Tokyo Play outside with Nakayama Kinni Kimi! ! Outdoor Play Zukan Video Vol. 2!

Play outside with Kinni Nakayama! ! Outdoor Play Zukan Video Vol. 2! Projects to promote children’s outdoor play, etc.

Two videos have been released on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s official video channel, etc., as the second installment of the “Sotoasobi Zukan” video that encourages children and families to enjoy playing outside. The video to be delivered this time is mainly for elementary school students, and as with the first video (vol. I’m here. In addition to this, we plan to deliver a total of 5 series of videos that can be enjoyed by parents and children.
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1 Overview
(1) Title
“Outside Play Book” vol.2
“Outside Play Book” vol.3
(vol.1 is available from October 14th)
(2) Content
Nakayama Kinni-kun introduces interesting outdoor activities such as “Chick big battle” and “Catch it without dropping it”.
By having fun and moving your body, you can improve your athletic abilities such as muscle strength and endurance.
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[Image 5d52467-3778-e6038279cc8743dcccc9-3.jpg&s3=52467-3778-9d665c563c4f6a665b4a76826284ca53-200x112.jpg
2 Publishing destination
(1) YouTube channel “Sports TOKYO Information”
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(2) Website “Sports TOKYO Information”
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3 Future video release schedule
Two more videos will be released around the end of November. This project is a project to promote the “Future Tokyo” strategy. Strategy 16 Sports Field Tokyo Strategy “Sports Field TOKYO” Project Details about this release:


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