Tokyo “FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU” will be held!

“FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU” will be held!
~Let’s enjoy Shinjuku in a different way than usual, Let’s Tano Shinjuku~

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is working to develop a
people-centered city by integrally reorganizing roads, parks, and blocks in the Nishi-Shinjuku district, and is promoting the
implementation of smart services.
Together with the Shinjuku Fukutoshin Area Environmental Improvement Committee and others, we will hold the event “FUN MORE TIME SHINJUKU” using sidewalks and open spaces so that visitors can enjoy Shinjuku. Nine days where you can experience the future of Shinjuku, which is different from usual, will begin. We look forward to seeing you there. Overview of the event
■ Name
■ Period
November 19th (Sat) to 27th (Sun), 2022
■ Location
 Nishi-Shinjuku area (Tokyo Citizen’s Square, Route 4 sidewalk, building plaza, etc.)
* The date and place of the event will vary depending on the event content. For details, please see [Attachment]
■ Main contents
1. We will lay artificial turf in the Tokyo Citizen’s Square to create a space where children can have fun, such as playing the piano and experiencing camping.
2. Set up benches and tables on the sidewalk where you can sit and enjoy conversation
3. Collect stamps and carry out a walk rally to stroll around the city 4. Smart City Festa will be held at Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square, etc. [November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday)] ・Experience smart services such as XR technology that Nishi-Shinjuku aims to implement
· At the venue, a quiz competition with QuizKnock and a Puyo Puyo eSports match will also be held.
[Image 3d52467-3752-5e1c1554e49206d2b4ef-0.jpg&s3=52467-3752-35ed2941d1b660c2837558595cfb2ac1-320x177.jpg
Citizen’s square with artificial turf
[Image 4d52467-3752-a440f7bf7a5e91e12bd6-9.jpg&s3=52467-3752-457e3a401cd0cdb43388f45da336a79e-320x275.jpg
Set up benches and tables on the sidewalk
[Image 5d52467-3752-2e7a0f823e864155de91-10.jpg&s3=52467-3752-5c8272dd9225b51b365bf7ba4c1d0e21-320x239.jpg
Experience smart services
■ Organizer
 Fun More Time Shinjuku Executive Committee/General Incorporated Association Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Committee
■ Co-sponsored
■ Support
Shinjuku ward
*This event will be held after taking measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
When visiting, please cooperate with infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands.
*Details of the event will be announced on the following website. “General Incorporated Association Shinjuku Subcenter Area
Environmental Improvement Committee Website”
“Smart City Festa Website”
*This project is a project that promotes the “Future Tokyo” strategy. Strategy 9 Strategies to further enhance urban functions
Strategy 10 Smart Tokyo/TOKYO Date Highway Strategy
Strategy 13 Tokyo strategy full of water and greenery
*This project is part of the “Park Street Tokyo” project.
* This project is a project to promote “approach from the perspective of children”.
[Image 6d52467-3752-5fc9f0349abac81e1a17-3.jpg&s3=52467-3752-9b891abd85d03841d38528fb11a59274-68x65.jpg
Website of the Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Committee [Image 7d52467-3752-c4c13ac7a9c511594b77-4.jpg&s3=52467-3752-caf07c21a4f842d43d4412210a185d2b-65x65.jpg
Smart City Festa website
[Image 8d52467-3752-b30de267cdfd6b84ff73-5.jpg&s3=52467-3752-586baf035d4f48254f283f30a03acb61-78x66.jpg
[Image 9d52467-3752-19f23549be2a3630dfb4-6.jpg&s3=52467-3752-9b0c329e0afff56c00016d6dbb236ec0-183x104.jpg

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