Tobu Top Tours, a new lineup of plans to stay in the “Train View Room” for the popular “Sugotoku” product!

Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd.
Tobu Top Tours, a new lineup of plans to stay in the “Train View Room” for the popular “Sugotoku” product!
~ Special plan commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway ~

Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President: Koji Momokida) commemorates the 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway. We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to release a new lineup of “Sugotoku”, which allows you to make a reservation with a set of accommodations at a great price.
This product was planned by volunteer members from various departments such as travel product development, marketing, sales, etc., and is a special plan that can be enjoyed by children who love trains and train enthusiasts. The target hotels are 31 facilities in 17 prefectures from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and reservations will be accepted on the following product page from Monday, November 14, 2022.
If you are a train lover, please stay in the Train View Room and enjoy the immersive view of the trains passing by.
“Let’s go by train and stay in a train view room!”

[Image 1d72120-100-026add2fbb46731f106d-1.png&s3=72120-100-e5006c48de5ef92d08cd0cd750eb0555-750x450.png
Image provided by: JR East, JR West, JR Central, Tobu Railway [Image 2d72120-100-2248c6a721907d23297d-0.png&s3=72120-100-1ba2381e4c5fd6e2be18bae3af193583-800x182.png
(View image from guest room)
〇 Plan details
・Set departure date: November 16, 2022 to March 31, 2023, 2 days and 1 night ・Departure points: Tokyo metropolitan area, Chubu, Kansai, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu
・Minimum number of participants: From 1 person
・Room type: Varies by plan
・Tour price: 10,800 yen ~
You can check the details of the plan here.
≪ Participating hotels ≫
No. Area Hotel name Train/line name visible from guest room (example) 1. Hokkaido Hotel Keihan Sapporo Hakodate Main Line
2. Keio Presso Inn Otemachi, Tokyo Tohoku, Joetsu, Hokuriku, Yamagata, Akita Shinkansen, conventional lines
3. Tokyo Shinagawa Prince Hotel Tokaido Shinkansen and conventional lines 4. Tokyo Chisun Hotel Hamamatsucho Tokaido Shinkansen, Tokyo Monorail 5. Tokyo Shinjuku Prince Hotel Yamanote Line, Chuo Line, Sobu Line 6. Tokyo Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho Sobu Line
7. Tokyo Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo Sobu Line
8. Tokyo Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Yurikamome
9. Tokyo Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake Yurikamome
10. Tokyo East Side Kaikai Keiyo Line
11. Kanagawa Prefecture Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel Tokaido Shinkansen 12. Tochigi Prefecture Asaya Tobu Line (Liberty Limited Express) 13. Tochigi Prefecture Kinugawa Onsen Hotel Tobu Line (Liberty Limited Express) 14. Yamanashi Prefecture Hotel Hana Isawa Chuo Main Line
15. Niigata Yukemuri no Yado Yukinohana Joetsu Shinkansen
16. Shizuoka Prefecture Mt.Fuji Mishima Tokyu Hotel Tokaido Shinkansen 17. In front of Kanazawa Manten Hotel Station, Ishikawa Prefecture Hokuriku Main Line
18. Shiga Prefecture Hotel Tetora Otsu/Kyoto Tokaido Main Line (JR Biwako Line) 19. Kyoto Prefecture Miyako City Kintetsu Kyoto Station Tokaido Shinkansen, conventional lines, Kintetsu Lines
20. Kyoto Prefecture RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto Tokaido Main Line (JR Kyoto Line/JR Biwako Line)
21. Kyoto Prefecture Hotel Granvia Kyoto Tokaido Shinkansen and conventional lines
22. Osaka Prefecture Hotel Monterey Osaka Tokaido Main Line (JR Kobe Line), Osaka Loop Line, etc.
23. Osaka Prefecture Hotel Hankyu International Hankyu Railway 24. Hyogo Prefecture Hotel Monterey Himeji Sanyo/Kyushu Shinkansen, Sanyo Main Line, Bantan Line
25. Hiroshima Prefecture Hotel Granvia Hiroshima Sanyo/Kyushu Shinkansen 26. JR Hotel Clement Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture Kotoku Line, Mugi Line, Tokushima Line
27. Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama Tokyu REI Hotel Iyotetsu City Line (Streetcar) 28. Ehime Prefecture Hotel Sunroute Matsuyama Yosan Line
29. Nagasaki Prefecture THE GLOBAL VIEW Nagasaki Nagasaki Main Line 30. Kumamoto Prefecture Hotel Hokke Club Kumamoto Kumamoto City Tram (streetcar) 31. Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto Tokyu REI Hotel Kumamoto City Tram (streetcar) About “Sugotoku”
[Image 3d72120-100-72383115c3f36965e7bb-3.png&s3=72120-100-286650d81cd436ae15b0cc55659de3f8-768x227.png
Easy from your computer or smartphone! Great value! This is the “Tobu Top Tours Travel Reservation Service” that allows you to book JR tickets and hotel accommodation as a set. In addition to making train and seat assignments, the process of finalizing the itinerary proceeds smoothly, and there is no need to come to the store or pick up at home, and you can receive a JR ticket (JR contract ticket) from a reserved seat ticket vending machine at the station before departure.

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