Toda City, Saitama Prefecture Toda City, Saitama Prefecture Organizational reforms will be carried out in FY2023 in order to respond quickly and accurately to new administrative issues

Toda City, Saitama Prefecture
[Toda City, Saitama Prefecture] In order to respond quickly and accurately to new administrative issues, we will reorganize in FY2023.
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In Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, we will implement organizational reforms in FY2025 in order to respond quickly and accurately to new administrative issues and realize the future city image listed in the 5th Comprehensive Promotion Plan. The two main changes are as follows. Relocation of the land readjustment office and reorganization related to the urban development department
Based on the progress of the Niizo No. 1 land readjustment project and the convenience of coordination with landowners for the Niizo No. 2 land readjustment project, the land readjustment office will be relocated to the main government building.
In addition, along with the relocation, the organization of the Urban Development Department will be reorganized. Specifically, we will establish a new “town development land readjustment office” that will consolidate the functions and construction work of the current land readjustment office and strengthen the system. Section” will be newly established.
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Establishment of Asset Management Promotion Office (Reorganization of Asset Management Section)
In order to carry out a drastic review of the “Comprehensive Management Plan for Public Facilities, etc.” and the “Reorganization Plan for Public Facilities,” and to strengthen the promotion system for public facility facility management, the current Property Management Division was upgraded to a “room” and newly established. We will establish an Asset Management Promotion Office in
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April 1, 2023
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