Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Tourism Department Planning Division Experience the charm of Tokyo on a virtual course! Holding of “EXCITEMENT TOKYO Photo Contest”

Planning Division, Tourism Department, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Experience the charm of Tokyo on a virtual course! Holding of “EXCITEMENT TOKYO Photo Contest”
-Tourism promotion business utilizing virtual sports-

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government uses digital technology to recreate cycling courses in various locations in the city in a VR space, and is conducting a campaign called “EXCITEMENT TOKYO CAMPAIGN” to let more people know about the various attractions of Tokyo.
This time, in 5 new areas, virtual courses where you can enjoy cycling and running in VR space and 5
We produced a tourism PR video that conveys the charm of the area. In addition, we will be holding an “EXCITEMENT TOKYO Photo Contest” to recruit photographs that capture the various charms of the area. Created virtual course and PR video
[Image 1d90137-10-8e2bba364fcf47ec8272-0.jpg&s3=90137-10-74cc18500e99939d5fedefe12fd1cc97-651x366.jpg
Courses on ROUVY
■ Production course
On the virtual sports app “ROUVY”,
We created a virtual course for the following five areas.
Inagi City
Ogasawara Village Hachijo Town -run-
Koto Ward
Sumida Ward ■ Tourism PR video
Sightseeing PR videos for each area can be viewed from the official website below. [Image 2d90137-10-1978a5f619945ad95b4c-1.png&s3=90137-10-aedd41dfc11101387a828c771356536e-689x386.png
Sightseeing PR video
[Image 3d90137-10-c4cf7a840559772dec16-2.png&s3=90137-10-7d344778c64dcc9331185a8b0e74cce6-161x160.png
 Official website

EXCITEMENT TOKYO Photo Contest Overview
[Image 4d90137-10-213c5d810877d025e31e-3.png&s3=90137-10-9fb3b12e960679eb90c4c6de85359d4a-524x653.png
    Sightseeing department (example)
■ Recruitment theme
1. Tourism Division
Photos showing the various charms of the five areas
2. Virtual Course Category
Experience a virtual course created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and shoot or screenshot the scene where your favorite and recommended spots on the course are projected.
■ Awards
1. Best prize: 1 point for each category (2 points in total) 2. Excellence Award: Select 10 points for each category (20 points in total) *Winners will receive a Tokyo Tokyo souvenir as a prize.
[Image 5d90137-10-41797cdb9e396ef4fbce-6.png&s3=90137-10-20da4d3dfe269ce60c8c752cf6ea2a15-833x405.png
     Virtual course category (example)
■ Recruitment period
From Tuesday, November 22, 2022 to Friday, February 17, 2023 ■ Eligibility
Anyone can apply.
*An Instagram or Twitter account is required to apply.
■ How to apply
Follow the official Instagram “tokyo_vr_racing” or Twitter
“@SNS89100604” and post on Instagram or Twitter with the two hashtags “#excitementtokyo” and “#tokyo_photo”.
■ Application rules
Please check the website below. [Image 6d90137-10-c4cf7a840559772dec16-2.png&s3=90137-10-7d344778c64dcc9331185a8b0e74cce6-161x160.png
 Official website

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