TOA Co., Ltd. Launch of limited-edition liqueur “Hatsushibori Yuzu” using yuzu grown naturally in Kozagawa-cho

TOA Co., Ltd.
Using yuzu grown in the natural environment of Kozagawa Town, the limited edition liqueur “Hatsushibori Yuzu” is on sale
Limited sale of Yuasa Winery “Shinka First Shibori (Wakayama Yuzu)” from December 1st (Thursday)

Yuasa Winery, located in Yuasa Town, Wakayama Prefecture, manufactures wine and liqueurs using fruits grown in Wakayama Prefecture. From December 1st (Thursday), we will be selling a limited edition liqueur called “Shinka Hatsushibori (Wakayama Yuzu)” using yuzu juice harvested this autumn at “Kozagawa Yuzu Hirai no Sato”.
勹果HOUKA first squeeze series
A rich fruit wine “Shinka” is made by mixing the juice of fully ripe fruits from Wakayama with domestic grapes (Kyoho grapes). Among them, the “Hatsushibori Series” is a premium product that is only available during the fruit season. (Sales period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to January 22, 2023 (Sunday))
■ Yuzu from Kozagawa Yuzu Hirai no Sato
Kozagawa Town, the largest town in Wakayama Prefecture, is a town rich in nature with 96% forest. “Yuzu Hirai no Sato” is located in the deepest part of the mountainous area. “Yuzu Hirai no Sato” grows in the perfect weather conditions for yuzu cultivation, with an average temperature of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius, the clean water of Kozagawa, one of the clearest streams in Japan, the rich nature, and the clean air. We use the first squeezed juice, which is squeezed without leaving the skin part of the yuzu with a bright yellow fruit. First squeezed fruit (Wakayama yuzu)
Reika Hatsushibori (Wakayama Yuzu) is made by combining the refreshing and fragrant juice of yuzu citrus harvested at “Yuzu Hirai no Sato” with domestic white wine. The refreshing scent of yuzu, which can only be tasted when squeezed for the first time, envelops you.
■ Product information
Reika Hatsushibori (Wakayama Yuzu) 180ml ¥660 (tax included) / 375ml ¥1,320 (tax included)
Item: Liqueur Alcohol content: 7.0% Number of sales: 300 each [Inquiries regarding this matter]
TOA Corporation Yuasa Winery Sales and Public Relations Department Person in charge: Nishida (TEL080-4487-6838)
TEL/FAX: 0737-23-8833
Address: 332 Suhara, Yuasa-cho, Arita-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
Contact hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 17:00

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