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Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. On November 12th and 13th, the “Kumamoto Gourmet Rally at Soraie Hiroba” will be held at the east exit of Shimizu Park Station for the purpose of regional revitalization!

Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.
On November 12th and 13th, we will hold the “Kumamoto Gourmet Rally at Soraie Hiroba” at the east exit of Shimizu-koen Station for the purpose of regional revitalization!
-Creating a new bustle for the development of a prosperous community of local residents-

Tobu Railway (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President: Kasumi Nezu) will hold the Four Sea Company (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kasumi Nezu) on November 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun), 2022. Hiroshi Nakazawa), Synchro Food (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shinichi Fujishiro), and Koshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. ”, an event “Kumamoto Gourmet Rally at Soraie Hiroba” will be held using mobile sales (kitchen cars) for the purpose of regional revitalization.
This event supports the efforts of Koshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, which promotes child-rearing support measures and support for the formation of local communities for reconstruction from the Kumamoto earthquake.・This event is held in collaboration with Food for the purpose of regional revitalization. On the day of the event, restaurants in Koshi City will gather in a kitchen car, and in addition to offering menus that make use of ingredients from Koshi City, we plan to sell agricultural products and hold a stamp rally using TOBU POINT, creating a lively atmosphere. I plan.
In 2014, we opened a large-scale development of about 500 lots in front of Shimizu Koen Station called “Solaie Shimizu Park Urban Park Town”. We have been inviting the establishment of facilities for senior citizens. In addition, at the Soraie Hiroba in front of Shimizu Koen Station, which is the gateway to the city that is open to the surrounding area, a rich community is being fostered through the holding of many local resident-led events and residents’ association meetings.
Going forward, we will continue to support the formation of a diverse community of local residents at Soraie Hiroba, and promote sustainable urban development that enables people of multiple generations to connect with the local community in a way that suits their lifestyles. We will strive to improve value.
[Image 1

Soraie Hiroba
[Image 2

Local gourmet to be opened
[Image 3

Fresh vegetables
Overview of “Kumamoto Gourmet Rally at Soraie Hiroba”
Date: November 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun), 2022 10:00-15:00
Place: Soraie Hiroba
Access: Tobu Urban Park Line “Shimizu Park” station east exit Contents: Food trucks (planned to be 8) featuring local gourmet foods from Koshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture and special products from Koshi City (horse meat hot dogs, spinach, garland chrysanthemums, etc.), sales of special products, performances, TOBU POINT app stamp rally, etc.
Organizer Digital Kitchen Project (commissioned by Koshi City) Food Lab Koshi Co., Ltd.
Operation: Four C Company Co., Ltd., Synchro Food Co., Ltd.
*As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, the organizer will comply with the guidelines that stipulate thorough disinfection, etc., and will urge visitors to wear masks.
[Image 4

event poster
Major community-building activities at Soraie Hiroba
In “Solaie Hiroba”, facilities that anyone can use (a “sales center” equipped with a kids’ space and a picture book library, a
manufacturing studio, a pizza oven, etc.) will be set up, and community-building events led by local residents and sharing economy will be held. is spreading.
[Image 5

Sharing of quasi-daily necessities (grass cutters, tools, etc.) at manufacturing workshops
[Image 6

Gardening activities led by local residents in front of stations, soraie plazas, and shared fields
[Image 7

Shimizu Sky and Forest Nursery School Athletic Meet
[Image 8

[Image 9

Volunteer activities to collect donated books at the Picture Book Library [Image 10

[Image 11

soto yoga
[Image 12

Farmer’s Market Noda City Charm Dissemination Project
■ Facebook page: Connect with everyone @ Soraie Shimizu Park HISTORY
■ Instagram: @solaie_shimizu
Overview of “Solaie Shimizu Park Urban Park Town”
Based on the three concepts of “living with nature,” “living in your own way,” and “living in a community,” this is a large-scale condominium project that takes advantage of the natural environment of the entire town of Shimizu Park, which is within commuting distance from Tokyo and has a lot of greenery. It’s a development project. Location: 1-2 Shimizu Park Higashi, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture Total number of compartments Approximately 500 compartments
Official website
[Image 13

