Tokyo Ryutsu Center Co., Ltd. Tokyo Ryutsu Center / “Logistics Building New A Building Model Room Preview” and “Logistics Solution Experience Meeting” will be held simultaneously on December 8 (Thursday) and (Friday) in Heiwajima, Ota Ward.

Tokyo Distribution Center Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Ryutsu Center / “Logistics Building New A Building Model Room Preview” and “Logistics Solution Experience Meeting” will be held simultaneously on December 8th (Thursday) and (Friday) in Heiwajima, Ota Ward

Tokyo Ryutsu Center Co.,Ltd.
multi-tenant logistics facility with a minimum size of approximately 145 tsubo to approximately 7,800 tsubo per floor, total floor area of ​​approximately 62,000 tsubo).
A model room preview for affiliated companies, manufacturers/shippers, and other companies that are considering building a base in the city center will be held on December 8th (Thursday) and 9th (Friday), 2022. (Access: 10 minutes by Tokyo Monorail from JR Hamamatsucho Station / 1 minute walk from Ryutsu Center Station on the Tokyo Monorail) This model room is a logistics building B (total floor area of ​​approx. 51,800 tsubo), and the warehouse +
Example of multiple use of α (offices, showrooms, maintenance bases, etc.), a city suitable for the last mile base
You can experience good access to the heart in advance.
On the day of the event, a co-working showroom “TRC
LODGE” exhibitors are planning to hold a logistics solution experience event at the same time to solve problems related to logistics. It can be used as a place for information gathering and matching for (“TRC LODGE”
■Logistics Building New A Wing/Exterior Perspective *This is an image of the finished product and may differ from the actual product. [Image 1d91164-9-9bc6e1ac60d15cb7a828-0.jpg&s3=91164-9-1dcd6583e27b7c95efd573ef1f7e2e2f-837x545.jpg
1. Two points of the preview of the logistics building new A building model room (1) Pre-experience of “outstanding access 1 minute on foot from the station” and “warehouse + α multi-use”
Our site is close to central Tokyo and Haneda Airport, about 1 km to the Shuto Expressway Haneda Line “Heiwajima” exit, and Wangan Route “Oi Minami” exit.
Approximately 3 km to the exit, and 1 minute walk from Ryutsu Center Station, which is 10 minutes by Tokyo Monorail from JR Hamamatsucho Station.
It is expensive, and it is an optimal and rare location as a distribution base. Along with its location advantage, it is the smallest available in the new A building of the logistics building. Approximately 145 tsubo to about 435 tsubo of standard space are available, and can be used when offices, conference rooms, etc. are built in the warehouse.
You can feel the image.
[Image 2d91164-9-7c77646ba1227041feb7-1.jpg&s3=91164-9-2b702cc51191936cf570f2af8f0c2ab3-846x267.jpg
(2) It is possible to experience solutions that solve logistics issues A total of 12 companies, mainly exhibitors at the TRC LODGE, a showroom that solves logistics problems operated by TRC,
You can experience logistics solutions. Starting with efficiency and labor saving to solve problems such as labor shortages and long working hours, BCP/
We will exhibit solutions for a wide range of issues such as SDGs. On the day of the event, sales representatives will be at the booths of each exhibiting company.
We are available, so individual consultation is also possible. [Image 3d91164-9-537f5b5ff02c0085de4d-2.jpg&s3=91164-9-f775b324785921df2c3633bc6d0e7455-899x380.jpg
2. Overview of the event
[Image 4d91164-9-2203d17211c185ba2473-3.jpg&s3=91164-9-cf805a12930bf47b854a860386119c7c-870x440.jpg
[Image 5d91164-9-96d42b41ad1bdfc9bdff-4.jpg&s3=91164-9-04ae7e6df7fe5afe3d8674f099bfc848-864x388.jpg
[Image 6d91164-9-56c7c274684ebad167cd-5.jpg&s3=91164-9-0200845b4e3a80f14b79e04a8c913472-822x483.jpg
3. Logistics Building New A Building Plan Overview
[Image 7d91164-9-98704f2744047d7fb50c-6.jpg&s3=91164-9-3d36f5f73e8ddec0e2c661a7891b41d8-913x392.jpg
*This overview is currently in the planning stage and does not guarantee specific details.
Four. About Tokyo Distribution Center
For more than 50 years since 1967, Tokyo Ryutsu Center has operated logistics facilities, office buildings, and exhibition halls in Heiwajima, Tokyo.
I went there.
-Logistics facilities-
The Company operates and manages four logistics facilities (total floor area: approximately 389,000 square meters) on the premises. Currently, our company premises
We are proceeding with the sequential redevelopment of the internal facilities, and as the first step, the logistics building B was completed in June 2017. as the second
In addition, we are proceeding with development with the aim of closing the adjacent logistics building A at the end of May 2021 and completing the construction of a new building in the summer of 2023. -exhibition hall-
Our company operates and manages two exhibition halls (total floor area: approximately 11,000 square meters) on the premises. In addition to exhibition business meetings,
It is also used as a venue for extensive training, meetings, examinations, etc., making full use of the large space.
-office building-
The Company operates and manages two office buildings (total floor area: approximately 76,000 square meters) on the premises. new corona Focusing on “ventilation”, which is often attracting attention as a countermeasure against virus infections, “offices with open windows” and “ample bicycle parking lots”
We are developing an office where you can commute by bicycle. -PM business-
In October 2017, we began operating and managing logistics facilities other than those owned by our company by leveraging our know-how in operating and managing logistics facilities.
is proceeding. (As of November 2022: 34 properties under contract with a total floor area of ​​approximately 1.15 million square meters). -Inquiries regarding this matter- Tokyo Ryutsu Center Co., Ltd. Corporate Planning Department TEL: 03-3767-2137
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