Tobi Watanabe Releases Podcast Program “Osaka ni Tayora Night” Talking about Dreams with Business Owners!

Tobi Watanabe Releases Podcast Program “Osaka ni Tayora Night” Talking about Dreams with Business Owners!
“Talk program to talk about dreams while smoking alcohol

The podcast program “Sake ni Yora Night” operated by FEARLESS Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tobi Watanabe) will be distributed from November 18, 2022. We will discuss everything from how to start work, leadership, concerns about management,
relationships with employees, future work styles, and how to connect with society.
[Planning overview]
Grab a hint to overcome the rough seas of the times!
This channel is a business radio where Tobi, CEO of FEARLESS Co., Ltd., which is close to a wide variety of industries, welcomes attractive guests and delivers them. Only managers are guests! ! While exchanging drinks with guests of various genres, we will delve into the talk theme randomly selected by cards from each individual’s point of view!?
Whether it’s a deep story or a story that isn’t, it’s somehow useful! A new sensation, drinking talk program!
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[Program overview]
Title Sake ni Tayara Night
Navigator Tobi Watanabe
Provided by FEARLESS Inc.
Program URL
Program Twitter
Email address
Other developments Distribute programs on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. [About the program theme song]
His music includes “Magic Carpet” and “Sakura Usagi” music videos. Takaya Kawasaki, who has been close friends for a long time, wrote a new song! [Image 2

-Profile of Takaya Kawasaki-
Singer-songwriter born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1995.
In 2018, released the album “I believe in you”.
A husky singing voice, a beautiful vibrato, and an addictive melody line that you won’t forget once you hear it.
Comment from Takaya Kawasaki:
Doing what you want is not easy.
It’s just that you can continue to improve yourself while chasing responsibility.
I’m sure that the performers and listeners of this program are suffering and struggling every day.
I made it so that my song, my voice, can push your back.
May your future be fruitful.
[Scheduled keywords/guests for the 1st and 2nd episodes]
1st November 18th (Friday)
Guest: Hitoshi Takano (Move Emotions Inc.)
[Image 3

-Profile of Hitoshi Takano-
Branding design company, Move Emotions Co., Ltd. CEO.
When I was 24, I started a business with my best friend from high school, and this year marks my 20th anniversary.
Based on the concept of “creating empathy through design”,
The connection between people with empathy in the middle,
Created by the power of creativity.
People I respect are Tsutaya Bookstore President Muneaki Masuda and Hoshino Resort President Yoshimichi Hoshino.
That’s why I love Tsutaya Bookstore and Hoshinoya. People who can’t stop overflowing love when they start talking about that theme. 2nd November 25th (Friday)
Guest: Kazuhisa Shimazu
[Image 4

-Profile of Kazuhisa Shimazu-
Established after leaving the company engaged in the interior decoration of Comme Sa de Mode for 13 years.
Born and raised in Shinjuku, he has a strong passion for nature. Having two children gives birth to a sense of mission to pass on a better environment to future generations.
At Hive, we aim for co-prosperity between people and nature, and store interior business such as PRADA and SABON
In addition to the self-operated shop 85 [Hachigo] business, we are diversifyingly developing activities to reduce environmental impact and ethical business.
[Image 5

Tobi Watanabe
After graduating from high school, he moved to the United States alone. After graduating from an American university, he gained extensive experience at Apple Inc.
Utilizing my long-term overseas experience, I contribute to problem solving from a wide variety of perspectives,
We provide a wide range of support, from PR strategy planning to management strategy, not limited to video.
*Information is current as of the date of announcement. Please note that information is subject to change without notice.
[Overview of provider]
2015 While both founders Tobi and Matt worked at Apple Inc.
Launched a brand communication business with a focus on video production as Fearless Film.
Incorporated as FEARLESS Co., Ltd. (British: FEARLESS Inc.) in May 2018. Since our founding, our strength has been visual communication based on international references.
We are working on solving various problems that companies have. Instead of the traditional client → agency/consulting → production company relationship,
As a “creative partner”, we propose consistent solutions and execute production. Going beyond the framework of mere work, valuing connections between people, As a team, we will sincerely respond to all issues.
“A company that creates connections between people and society”
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