[Image 14

“for ONES” houses with different floor plans
■ About Four C Company Co., Ltd.
Consulting on planning and sales of condominiums, detached houses, new towns, etc., operational support for management associations and residents’ associations of condominiums, detached houses, new towns, etc., management and operation support for tenants such as offices and commercial facilities, planning of various events and seminars Through management, planning and operation of restaurants such as cafes, we weave a more comfortable form of “connection” for all people, organizations, and communities.
■ About Synchro Food Co., Ltd.
Based on the vision of “spreading the happiness that comes from diverse eating and drinking experiences throughout Japan and around the world,” we operate the platform “” that supports the management and operation of restaurants. By making the most of technology and simply and speedily providing various options such as “people, goods, information, and services” necessary for opening and operating restaurants, we will develop the restaurant industry and help people involved. contribute to the happiness of
■ About Mobimaru
We develop mobile sales vehicles (kitchen cars) of various genres on a daily and weekly basis in public open spaces of office buildings, parks, stations, and other idle land, mainly in residential areas and urban centers. We meet a wide range of needs, from shopping needs in residential areas, lunch needs in office areas, and take-out deli that you can enjoy at home after work.
Furthermore, by developing various mobile sales vehicles called MOBIX (Mobility Box) in addition to food trucks, it is possible to create a culture of “going to the store” and “coming to the store” and moving. Taking advantage of this unique advantage, we are revitalizing housing complexes, parks, shopping streets, etc. and revitalizing the region. ■ About Koshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture
A city with a population of approximately 64,000 located in the northeastern part of Kumamoto Prefecture. While the development of a good living environment is progressing, it is an area rich in nature that has one side as an industrial city. We are promoting urban development that is close to citizens, who are the main players in urban development.
・Child-rearing support: We support families raising children and support child-rearing as a whole community, and promote the
development and promotion of an environment where children can be raised in a safe and healthy environment. For example, the family support center project that cooperates with local residents to take care of children, the expansion of local child-rearing bases and educational environments, and from January 2023, medical expenses are subsidized at the end of the fiscal year of 18 years old (the first after reaching the age of 18). March 31, 2020), etc.
・Community building: In preparation for recovery from the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, support efforts such as the development of community hubs and activities during normal times to enable evacuation and cooperation at the community level in times of emergency, and form connections between local residents. promoting.
Efforts related to child-rearing support of the Tobu Group
The Tobu Group is developing a variety of services that meet the needs of our customers, with the aim of creating a comfortable living environment for multi-generational families, including those raising children.
・”TOBU POINT child care support program”
“TOBU POINT App” registrants who apply for this program during the entry period, If you purchase a child commuter pass or use a child fare ride in the same section during the applicable period,
Granted with “TOBU POINT”.
★Children’s commuting to school by train is practically free “Children’s Commuter Pass Full Point Back”
If you purchase a Tobu Line children’s commuter pass with a Tobu Card, you will receive points back in “Tobupo” for the entire amount equivalent to the price of the purchased Tobu Line commuter pass.

[Image 15

★ Children’s fares for long holidays are practically free “Long-term children’s fares point back”
If you purchase a Tobu Line commuter pass with a Tobu Card and board the same section as a child during the long holiday period, you will receive points back in “Tobupo” equivalent to the child’s fare on the Tobu Line.

[Image 16

・Attraction of childcare facilities and after-school nursery rooms  In order to support the working generation raising children, we are promoting the attraction of childcare facilities and after-school nursery rooms to our company-owned land along the railway lines. In April 2022, we opened a licensed nursery school “Shimizu Sora to Mori no Nursery School” in front of Shimizu Park Station on the Tobu Urban Park Line, bringing the total number of childcare centers near the station to 18 and the number of after-school childcare rooms to 2. [Image 17
・Development of rental housing and condominiums
 In order to have more people live along our railway lines, we are developing rental and condominium housing, including the “Soraie” series, in line with changes in customer values ​​and life stages. ■Solaie official website
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