Todo Onada Co., Ltd. Qlipper Ranking Quantify the impact of “surprise”. Japan national football player web news ranking

Todo Onada Co., Ltd.
[Qlipper Ranking] Quantify the impact of “surprise”. Japan national football player web news ranking
The difference in the number of articles more than doubled at the bottom of the 1st place and the selected player

Todo Onada Co., Ltd. (President Yasuyuki Matsumoto) has investigated and analyzed web news including player names for 24 hours since the announcement of the Japan men’s soccer team.
This is a survey result based on the data of the PR effect measurement service “Qlipper” ( that can monitor over 3,000 web media.
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Men’s soccer Japan national team announced on November 1st. Both the players with a proven track record who were eliminated and those who were selected have been widely reported, and discussions are taking place.
In this survey, we aggregated and analyzed web news articles for 24 hours from the player announcement conference held from 14:00 on the 1st, regarding the players who were considered to be strong
・ Osako’s numbers that show the impact of being out of the selection ・Nagatomo player news at press conference and family love
・Kamata, who has been active in the European CL
・Mr. Maeda, who is getting a lot of reactions from overseas, Mr. Asano, who is controversial because of his injury
・Changes in articles on FW candidates (graph)
[1st to 10th place] (titles omitted)
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[11th to 20th place]
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[21st to 31st]
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* Virtual PV: A number that predicts and calculates the page views of articles with a unique engine based on the site structure obtained by Qlipper
■ Osako’s numbers that show the degree of impact of not being selected In terms of the number of articles, virtual PVs, and article tweets, Yuya Osako ranked first. The selection of the players who were considered to be the most likely to be selected as the final member was not selected, and together with Genki Haraguchi, it is considered a surprise in the announcement of this member.
Compared to Yuta Nakayama, who had the smallest number among the selected players, the number of articles is about 2.1 times, the virtual PV is about 3.8 times, and the number of article tweets is about 2.3 times.
In addition, there were 5 articles posted on Yahoo! Topics that generated large PVs.
These are the numbers that show the level of media attention, interest and surprise.
■ Press conference and family love Nagatomo player news
Yuto Nagatomo ranked 2nd in the number of articles, 3rd in the virtual PV, and 8th in the number of article tweets.
In addition to the feat of becoming a member of the team for four consecutive tournaments, Nagatomo has been featured in many articles because he held a press conference in Tokyo after the announcement. It seems that the fact that the press conference was easy for the media to gather because he is enrolled in a club in Tokyo also had an effect.
Also, at the end of the press conference, his wife, Airi Taira, and his children came to congratulate him, which was a surprise event that generated many articles.
■ Kamata, who has been active in the European CL
Daichi Kamata, who ranked 3rd in articles, 5th in virtual PV, and 6th in articles and tweets, received many articles because of his success in the UEFA Champions League on the day the members were announced. Not only did he score a penalty kick in the final round of the group league match against Sporting, becoming the first Japanese to score in three European Champion League games in a row, but it also showed his mental strength, even against interference with laser pointers. ■ Maeda, who is getting a lot of attention from overseas, and Asano, who has been controversial for being selected while injured
Forwards Daizen Maeda and Takuma Asano were ranked 2nd and 3rd in the number of article tweets.
Regarding Maeda, the difference from other players was the presence of articles reporting the reactions of the local media and supporters of Celtic, the first division of Scotland, to which he belongs. In particular, it is often tweeted about the content written in contrast to the fact that colleague FW Kyogo Furuhashi was not selected. In addition, comments from his high school teacher and an article in the local newspaper of Yamaga Matsumoto, who belonged to the past, are tweeted.
Asano has few main articles as an individual, but the fact that Osako was selected despite being injured among the forwards who were the subject of controversy because he was not selected was controversial and affected the number of tweets.
[Changes in articles on FW candidates]
November 1st
[Image 5

November 1 FW player article transition for 24 hours
November 2
[Image 6

Nov. 2 FW Player Article Transition for 24 Hours
■Survey overview
Survey period: November 1, 2022, 14:00 to November 2, 13:59
(Qlipper article confirmation date and time)
Research agency: In-house research
Survey target: Web news articles containing the following player names Takuma Asano, Kou Itakura, Junya Ito, Hiroki Ito, Kiyo Ueda, Wataru Endo, Yuya Osako, Daichi Kamata, Eiji Kawashima, Takefusa Kubo, Shuichi Gonda, Hiroki Sakai, Gaku Shibasaki, Daniel Schmidt, Yuki Soma, Midori Tanaka, Akio Tani, Shogo Taniguchi, Ritsu Doan, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Yuto Nagatomo, Yuta Nakayama, Leo Hatate, Genki Haraguchi, Kyogo Furuhashi, Daizen Maeda, Kaoru Mitoma, Takumi Minamino, Hidemasa Morita, Miki Yamane, Maya Yoshida (titles omitted)
Survey method: Among the web news from major domestic news sites collected by Qlipper during the survey period, the number of surveyed articles, the number of virtual PVs, and the number of tweets of the articles were counted.
* Virtual PV: Qlipper, which monitors over 3,000 domestic media sites, uses its own engine to predict and calculate the page views of articles based on the acquired site structure. (Patent No. 7098122) ■ About Qlipper
Qlipper (URL: is a PR effect measurement service that supports public relations work.
We will reduce the cost of PR research by web monitoring, SNS monitoring, PR analysis, and business automation.
Get accurate, high-volume data in real time with ease.
It can be used for target setting through competitive comparison and benchmarking.
We offer a free trial and our consultants are dedicated to helping you with the initial setup and optimization of the service.
Customized data can be easily checked and used to analyze and improve PR activities.
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