Tokyo Century Corporation Awarded “Silver” in the “PRIDE Index 2022”, an evaluation index for initiati ves related to LGBTQ+

Tokyo Century Corporation
Awarded “Silver” in “PRIDE Index 2022”, an index for evaluating LGBTQ+ initiatives

Tokyo Century Co., Ltd. (President: Koichi Baba, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that the voluntary organization work with Pride (hereinafter referred to as wwP) has decided to promote sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+ in the workplace (hereinafter referred to as LGBTQ+). We are pleased to inform you that we have received the “Silver” of the initiative evaluation index “PRIDE Index 2022”.

The PRIDE index was established in 2016 by the voluntary organization wwP (*1) with the aim of creating a comfortable workplace for LGBTQ+ people. Efforts related to LGBTQ+ are scored on the five indicators of Policy (declaration of behavior), Representation (the community of people involved), Inspiration (awareness-raising activities), Development (personnel systems and programs), and
Engagement/Empowerment (social contribution and public relations activities). Companies and organizations that get 4 points will be evaluated and commended as “Gold”, companies and organizations that get 4 points will be awarded as “Silver”, and companies and
organizations that will get 3 points will be awarded as “Bronze”. As one of our materiality issues, we have set “development of a working environment that leads to strengthening of human resources”. Based on our Basic Policy on Diversity, we are promoting the hiring, development, and promotion of diverse human resources, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality.・Through educational activities, etc., we have promoted the creation of an environment in which each individual can respect each other and maximize their abilities. We also plan and distribute webinars (*2) on the theme of diversity, equity and inclusion through our owned media “Tokyo Century News”, and actively disseminate information outside the company.
Going forward, we will continue to deepen our understanding of LGBTQ+, fairly accept diversity in terms of individuality and values, recognize and respect each other, and create a workplace where everyone can work comfortably. We will realize diversity, equity and inclusion in which people are active and integrated.
*1 wwP website:
*2 Tokyo Century News: (We asked Mr. Kento Hoshi, CEO of JobRainbow, what is necessary to make “diversity” the strength of an organization.)
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Tokyo Century is an industry-leading financial and service company that has its origins in leasing and is developing a business model that integrates “Finance x Service x Business” through co-creation with partner companies in Japan and overseas.
“Domestic leasing business” with a broad customer base; We are developing business in four fields of “international business field” with a network of bases in each country and region. We provide unique financial services that contribute to solving social issues in a wide range of business areas.
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