Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd. Nogizaka 46th and 5th grader Satsuki Sugawara first appeared on the cover of B.L.T. The cover design that impresses the overwhelming transparency of an active high school sophomore has been released!

Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd.
Nogizaka 46th and 5th generation member Satsuki Sugawara makes her first appearance on the cover of BLT!
“B.L.T. January 2023 issue” released on Thursday, November 24
Tokyo News Service, which publishes TV information magazines such as “TV Guide,” will release a new TV information magazine “B.L.T. You can make reservations at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. [Image 1

“B.L.T. January 2023” (published by Tokyo News) Photo by HIROKAZU “B.L.T. January 2023 issue”, in which Nogizaka46 and Sugawara Satsuki first appear on the cover and the beginning of the book, will be released on Thursday, November 24! This time, the cover design is released!
The cover of this time adopts an impressive cut of Sugawara looking straight at you in a simple situation. Joined Nogizaka 46 as a 5th generation member in February this year, and has a remarkable brilliance, such as serving as the center for the 5th generation song “Band-Aid peeling off” included in the 30th single “Suki to say wa rock daze!” What is she looking at right now…
On the cover, Sugawara shows a grown-up and beautiful appearance, but in reality he is still in his second year of high school. In the introductory gravure, she shows off her charm with 5 patterns of styling, such as a life-size appearance of standing up on the sofa with fresh and cute twin tails and a beautiful figure with a mature make-up in a transparent black dress. ! The potential of the future ace candidate is fully shown in an extra-large volume of over 30 pages. In addition, a long interview of about 8,000 characters will reveal Sugawara’s true face. Unknown episodes of Sugawara are told, such as the reaction of those around him when he joined the group, the behind the scenes production of the 5th generation song selected as the center, and the current 5th generation as a whole. In addition, this time we had a special answer to the “46 questions and 46 answers” that we are doing in the 5th generation series. There is no doubt that it is a must-read book to know the “future of Nogizaka46” called Sugawara Satsuki!
[Image 2

“B.L.T. January 2023” separate volume appendix: Satsuki Sugawara (Nogizaka46) Double-sided super big poster (front)
[Image 3

“B.L.T. January 2023” separate volume appendix: Satsuki Sugawara (Nogizaka46) Double-sided super big poster (back)
Featured idols appear for the first time in B.L.T. gravure!! Princess Yonemura of OCHA NORMA, who will release her 2nd single “Fate CHACHACHACHA~N / Our hometown is the earth!” The pale and pure expression of an 18-year-old sparkles on the beach in Shonan. In addition, NGT48 Hino Mimura will show off her first swimsuit gravure! Turning 20 in June this year, she is steadily climbing the stairs, including her first lead role on stage, and will show you her long-awaited first swimsuit.
Rin Kataoka, a hot young actress, is back in B.L.T.!
Actress Rin Kataoka, who is currently appearing in the drama “Boyfriend Advent!” (TV Asahi). A young actress who has continued to appear in dramas in less than a year since her debut, will be appearing for the second time in about half a year since “B.L.T. June issue”! The house stands quietly in the rich nature, and the strong sunlight shines on her.
Fuka Kumazawa goes to Hokkaido for her quarterly autumn edition! Task have Fun, Fuka Kumazawa’s quarterly series “Fuka” will send an autumn edition. Taken in Noboribetsu and Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Photographer Kojiro Hosoi will present never-before-seen yukata and open-air bath scenes at a ryokan with a documentary touch.
Even in the chilly season, there are still plenty of swimsuit gravures!! Rin Kaname, also known as “Perorin-sensei” from, who will be releasing an EP “Denpaa Kashikko Code” on 12/14 (Wed.). Please look forward to her aesthetic gravure showing a dramatic expression in the sea of ​​trees of Mt.Fuji. In addition, Shiori Ikemoto, who is popular for her small but glamorous body, has appeared. This time, the top runner in the “minigra” world will challenge gravure with a 19-year-old girlfriend who has stretched out a little!
Close contact with the popular idol group fishbowl from Shizuoka!! Attention to the idol group fishbowl, which was formed in the program “Idol observation variety fishbowl’s debut?” Broadcast on TV Shizuoka in 2021! A four-member idol group formed by children from Shizuoka, currently active mainly in their hometown of Shizuoka. In order to delve into the charm of these girls, we closely covered the live scene held in Shizuoka! In addition, we will be closely following idol events held in Tokyo, and will deliver a sense of realism in a reportage format, along with the interview comments of the girls who interviewed them at the scene. In addition, we interviewed Mr. Sho Yamamoto, who is the producer of fishbowl and has provided music to numerous idol artists! Delve into the charm of fishbowl from multiple angles!
○ Popular serialization
・ Private Ebisu Chugaku “A.B.-Club ~Shrimp Club~” Ayaka Yasumoto & Hinata Kashiwagi
・Hello! Project “Hello Lab!!” Akari Uemura & Sakura Ishiyama & Sayaka Endo (Juice=Juice)
・#Babababambi “#Horse and deer”
・FRUITS ZIPPER “Frupper world”
・ now (ExWHYZ) “Yamitsuki Girl”
・ Aika Sawaguchi “Life in Sawaguchi”
・Announcer series “ANA-LOG” Eriko Yoshimura (TBS announcer)
・Voice actor/artist series “Real Voice” Azumi Waki ​​Album “STAY BEAUTIFUL STAY BEAUTIFUL” to be released on 11/30 (Wed.)
Seven net shopping purchaser benefits, decided!
One postcard will be given to those who purchase “B.L.T. January 2023” at Seven Net Shopping!
You can choose from the following 5 types of benefits and purchase them. Benefits 1.: Sugawara Satsuki (Nogizaka46) 1 postcard (3 types in total) * You can select and purchase from all three types of postcards A to C. [Image 4

