Tokyo Calendar Appraisal-based love-hunting and marriage-hunting app “Tokyo Calendar Date” acquires certification as an Internet-based marriage partner introduction service business

Tokyo Calendar Co., Ltd.
Appraisal-based dating and marriage-hunting app “Tokaredate” acquired certification as an internet-based marriage partner introduction service industry
Japan’s first system to certify suitable dating and matchmaking apps in terms of quality and reliability

Tokyo Calendar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yusuke Kanno; hereinafter referred to as “Tokyo Calendar”), one of Japan’s largest screening-based love and marriage apps “Tokyo Calendar Date” (https://tokyo- ) is a marriage-hunting site, marriage-hunting app, etc. certified by the non-profit organization Marriage Matchmaking Service Industry Certification Organization (Chairman: Shinshu University Specially Appointed Professor Shintaro Motegi, hereinafter “IMS”) We are pleased to inform you that we have received certification (Maru Suit mark) as a certified business in the “Internet-type marriage partner
introduction service industry certification system”.
◼︎ Background
In recent years, while the number of users of “matchmaking apps for matchmaking” is increasing, various services are being provided in the world. There were no clear criteria for judging
In response to such social demands, the “Internet-based Marriage Matchmaking Service Certification System” was created as a system in which a third party objectively evaluates and certifies the quality and reliability of services. Caredate” has been certified as an Internet matching service provider that can be used safely and securely.
◼︎About the “Internet-type marriage partner introduction service industry certification system”
The “Internet-type marriage partner introduction service industry certification system” is a matching service provided on the Internet such as “matchmaking site” and “matchmaking app” for the purpose of promoting safe and secure service use by consumers. This system is operated by IMS. 24 to clearly indicate that the service is related to “searching for a marriage partner” or “searching for a partner on the premise of marriage”, proper compliance with contracts and related laws, thorough identity verification, and appropriate service quality. Inspections are conducted based on certification standards, such as the implementation of a 365-day monitoring system, and businesses that operate properly are given a certification mark.
Certified businesses can display the issued certification mark on their websites and advertisements, and consumers will be able to judge whether the service is suitable for use by using this certification mark as a mark.
◼︎ Certification standards
The following efforts to provide safe and secure services to consumers are the screening criteria, and it is required that all criteria are met. (* Excerpt from the IMS website)
Criteria for Appropriate Entities 1. (Service content)
Standards for Appropriate Business Operators 2. (Appropriate contracts and compliance with relevant laws and regulations)
Criteria 3. (Information Security Measures)
Criteria for Excluding Inappropriate Users
Criteria for Exclusion of Inappropriate Business Operators
*For details, please visit the IMS website
We will continue to strive to provide sound services so that our customers can use our services safely and securely.
◼︎ Introduction of Tokare Date
In order to provide a high-quality meeting place that emphasizes personality and dignity, Higashi Calede Date has adopted an admission screening system for the first time in Japan. It is one of the largest screening-based dating and matchmaking apps in Japan that is widely used by men and socially independent women. We provide high-status single men and women with dating opportunities that lead to marriage, such as providing a unique “celebrity authentication account” function for well-known celebrities and celebrities.
Anyone can register for admission to Tokaredate for free. Please create a profile that conveys your own charm and look for attractive encounters.
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* Android is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc. Joined Marriage and Matchmaking Support Project (MSPJ)
Online heterosexual introduction business notification received Receipt number: 30120132018


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