Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd. A gorgeous and exciting moment-“Bunkamura HAPPY HOLIDAYS” Special projects start one after another from mid-November

Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd.
A gorgeous and exciting time – “Bunkamura HAPPY HOLIDAYS” special projects start one after another from mid-November
The world of “Mary Quant” immersed in the museum, including
exhibitions and movies!

“Bunkamura” operated by Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd. (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will hold “Bunkamura HAPPY HOLIDAYS” under the theme of “a gorgeous and exciting time”.
“Bunkamura HAPPY HOLIDAYS” special page
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~About “Bunkamura HAPPY HOLIDAYS”~
The year-end and New Year holidays are full of events, and the city is also a season that makes you want to spend a special time. Bunkamura offers a variety of performances and projects, such as concerts full of gorgeous music that are perfect for such occasions, exhibitions and movies that touch on modern fashion, and entertainment shows that will lift your spirits. Why don’t you go out to find a sparkling encounter? ~ 4 projects to color the start of “Bunkamura HAPPY HOLIDAYS” ~ “Bunkamura HAPPY HOLIDAYS”, which will be held from mid-November to late January, will feature more than 15 performances and projects, including music, theater, art, and movies. This time, as a notable project that will start in November, we will introduce the following projects, in addition to the Marie Quant exhibition, movie, and restaurant collaboration menu that will start at the same time from 11/26 (Sat).

