Tokyu Malls Development Co., Ltd. Grandberry Park, an ice skating rink in collaboration with “Peanuts” will be held again this year!

Tokyu Malls Development Co., Ltd.
Grandberry Park, an ice skating rink in collaboration with “Peanuts”, a hands-on winter event, will appear again this year!
“SNOOPY HAPPINESS FLOAT 2022” will also return to Granberry Park! ~From Saturday, December 10, 2022~

The outlet complex commercial facility “Granberry Park” directly connected to “Minami Machida Granberry Park Station” on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line will open the ice skating rink “SNOOPY ICE ARENA” designed by Snoopy and his friends on December 10, 2022 ( Saturday) to February 26, 2023 (Sunday). In addition, the giant Snoopy “SNOOPY HAPPINESS FLOAT”, which has traveled all over Japan, will appear in Granbury Park’s “Park Plaza” on Saturday, December 10th. “SNOOPY HAPPINESS FLOAT” will be on display until May 7, 2023 (Sun). [Image 1

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Above: Ice skating rink “SNOOPY ICE ARENA”, Below: “SNOOPY HAPPINESS FLOAT 2022” This winter, Granberry Park is holding a number of events under the theme of “colorful,” which expresses the importance of diversity and individuality. For details on “SNOOPY ICE ARENA” and “SNOOPY HAPPINESS FLOAT 2022” in collaboration with the popular Snoopy comic “Peanuts”, please check the following sections.
■ Ice skating rink “SNOOPY ICE ARENA” details
An ice skating rink “SNOOPY ICE ARENA” will be set up at Oasis Plaza in conjunction with “COLORS OF PEANUTS”, the marketing theme of “Peanuts” in Japan this year. The walls surrounding the rink are painted with Snoopy and his friends enjoying skating in their own way, creating an “exciting” space. It’s a lot of fun just looking at the facial expressions of the characters full of personality drawn on the wall. Colorful large panels with characters drawn are perfect for photo spots. When the sun goes down, the skating rink is brightly lit up with seven colors of light. Enjoy ice skating with the Peanuts friends at a skating rink packed with a variety of ways to have fun. Implementation period: December 10, 2022 (Sat)-February 26, 2023 (Sun) *Regular holiday: January 1st (Sun/Holiday), February 21st (Tue) Business hours: Weekdays: 13:00-20:00 (Reception closes at 19:30) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 11:00-20:00 (Reception closes at 19:30) *Business start time will be 13:00 only on Saturday, December 10th. *December 27th (Tuesday) to December 30th (Friday) and January 2nd (Monday, holiday) to January 6th (Friday) will be open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
*December 31st (Sat) will be open until 18:00 (reception closes at 17:30). *Business hours may be changed or business may be canceled at the discretion of the organizer in consideration of safety.
Location: Oasis Plaza
Contact: Grandberry Park Ice Arena Secretariat
TEL 070-2831-6634 *Applications will be accepted from Saturday, December 10th. [Image 3

