
Nazotoki Adventure “Twilight Mystery Train”
(Reading: Twilight Mystery and Kiresha)
Event period: Saturday, November 26, 2022 to Sunday, January 29, 2023 ■Venue: Along the Ichibata train line and surrounding tourist spots ■ Participation fee: Free *Participants will be responsible for transportation costs.
■Participation method: Get a puzzle-solving game book at the Ichibata Train Izumo Taisha-mae Station building during the event period and start the game. If it is during the event period, it is possible to participate over the day according to your convenience.
* A smartphone or tablet is required to participate. Communication charges, etc., incurred when using the service are the responsibility of the customer.
■ Event HP:
■ Credit
Organizer: Ichibata Train Co., Ltd. Planning and production: Nazotoki Adventure Support: Ichibata Train Area Council
*This project is an event that utilizes the subsidy of the Japan Tourism Agency’s “project to revitalize tourist destinations and add value to tourism services as a united community”.

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