“B.L.T. January 2023 issue” Seven net shopping purchase bonus postcard [Saki Sugawara (Nogizaka46) A]
[Image 5

“B.L.T. January 2023” Seven Net Shopping Purchase Bonus Postcard [Sakuzuki Sugawara (Nogizaka46) B]
[Image 6

“B.L.T. January 2023 issue” Seven Net Shopping purchase bonus postcard [Saki Sugawara (Nogizaka46) C]
Benefits 2.: Hino Mimura (NGT48) 1 postcard
[Image 7

“B.L.T. January 2023” Seven Net Shopping Purchase Bonus Postcard [Hino Mimura (NGT48)]
Benefits 3.: Shiori Ikemoto (Terrace x Terrace) 1 postcard
[Image 8

“B.L.T. January 2023” Seven Net Shopping Purchase Bonus Postcard [Shiori Ikemoto (Terrace x Terrace)]
Benefits 4.: 1 FRUITS ZIPPER postcard
[Image 9

“B.L.T. January 2023” Seven Net Shopping Purchase Bonus Postcard [FRUITS ZIPPER] Benefits 5: Rin Kaname ( 1 postcard
[Image 10

“B.L.T. January 2023 issue” Seven Net Shopping purchase bonus postcard [Rin Kaname (]
Please see the following website for purchases at Seven Net Shopping. ・ Sugawara Satsuki (Nogizaka46) with postcard A
・ Sugawara Satsuki (Nogizaka46) with postcard B
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・ With Hino Mimura (NGT48) postcard
・ Shiori Ikemoto (terrace x terrace) with postcard
・With FRUITS ZIPPER postcard
・Comes with Rin Kaname ( postcard
*As of November 15
* The reservation start date and time may differ depending on the store. For details, please check each company’s website.
* Sales of products with benefits will end as soon as the stock of the benefits runs out. note that.
【Product Summary】
“B.L.T. January 2023 issue”
Release date: November 24, 2022 (Thursday) *Some regions have different release dates
●Special price: 1,100 yen
-Cover: Sugawara Satsuki (Nogizaka46)
– Separate volume appendix: Satsuki Sugawara (Nogizaka46) Double-sided super big poster
You can make reservations at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. For details, please check TOKYO NEWS magazine &
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