Tokyo 7th Sisters, Minami Shinoda, Rika Tachibana, M・A・O’s debut commemorative talk event official report re leased! Praying for the success of the Nanasis song hit and anniversary live at Kanda Myojin

Tokyo 7th Sisters, Minami Shinoda, Rika Tachibana, M・A・O’s debut commemorative talk event official report released! Praying for the success of the Nanasis song hit and anniversary live at Kanda Myojin
DONUTS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisei Nishimura) will launch the smartphone game app “Tokyo 7th Sisters THE SKY’S THE LIMIT” on the App Store and Google Play on October 30, 2022 ( Sunday), a debut commemorative talk event by Minami Shinoda (role of Haru Kasukabe), Rika Tachibana (role of Kazumi Katsuragi), and M・A・O (role of Ei Suhashi) held at Kanda Myojin, as well as hits of Nanasis songs and We will deliver the official report of the prayers praying for the success of the anniversary live.
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(Photo from left: Minami Shinoda, Rika Tachibana, M・A・O)
A talk event will be held to commemorate the debut!
On October 25th (Tuesday), “Yukyu no Rinne” sung by Ei Suhashi, who plays M.A.O, will be released, and at the “Tokyo 7th Sisters”, which is about to reach its 9th anniversary, all 38 idols belonging to Nanasta made its debut. To commemorate the debut of all Nanasta, a talk event was held at Kanda Myojin Shrine, inviting about 70 lucky managers (fans) selected by lottery.
The event, in which Minami Shinoda acted as MC and Rika Tachibana and M・A・O appeared as guests, started with greetings to the manager by Kazumi Katsuragi and Ei Suhashi. Minami Shinoda asked the two guests about their favorite foods, and the slightly tense atmosphere of the venue soon became relaxed.
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When asked about his feelings about his debut and recording, he confessed his candid impressions such as surprise and nervousness when it was decided that he would debut as a solo rather than a unit after more than 8 years. He also talked about his impressions when he heard the song for the first time and what happened on the day of the recording. When asked what they would like to hear in their debut single, Kazumi Katsuragi’s “Koi Seyo Otome” is the B melody, and Ei Suhashi’s “Yukyu no Rinne” is the ending chorus.
Also, when talking about the anniversary live “Tokyo 7th Sisters 6+7+8th Anniversary Live Along the way” held for 3 days from November to December, the only solo debut group, last year’s 12 Rika Tachibana, who made her first live appearance in May, showed a valuable behind-the-scenes story at the time! The quality and reproducibility of the live costumes was very lively, and the imagination of M.A.O’s costumes, who will be performing for the first time, expanded. [Image 3

At the end of the talk event, a surprise event was held to hand over the LP size jacket cards of the two guests’ debut songs “Koi Seyo Otome” and “Yuukyuu no Rinne”, which caused a big round of applause in the venue. At this rare opportunity to make eye contact with each and every one of them, the managers wearing goods and T-shirts received the cards with a tense look on their faces, and left the venue with expressions of joy and satisfaction on their faces.
Pray for the success of the Nanashis song and the success of the anniversary live at Kanda Myojin!
Before the talk event, the three performers received prayers at Kanda Myojin Shrine and prayed for the further development of “Tokyo 7th Sisters”.
Minami Shinoda, Rika Tachibana, and M.A.O wear the omigoromo, which is a simplified version of the ceremonial clothing, and go up to the vermilion-lacquered shrine, where the sounds of gagaku and taiko drums reverberate in a solemn atmosphere. A prayer began in the atmosphere. Following the purification ritual and the chanting of prayers by the chief priest, at the Tamakushi worship service, the three members each hold a Sakaki leaf with a serious expression and offer it to the altar. After praying for the future development of “Tokyo 7th Sisters”, which all Nanastas have finally debuted, such as the success of the Nanashis song and the success of the anniversary live that will be held from November, they received the amulet at the end and prayed without fail. has ended.
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Online ticket sales for Nanasis Anniversary Live!
“Tokyo 7th Sisters 6+7+” will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall Halls 7 and 8 on Saturday, November 19th and Sunday, November 20th, and at Pia Arena MM on Sunday, December 18th. 8th Anniversary Live Along the way” will feature a total of about 50 gorgeous voice actors, including Minami Shinoda, Rika Tachibana, and M・A・O, who appeared in the debut commemorative talk event. (* Rika Tachibana and M・A・O will only participate on November 19th (Sat)) Online tickets are now on sale. For details, please see the details from the special page below.
■ “Tokyo 7th Sisters 6+7+8th Anniversary Live Along the way” special page
*Please note that the venue and cast will differ depending on the schedule. “Tokyo 7th Sisters THE SKY’S THE LIMIT” will continue to deliver the activities of future idols on a wide range of stages. Please follow Nanasis official SNS and check the latest information.
■ YouTube: [Tokyo 7th Sisters] Nanasis official channel
■ Twitter: “Tokyo 7th Sisters” official (@t7s_staff)
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