“Mary Quant Exhibition”, “Mary Quant Swinging London Legend” (Movie), “Mary Quant” Special Collaboration Menu (De Magot Paris, Lobby Lounge) 25th Commemorative Mitsuhiko Sasao Exhibition Scenery with Flowers Tsugumi Sasao Collage Exhibition “The Collage”
Marche de Noel 2022
■ “Mary Quant Exhibition” Venue: Bunkamura The Museum
11/26 (Sat) – 2023/1/29 (Sun) *Closed: 12/6 (Tue), 2023/1/1 (Sun/holiday) [Image 2d31037-49-580aec8a581167c66072-1.jpg&s3=31037-49-5aa28d21197b69f579b1401adb1ee1df-1916x2700.jpg
Marie Quant, a fashion designer who took the world by storm with her miniskirt. About 400,000 people have visited his hometown of England, and the world-famous traveling exhibition is finally being held in Japan!
Through a large number of circulating garments from the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), we will introduce her innovative designs and her journey as a female entrepreneur who pioneered the times.
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■ “Mary Quant: Legend of Swinging London” Venue: Bunkamura Le Cinema Road show scheduled from 11/26 (Sat) *Closed: 2023/1/1 (Sun/Holiday) [Image 3d31037-49-4c9b806986bf5b83b6cc-2.png&s3=31037-49-468138b66a4e5fdaf522197bc92fbc93-464x719.png
The revolution that repainted the world’s fashion started from a small shop in Chelsea…
1960s. Mary Quant created a movement called “Swinging London” with The Beatles, Twiggy, and The Rolling Stones. We approach the secret of the unknown face and design. This is a must-see fashion documentary at a time when Mary Quant’s achievements in pursuing her own identity are being re-evaluated.
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No matter which way you watch it, it’s a good deal! A stub campaign unique to Bunkamura
[Image 4d31037-49-c929957236d375542099-3.jpg&s3=31037-49-b0e7bed67e86ebd283232f5bacfcfe20-484x484.jpg
sticker design image
Marie Quant’s film and exhibition starting on the same day. If you have a movie ticket stub and see the exhibition, you will receive an original sticker (not for sale) of this exhibition on a first-come, first-served basis! Or, by presenting the ticket stub of the exhibition, you can see the movie at a discount of 200 yen from the general price on the day. (*QR ticket available)
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Collaboration menu that allows you to enjoy “Mary Quant” even more Offer period: 11/26 (Sat)-2023/1/29 (Sun) *Closed: 2023/1/1 (Sun/holiday) Store: De Magot Paris (Bunkamura B1F & 1F)
[Image 5d31037-49-4da9e3609d53a7020c9c-4.jpg&s3=31037-49-9251b43188e1c86e68dcf46194c0854b-3900x2604.jpg
“Modern Chocolat” Single item ¥1,700, Drink Set ¥2,150
[Image 6d31037-49-9818d2bddd87d05592be-5.jpg&s3=31037-49-bc73e3e5b28936bf46733712e6cd1c0c-3900x2604.jpg
“Marble Latte” HOT/ICE ¥1,200 each
[Image 7d31037-49-71353f888d76faf700b0-6.jpg&s3=31037-49-1a560a374651a7747e4b6fb305ab1cc1-3900x2604.jpg
“Scotch Egg and Fish & Chips” 2,200 yen
[Image 8d31037-49-85feaee7bd0fe64d7baf-7.jpg&s3=31037-49-9ed628f0370e8ffa386d5a1b97a14b0b-3900x2604.jpg
“Charcoal mocha” 1,200 yen
*Discounts are available for each menu, “Mary Quant” exhibition and movie tickets, and by presenting a QR ticket.
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de magot paris
lobby lounge
*All tax included
■ 25th Commemorative Mitsuhiko Sasao Exhibition Scenery with Flowers Venue: Bunkamura Gallery
11/16 (Wed) – 29 (Tue)
[Image 9d31037-49-50e53f3fb0ac9c3a7759-8.jpg&s3=31037-49-4732daa80be9e89039aad6f4762ebade-1140x1000.jpg
red sofa
[Image 10d31037-49-0cdfe4b5a872ff590e76-9.jpg&s3=31037-49-e37467fe2c00882d2c73afa3c3b52506-1161x1000.jpg
The Shelf
Mitsuhiko Sasao’s exhibition will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. The “Red Sofa” series features a bright red sofa with art books and tea sets; The “Mini Frame” series, etc., all have lovely motifs along with colorful flowers. Since his debut as a painter in 1998, Sasao has continued to paint landscapes with flowers for 25 years in his annual solo exhibition at Bunkamura Gallery. It will be a gorgeous venue with more new works from popular series such as Red Sofa, The Shelf, and Paris Florist.
Click here for details ■ Tsugumi Sasao “The Collage” Tsugumi Sasao Collage Exhibition Venue: Bunkamura Wall Gallery
11/16 (Wed) – 29 (Tue)
[Image 11d31037-49-278ba0c1d347e064462e-10.jpg&s3=31037-49-e05f7f38ba37e63df98e24e81df7f141-850x847.jpg
The Collage
Buttons picked up in the woods of Paris and many favorites that the artist met at a flea market. Layer collages in small frames as your fingertips guide you. Like a diary that you write every day, little by little, your thoughts are carefully inlaid.
Click here for details ■ Marché de Noel 2022 Venue: Bunkamura 1F main lobby floor
12/3 (Sat) – 11 (Sun) *Closed on 12/7 (Wed)
[Image 12d31037-49-4d70916c147023acfcbd-11.jpg&s3=31037-49-9a55f034527c05b70f8553c0ec919d1e-630x630.jpg
A large collection of shops with items that make you feel like Christmas! A wagon shop event where shops that collect gifts and products that are perfect for winter are lined up. At Bunkamura, where the illuminations shine, look for wonderful gifts for your loved ones and yourself. Special lectures at Institut Français Tokyo where you can casually learn French-style Christmas and workshops where you can experience the joy of handicrafts are also held.
~Store Information~
〇 Cotswolds: British miscellaneous goods, sweets, tea, such as mufflers, Christmas cans, duck
〇 Reju: Stylish accessories mainly using European materials
〇 Kogin-zashi Eito: Miscellaneous goods and bags where you can enjoy colorful traditional Kogin-zashi patterns
〇 Pierre Lanier: A practical watch that allows you to enjoy the fashion at hand 〇 Fabrica: French fabrics, kitchen cloths, artist collaboration products, gift items, etc.
〇 Cliche: Antique and vintage accessories, handicraft materials, miscellaneous goods, etc.
〇 Etne: Colorful, soft and surprisingly light leather accessories from Spain 〇 Onbell: Cut cloths made from imported Christmas fabrics, original cloth bags, etc.
〇 Lucca: Italian and French linen fabrics, cards, accessories, etc. (*1) “Cotswolds” and “Koginzashi Eito” are only available from December 3 (Sat) to 6 (Tue), and “Etne” and “Lucca” are only available from December 8 (Thu) to 11 (Sun).
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