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TOKYO GEGEGAY “Kamome ga Tonda Hi” music video released!

Kiteretsu Mental World Co., Ltd.
TOKYO GEGEGAY “Kamome ga Tonda Hi” music video released!

[Video 2:]

Music Video Staff:
Director/Cinematographer: Yoshiharu Seri (SEP)
1st CA: Kazuhisa Sakamoto (Spice)
Lighting Director: Saki Iida
Lighting assistant: Morishi
Production manager: Takuto Maruyama (SEP)
Production assistant: Tomoe Gouma (SEP)
Producer: Yuji Motoyoshi (SEP)
Production: SEP
Costume: Hirosumi Saito & MIKEY (sea situation)
The day the seagull flew (Original song: Machiko Watanabe 1978) Lyricist: Akira Ito
Composer: Machiko Watanabe
Arrangement: MIKEY・Giga
New album “Second” now available!
All 12 tracks: streaming/download
Delivery link:
・Tokyo Gegegay MIKEY profile
Tokyo Gegegay is an entertainment project led by singer, lyricist, composer, director, choreographer, and dancer MIKEY. The work created from MIKEY’s unique world view is named “Kiteretsu Mental World”, and his 1st album “Kiteretsu Mental Music”, which was digitally released in 2017, ranked 4th in the iTunes J-Pop album ranking. The MV “Gegegei no Kitaro” has surpassed 37 million views on YouTube, and the total number of account views exceeded 100 million.
In 2018, he participated in the Japan-France dance joint production Triple Building (Japonisme 2018 official project), and performed 26 performances in 12 cities in France and Switzerland, including the National Dance Theater Chaillot in Paris and the Lyon Biennale. In the same year, as part of the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China, performances were held in two cities, Shanghai and Beijing, and the 2nd album “Revival Passion” was released digitally. It ranked 2nd in the iTunes Album ranking, and 1st in Recochoku.
BOAT RACE 2020 TVCM image song “HEART” is included in the 4th album “Kiteretsu Mental World”, which ranked 3rd in the Oricon Daily Album Ranking. In 2021, he will perform at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
In 2022, he will provide the lyrics of the theme song “Datara Dance!!” for ABEMA’s “Nanani” on “New Map”. In the same year, the nationwide tour “Tokyo Gegegay Revue vol. Since then, it has been energetically active as a solo project of MIKEY.
Details about this release:

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