Tokyo Soir Co., Ltd. All-black lifestyle brand “kuros’” (cross) will hold the second “Black Friday eve nt only for black”!

Tokyo Soir Co., Ltd.
All black lifestyle brand “kuros’” (cross) will hold the second “Black Friday event only for black”!
Sale of special sets for a limited time, 10% off all items, and sales of new products have also started!

From November 23 (Wednesday) to November 27 at the lifestyle brand “kuros’” operated by Tokyo Soir Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Junichi Koizumi), which develops ladies formal wear. During the period of Sunday (Sunday), we will hold a Black Friday event “kuros’ BLACK FRIDAY 2022” to enjoy black.
[Image 1

“Specialized in black” Black Friday 2nd edition will be held! Continuing from last year, the lifestyle proposal brand “kuros’” that delivers the energy and stories of black will hold the “Black Friday Event Only for Black” specializing in black items.
Special set sales for this period only, 10% off all items, and new products are also on sale!
The online store and Tamagawa Takashimaya S/C store will be held at the same time, and a special 5 days will start where you can fully feel the charm of black and enjoy shopping at a great price! “kuros’ BLACK FRIDAY 2022” event details
[Table 2: ]
[Benefit 1] Black Friday limited special set
[Benefit 2] 10% off all items (excluding some items such as sale items and limited sets)
[Image 2d48586-30-d6460ac762dd43d428c5-1.jpg&s3=48586-30-e057c469ddde74297c2cf21be0afe776-1280x670.jpg
Black hood 3-piece set in a tote bag (black)
(3 bags of drip coffee, brown sugar ginger powder, truffle cashew nuts) Regular price 4,653 yen → 2,833 yen
[Image 3d48586-30-c70bbeb1ef43c7741918-2.jpg&s3=48586-30-bbc0a43d37491c39b1f3093a02e93be9-1280x670.jpg
Black hood 3-piece set in a tote bag (white)
(3 bags of drip coffee, black sesame honey, truffle cashew nuts) Regular price 4,697 yen → 2,855 yen
[Image 4d48586-30-646c53ff4be665479615-3.jpg&s3=48586-30-ef7f5ca9d660a4fdcde6e1134e6b7461-1280x670.jpg
Storage box series “STOCK” 4 size set
(business card, postcard, A5, A4 size)
Regular price 4,344 yen → 3,034 yen
[Image 5d48586-30-ddefa5eef295457abf57-4.jpg&s3=48586-30-bdec46b72faed2e07977d87ceab94743-1280x670.jpg
Truffle cashew nut 3-piece set
Regular price 2,365 yen → 1,183 yen

New wear product “Dominated room wear with addictive comfort”

[Image 6d48586-30-20d5fe3c3c2860b57486-5.jpg&s3=48586-30-a6feca136d477600ec2c23546c84135b-1280x670.jpg
Mochitoro pullover sweatshirt (M/L size) 13,750 yen
Mochitoro sweat pants (M/L size) 14,850 yen
[Image 7d48586-30-63d667ad766f1f81f0c8-6.jpg&s3=48586-30-d8c9a0a1ce4fd9de42b00c598b29071d-1280x670.jpg
Mochitoro pullover hoodie (M/L size) 14,850 yen
The secret of comfort is the thread and knitting method. The yarn is spun while a lot of air is added to create a soft and light fabric that is plump and thick. In order to maximize the properties of this thread, polyurethane thread is mixed in the knitting process to achieve elasticity and a smooth texture. It has excellent quick-drying properties, so it can be used not only for relaxing at home, but also for going out in the neighborhood. I was particular about comfort beyond the concept of room wear. It is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones together with the original drawstring bag.
[Image 8d48586-30-ea7c13708063ecedf9b6-7.jpg&s3=48586-30-ecaf157885f10abfa254712b546eab29-1280x670.jpg

store information

[Image 9d48586-30-f6a13a6aac10d09959de-8.jpg&s3=48586-30-6619068c9913e97ef05d38c8d52a076c-1477x1108.jpg
Cross Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C
kuros’ Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C store
Location: 3-17-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C South Building 4F
Phone number: 090-7837-6167
Official online store
[Image 10d48586-30-25a2c9948f6fe2ace6bf-9.png&s3=48586-30-9a33e55d5a1fc259220195a11964f4aa-526x482.png

Details about this release:


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