Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. “Nikko/Ashio Route Pass” will be on sale from November 24th (Thursday)!

Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.
“Nikko/Ashio Route Pass” will be on sale from Thursday, November 24th! Limited time only in winter. A one-stroke rail journey recommended for railroad enthusiasts

Tobu Railway (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo) will release the “Nikko/Ashio Route Pass” for a limited time from November 24, 2022 (Thursday) to March 30, 2023 (Thursday).
This route pass is sold in cooperation with the Watarase Keikoku Railway and Nikko City for the purpose of making it easier to visit the Nikko/Ashio area. A ticket that allows you to tour the Ashio area at a great price. You can transfer different public transportation with a single stroke, visit sightseeing spots such as Nikko’s two shrines and temples, Ashio Copper Mine, Tomihiro Museum of Art, and enjoy various vehicles such as trains and buses.
In addition, with this route pass, you can participate in a special guided tour of Ashio Copper Mine sightseeing by making a reservation in advance, and you can also receive discounts and services at facilities, restaurants, and souvenir shops along the route. In addition, you can enjoy the unique winter illuminations at each station of the Watarase Keikoku Railway.
Going forward, Tobu Railway will continue to promote regional revitalization by uncovering the appeal of areas along its railway lines, as well as eco-friendly means of
We will propose ethical travel that allows you to tour around the international eco-resort Nikko, where culture, tradition and nature coexist.
[Image 1

△ Ticket face (image)
About “Nikko/Ashio Route Pass”
1 Release period
November 24, 2022 (Thursday) to March 30, 2023 (Thursday)
2 Sales locations
Tobu Skytree Line stations (excluding Oshiage Station)
Omiya Station, Iwatsuki Station, Nanakodai Station, Noda City Station, Nagareyama Otakanomori Station, Kashiwa Station, Shinkamagaya Station, Funabashi Station, Kameido Station, Kuki Station, Hanyu Station, Tatebayashi Station, Ashikagashi Station, Ota Station, Isesaki Station , Shin-Kiryu Station, Sano Station, Minami-Kurihashi Station, Kurihashi Station, Tochigi Station, Shin-Tochigi Station, Shin-Kanuma Station, Shimoimaichi Station, Tobu Nikko Station, Kinugawa-Onsen Station, Tobu-Utsunomiya Station
55 stations in total
3 Validity period
2 days from the effective start date (cannot be used after April 2023) 4 Available trains and buses
You can ride all trains other than the Tobu Line (excluding Tojo Line and Ogose Line), Watarase Keikoku Railway Line local trains, and Nikko Municipal Buses.
*When using Tobu line limited express trains, reserved seat trains, and steam locomotives, please purchase limited express tickets, reserved seat tickets, and SL seat reserved tickets separately. *When using the trolley train on the Watarase Keikoku Railway, please purchase a numbered trolley ticket separately.
5 Contents of sale
This ticket allows you to fully enjoy the Nikko/Ashio area for two days using the Tobu Line (excluding the Tojo Line and Ogose Line), the Watarase Keikoku Railway Line, and the Nikko Municipal Bus. You can choose your favorite route of Tobu Nikko tour or Airo tour, and use the Watarase Keikoku Railway Line or Nikko Municipal Bus from the Tobu Line departure station to travel around the Nikko/Ashio area. There is no limit on the number of times you can get on and off on the Tobu Line and the Watarase Keikoku Railway Line as long as the boarding direction is the same.
*One-time ticket for Nikko Municipal Bus. Please note that if you get off on the way, your ticket will be invalid.
1. Tobu Nikko Tour Tobu Line departure station ⇒ Tobu Nikko Station ⇒ Nikko Municipal Bus (Ashio JR Nikko Station Line) ⇒ Watarase Keikoku Railway Line ⇒ Aoi Station ⇒ Tobu Line arrival station
2. Aio Meguri Tobu Line Departure Station ⇒ Aio Station ⇒ Watarase Keikoku Railway Line ⇒ Nikko Municipal Bus (Ashio JR Nikko Station Line) ⇒ Tobu Nikko Station ⇒ Tobu Line Arrival Station
6 Sales price (including consumption tax, etc.)
Adult: 3,500 yen Child: 1,760 yen
7 Benefits
(1) Nikko Area By presenting the Nikko/Ashio Route Pass, you can receive discounts and services at restaurants and souvenir shops. (2) Ashio Copper Mine Sightseeing
1. If you present the Nikko/Ashio Route Pass, you will get a ¥100 discount on the admission fee.
2. You can participate in a special free guided tour limited to those who have purchased the Nikko/Ashio Route Pass. (Advance reservations required)
(3) Mizunuma Station Hot Spring Center/Tomihiro Museum
If you present the Nikko/Ashio Route Pass, you will receive a 20% discount on bathing and admission fees.
[Image 2

Ashio Copper Mine Sightseeing (image inside the mine)
8 Recommended Routes (Legend Tobu Railway: [Tobu], Watarase Keikoku Railway: [Watetsu], Nikko Municipal Bus: [Nipponba])
(1) Tour around Aoi-Enjoy sightseeing in
Ashio-Asakusa-[Tobu]-Aioi-[Watetsu]-Dongdo (visit Ashio Copper Mine, gourmet food)-[Nipponba]-Tobu Nikko (sightseeing)-[Tobu]-Asakusa (2) Tour around Nikko -Enjoy the illumination-
1. Art Proficiency Course
Asakusa – [Tobu] – Tobu Nikko (Sightseeing) – [Nipponba] – Before copper mine sightseeing (Ashio Copper Mine tour)/Dongdo – [Watetsu] – Kobe – [Higashimachi route bus] – Tomihiro Art Museum (visit) – [Higashimachi route Bus] – Kobe – [Wa-tetsu (viewing illumination at each station)] – Aioi – [Tobu] – Asakusa
*A separate ticket is required for the Higashimachi route bus. [Image 3

△ Tomihiro Museum
2. Relax course at hot springs
Asakusa – [Tobu] – Tobu Nikko (sightseeing) – [Nipponba] – Before copper mine sightseeing (Ashio Copper Mine visit) / Cave – [Wa-tetsu] – Mizunuma (Mizunuma Station hot spring center) – [Wa-tetsu (viewing illuminations at each station)] ~Aibo~【Tobu】~Asakusa
[Image 4d64591-224-4e266a2a919954340f8c-3.jpg&s3=64591-224-835096a08a03f495bb2a48eee63a88e0-3000x2000.jpg
△ Mizunuma Station Hot Spring Center
9 Special site
For details on how to use the pass, benefits, and recommended routes, please visit the special site.
Details about this release:


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