Toa Road Industry Co., Ltd. Pavement-type solar power generation panels installed at a ward school in Minato-ku, Tokyo! Promoting environmental learning for children

Toa Road Industry Co., Ltd.
Pavement-type solar power generation panels installed at a public school in Minato-ku, Tokyo! Promoting environmental learning for children
Japan’s first effort to install “pavement-type solar power generation panels” in school facilities

We have signed a partnership agreement with the Minato Ward Board of Education and Maruzen Yushodo Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Minato Ward, Tokyo) to install pavement-type solar panels (Wattway) at educational facilities and use renewable energy. We will conduct demonstration experiments for the promotion of environmental education and the development of children’s environmental education. Watway is installed directly on the road surface, and pedestrians and bicycles can pass on the panel. Since it does not require large-scale civil engineering work, it is a renewable energy power generation system that makes effective use of the existing site and can be incorporated in a visible way for children and users. In this project, a solar power generation pavement system called Wattway Pack, which combines pavement type solar power generation panels and storage batteries, will be installed at two ward schools in Minato Ward.
What is the pavement type solar power generation panel “Wattway”? “SDGs” are set as global goals. To achieve this goal, the French road company Colas S.A. and the French National Institute of Solar Energy Technology jointly developed a photovoltaic power generation system that can be installed on paved roads. is installed and a demonstration experiment is being conducted. This technology is an innovative technology that maintains photovoltaic power generation capacity even under severe conditions such as the running load of large vehicles. However, in order to apply it to Japan, which has severe weather conditions and special traffic conditions, we are conducting development and verification for several difficult problems. Since Watway is installed on paved road surfaces, it gives new possibilities to road spaces from the perspective of facility management. In addition, it is resistant to disasters such as typhoons and can be operated independently. Therefore, it has the potential to become a new solution for solar power generation in Japan in the future, such as installation in urban spaces and energy sources at disaster bases in the event of a disaster.
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Overview of the demonstration experiment
We will install paved solar panels (Wattway) and storage batteries at two schools in Minato Ward to verify the amount of power generated and their effectiveness.
Electricity generated by Watway is stored in storage batteries and used as an independent power source for lighting facilities on school grounds.
It can also be used as an emergency power supply for charging smartphones when you are isolated during a disaster.
In addition, Maruzen Yushodo Co., Ltd.’s unique Minato-ku
environmental learning program will create opportunities for children to learn about the current energy crisis as a personal issue. [Image 2d102265-3-8a00e0798afac1a36100-1.jpg&s3=102265-3-52aeec2823a8df4f90e0330f0bd0660d-1512x1134.jpg

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Collaboration agreement conclusion ceremony held
[Image 4d102265-3-3590f5c960c838160c9b-4.jpg&s3=102265-3-fe30ce194a50ce87233f3c60b8dded32-1512x1134.jpg
On November 14, 2022 (Monday), a collaboration agreement signing ceremony was held at the Minato Ward Office for this project related to the demonstration experiment of paved solar power generation panels and environmental learning. The signing ceremony was attended by Minato Ward Board of Education superintendent Urata, Maruzen Yushodo Co., Ltd. President Yano, and our company President Morishita. ―Business related site―
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