Toa Sangyo Finally, the much-talked-about inhaled antibody A new product that is perfect for the times to come

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[Finally, the much-talked-about inhaled antibody] A new product that is perfect for the times to come

While there are various antibodies such as existing antibodies and antibodies born from vaccines, this is an epoch-making item that contains various antibodies extracted from birds and cows.
Toa Sangyo, which actively engages in CSR activities such as giving free gifts (donations) of “new coronavirus antigen test kits” to local governments nationwide, will release new products.
An inhalation vaccine developed by Kansino Biologics, which has been approved for emergency use by the National Drug Administration, which is currently a hot topic in China. Along with this, the “inhalation type” is now attracting attention in various fields.
Toa Sangyo developed an “inhaled” antibody.
There are health foods that consume antibodies, but attention is focused on inhaling and ingesting antibodies instead of nutrition. It is designed to atomize and inhale proteins containing egg yolk antibody IgY and cow antibody IgG.
In-house research revealed that antibodies were detected in all 20 people in the monitor test of this product.
Further details will be announced along with the product press release. ■ Inquiries about products
・ Toa Sangyo Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office
・TEL: 0120-910-951
・Reception hours: Open all year round 9:00-18:00
■ About Toa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
We are a manufacturer that provides total support for product creation through integrated production from planning and development to manufacturing of daily necessities, beauty and health products, PC peripherals, etc.
[Company Profile]
Company name: Toa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Akimasa Fukai
Location: 2-5-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: September 1996
Capital: 90 million yen

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