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Yoshiro Itokawa, “300 points” calendar book is “a very confident book”! “Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” now on sale!

An event commemorating the release of “Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” will be held on Saturday, November 19th. Yoshiro Itokawa appeared at the press conference held before the event.
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) An actor with both popularity and ability, playing the main character in 2.5-dimensional works such as the musical “Touken Ranbu” (as Urashima Kotetsu), and playing the script, director, and lead role in the theater company Bancho Boys☆, to which he belongs.・Youshiro Itokawa A calendar book for 2023 with the theme of “borderless” is on sale in connection with him who shows various activities. An event commemorating the release was held in Tokyo.
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) Itokawa, who appeared at the press conference, said, “I will be 30 years old next year, and since I became an actor, I’ve done a lot of filming, and I thought that I had already taken all of them. However, I was able to take a picture of myself in a new way, so I don’t think I had that kind of anxiety. gave me
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) “The schedule was quite tight, and we worked together as a team from morning to night to shoot, but it was really fun, and it was all about the styles I liked. ”, he looked back on this shoot. He also added, “Honestly, until recently I wasn’t very good at having myself photographed in still images, and I always wondered how I should express myself in photographs. I fell in love with it so much that I really thought, “Oh, this is how I started to like shooting.” [Image 4d6568-1940-820203dcfa6e457d8b26-1.jpg&s3=6568-1940-67bdca5276ac33dd0277e970b33f6bc2-3680x2456.jpg
“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) On my favorite page, Itokawa chose a sensational cut wearing fishnet tights on stiletto heels. “Until the day of the shoot, I was really worried about whether I would be able to express myself if I didn’t have everything in place, such as hair and makeup, costumes, and the shooting location. It remains,” he told me. He continued, “I’m gradually approaching the age of 30, and I hope that the fans will be able to enjoy a new side of me that Yoshiro Itokawa hasn’t seen up until now through a calendar. I think it’s good, and I’m doing my best to train my body.It’s still ongoing, but I was able to take a picture in the middle of it, so the cut I chose looks good on my pectoral muscles.Photo Even when I was checking the , I looked at that area and there was an exchange like ‘I want you to use this because this cut has better muscle sharpness’. I think it’s a finish that isn’t,” he said confidently.
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) Furthermore, when asked if he would give the calendar book a score out of 100 points, he said, “300 points. I feel like I’ve done a good job, surpassing that.” He seemed very satisfied with the finished calendar book. Regarding the reaction from fellow actors and fans, he said, “Of course, my fans, but I was happy to know that people other than my fans were very surprised. , My fellow actors responded to me on SNS, and my fellow actors who co-starred in musicals said, “I thought it was good for the first time in a human calendar.” I was really happy about that. ” he smiled.
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) In addition, as a joint project this time, we are also selling a special A2 size signed panel using other cuts from the calendar book. When asked about how she feels about being part of the fans’ lives, including the calendar, she said, “I’m very happy that the calendar will be displayed and the fans will be able to enjoy it together for a year. If there is an opportunity, I would definitely like to find a new Yoshiro Itokawa and spend a year with everyone.”
Regarding shooting situations that I would like to try in the future, she said, “I want to train more and more. It’s strange to say this myself, but I want to polish it so that people say it’s cool no matter where it’s cut, not just my face. It is.”
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) Regarding the event to be held after the press conference, “I’m really looking forward to meeting the fans. It’s a short time for the fans who come, but I want them to have an unforgettable time for the rest of their lives. So, I look at the people who are coming and decide what to talk about at that time.It feels like I’m talking to that person.” When asked about his impressions, he said, “I’m really happy about the words, but I’ve never seen a small child come with his mother before, so I was very happy. Some of them even wrote down (what they were going to say) on a piece of paper. , the words flew away and there were people like “Oh no! I had something on my mind but it flew away and I really don’t know what to say.” It is,” he said with a smile. Continuing, “I feel that the number of new fans is increasing, and I remember quite a lot of fans who have come so far, so I talked like ‘Ah! It’s been a long time!’ I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of people I can meet at the event.” It seems that she is looking forward to the event where she can meet the fans directly.
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) As he turns 30 next year, he asked about what he would like to try: “There are many things that have been decided for work, but in my private life, it may be difficult in this day and age, but I have never been abroad. I really want to go abroad when I’m in my twenties, but I’ve come to this situation.If possible, I’d like to do something like that for the first time in my life until I’m 30. I think it would be nice if I could experience various things in the future. When asked which country he would like to go to, he replied, “Honestly, I want to go abroad, but I don’t know which country. However, I would like to go for work rather than privately. I would like to go with a team with the staff who are on good terms with various jobs, such as shooting calendars.”
In addition, looking back on the year, “I think this year has been a year in which I have broadened my horizons, not only with stage plays, but also with writing and directing, and anime that I regularly appeared as a voice actor. It’s been a year that I want to expand even more in the future.”
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“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book” (published by Tokyo News) 【Product Summary】
“Yoshiro Itokawa 2023 Calendar Book”
Release date: November 9, 2022 (Wednesday)-On sale-
● Fixed price: 3,080 yen
Separate volume appendix: 3 original postcards
● Publisher: Tokyo News Service
Available at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. For details, please check TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook- 【Related Sites】
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