Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd. Released today! Naniwa Danshi first appeared on the cover of “MG” No. 14! We will deliver the new charm of the 7 members through the 1st anniversary memorial photo session and an interview with over 20,000 characters!

Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd.
Released today! Naniwa Danshi first appeared on the cover of “MG” No. 14! We will deliver the new charm of the 7 members through the 1st anniversary memorial photo session and an interview with over 20,000 characters!
“MG (NO.14)” on sale November 18th (Friday); digital version will be distributed sequentially from late November onwards

Tokyo News Service, which publishes TV information magazines such as “TV Guide”, will launch a new music magazine “MG” today, November 18 (Friday), which proposes new ways to enjoy music that suit the new era. ) was released. Available at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. Also, from the end of November, the electronic version will be distributed sequentially at each electronic bookstore. [Image 1

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
The 14th issue of the new music magazine “MG”, which proposes new ways to enjoy music in a new era, is now on sale! Send a powerful gravure and live report in a super BIG size magazine.
On November 12, 2021, after debuting with “Shoshin LOVE (Uburabu)”, Naniwa Danshi, who continues to make great strides, such as deciding to participate in the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen in just one year, is the first cover and opening of “MG”. Appeared in the special issue. In the long interview, from the charm of the latest song “Happy Surprise”, to the growth felt by each other through the debut tour that ended successfully at the beginning of this month, from the two approaches of individual interviews and group roundtables to the current members. approaching the “Naniwa manliness” that In addition, the 12-page gravure, dressed in black style and shot in a wine red world, seals her happy smile and creates a mature atmosphere. Don’t miss the “aggressive” photo session with impressive red lights.
In addition, looking back on 2022, there is also a special project in which all members select “personal hit songs”.
Johnny’s WEST’s Tomohiro Kamiyama’s series is a special 8-page special edition! At Kamiyama’s request, a special session was held with Ken Kojima and Akiya Sano from the junior group Ae! group as guests. I would like you to pay attention to the heated music talk that only three people have experienced in songwriting. Also, a thorough report on the final performance of “Kansai Johnny’s Jr. DREAM LIVE 2022” in which Ae! group participated. Kojima and Sano will deliver with SP comments looking back on the memories of the day.
And it features Travis Japan, who made his worldwide debut on October 28th this year. From the special interview when the debut was decided, to the MV feature that approaches the charm of the world debut song “JUST DANCE!”, and the playback plan of this magazine, it is full of content.
In addition, gorgeous artists will appear one after another. From Japanese music artists such as SUPER BEAVER, go!go!vanillas, Kiiro Akiyama, and Young Skinny to STAYC, a talented Korean girl group who will make their debut in Japan on November 23rd, a wide variety of artists from both Japan and overseas are featured in this magazine. It is approaching with a powerful gravure and long interview rich in creativity.
[Image 2

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
[Image 3

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
[Image 4

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
[Image 5

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
[Image 6

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
Indigo la End’s serialization is a thorough report on the band’s first-ever Nippon Budokan performance “Ai” held on November 1st. An interview that approaches their feelings after the performance is also a must-see. And in the series of Macaroni Enpitsu Hattori, Rico, who is the vocalist of the label’s junior band Yayuyo, appears. In the interview that took place immediately after the band match at Asia University, a hot conversation followed by a catch-ball was unfolding. Hippie is the theme of this serialized series about musicians by the comedian Kitsune. With the image of a hippie who sings love and peace, he is challenging peaceful photo shooting.
[Image 7

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
[Image 8

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
[Image 9

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
The MG feature in this issue is titled “2023 Attention! We asked them, who are rising up the music scene, to talk about their visions of the future. Also, don’t miss the “recommended songs” linked with Spotify. [Image 10

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
[Image 11

“MG (NO.14)” (published by Tokyo News Service)
In addition, in the powerful live report that makes use of the BIG size format, live reports full of individuality of BTS and JO1 are posted. Please pay attention to the performance of the best part. Lastly, there will be a gift plan for autographed photos from MG artists and special MG ticket folders!
Cover & opening gravure
Naniwa boys
go! go! vanillas
Akiyama Yellow
young skinny
Travis Japan
live report
BTS/JO1/Kansai Johnny’s Jr.
indigo la End
Macaroni Pencil Hattori x Riko Yayuyo
special feature
Attention in 2023! solo artist
exclusive session
Johnny’s WEST Tomohiro Kamiyama ×
Ae! group Ken Kojima, Akiya Sano
MG review
[Paper version product information]
“MG (NO.14)”
Release date: Friday, November 18, 2022 *Some areas have different release dates -Format: B4 size (364 x 257)
Price: 1,210 yen
Issued by: Tokyo News Service
It can be purchased at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide (honto- and others). [Electronic product overview]
“MG (NO.14)”
– Delivery date: Scheduled to start delivery sequentially from the end of November
●Price: 1,210 yen
*Distributed sequentially at Amazon kindle store, Rakuten kobo, honto, and other electronic bookstores. The distribution start date and time differ depending on each e-bookstore.
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