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Ice skating rink “SNOOPY ICE ARENA” (top: near the entrance, bottom: photo spot) [Usage fee (tax included)]
General fee (including rental shoe fee)
Adults: 1,800 yen High school students and younger: 1,500 yen Preschoolers: 1,000 yen
Discounted price (including rental shoe fee)
◆ Night discount (for admission after 18:00)
Adults: 1,500 yen High school students and younger: 1,000 yen Preschoolers: 500 yen
◆After school discount (weekdays, high school students and younger only) 1,000 yen
* Excluding national holidays and from December 27 (Tue) to January 6 (Fri). ◆Family Discount (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only on weekdays for adults and preschoolers)
Adults: 1,500 yen, Preschoolers: 500 yen
* Excluding national holidays and from December 27 (Tue) to January 6 (Fri). ◆December 10th (Saturday) Limited Open Special Price
500 yen
*Only on December 10th (Sat), all participants will be charged the same price. *Business start time is from 13:00.
◆ Coupon ticket (6 tickets)
Adults: 8,000 yen High school students and younger: 6,000 yen Preschoolers: 5,000 yen
*Non-refundable. Available anytime during business hours.
One point lesson
1,000 yen/10 minutes
Beginner skating class
Dates: December 25 (Sun), 31 (Sat), January 3 (Tue), 8 (Sun), 15 (Sun), 22 (Sun), 29 (Sun)
Time: 9:30-10:30 (Meet at 9:10)
Fee: 3,000 yen/time (includes rental shoe fee)
*Complete reservation system, local settlement at the ticket vending machine on the day of participation.
Recruitment reception: December 10th (Sat) start
* Reservation system by phone or direct link reception.
*First-come, first-served basis. It will be closed as soon as it becomes capacity.
Capacity: 20 people
Eligibility: Beginner Skating
Target age: 4 years old and over
*Classes may be canceled in the event of bad weather. Please note that there will be no rescheduled events.
*In case of stormy weather, we will contact you by phone around 7:30 in the morning.
[About chartering (* only outside business hours)]
Weekdays: 25,000 yen / 60 minutes (separately rental shoes 500 yen / pair) Holidays: 30,000 yen / 60 minutes (separately rental shoes 500 yen / pair) *Reservations must be made at least 2 days prior to the desired rental date by phone or direct link reception.
*We do not accept reservations for charter on the day when the beginner skating class is held.
[Product sales / rental]
Sea lion sled: 500 yen/20 minutes, little helper: 500 yen/20 minutes, gloves (purchase only): 300 yen,
Socks (purchase only): 300 yen, coin lockers: 100 yen/time
For details of “SNOOPY ICE ARENA”, please see the special site below.
Period: Saturday, December 10, 2022 to Sunday, May 7, 2023
Location: Park Plaza
The colorfully decorated “SNOOPY HAPPINESS FLOAT 2022” with the theme of “COLORS OF PEANUTS” will appear at Granberry Park again this year. Following 2020 and 2021, this year as well, a truck carrying a giant Snoopy will depart Tokyo on Thursday, October 13th. It will operate in 15 cities nationwide until December 4th (Sun), delivering happiness to everyone in Japan. After that, it will be exhibited at Granbury Park’s plaza “Park Plaza” for about 5 months from December 10 (Sat). This is the third year in a row that “SNOOPY HAPPINESS FLOAT” will return to Granbury Park.
Snoopy and Snoopy’s friend Woodstock are waiting for you to enjoy a rest while snuggling up on a colorful rainbow at the park plaza with a bright green lawn. Please come to Granbury Park to meet Snoopy and Woodstock.
[Image 5d73657-21-30efe0d9e72afa2383cb-1.jpg&s3=73657-21-0e0ee994215386bedd5404bfed7b2444-1518x755.jpg
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“COLORS OF PEANUTS”, which expresses the characteristics and individuality of each color, is this year’s marketing theme for “Peanuts” in Japan. This theme conveys through the unique Peanuts friends that the world is full of wonderful colors, such as the colors of nature and the brilliance of the sky, and that there are diverse values, ways of looking at things, and perceptions. . Granberry Park sympathizes with the message contained in the theme of “COLORS OF PEANUTS”, and various events are held in collaboration with “Peanuts” under the theme of “colorful” that expresses the importance of diversity and individuality. We offer.
■ Other major winter events
“SNOOPY Merry Colorful Christmas” is being held until December 25, 2022 (Sun). Snoopy enjoying a party and his unique friends are drawn on the huge Christmas tree of about 8m in height installed in the theater plaza. At Granberry Plaza, the main entrance to Granberry Park, you will find a colorful and pop design object measuring 6m wide and 2.1m high. More than 40,000 light bulbs that shine in multiple colors of gold, red, green, and blue create a colorful illumination throughout the building.
For details on “SNOOPY Merry Colorful Christmas”, please see the special site below.
*The contents of the event described in the press release are subject to change without notice.
■Granberry Park Overview
Located in Minami Machida Grandberry Park, which was redeveloped through a public-private partnership between Tokyu Corporation and Machida City, this is Tokyo’s largest open-mall type outlet complex commercial facility. Adjacent to the lush greenery of Tsuruma Park, this is an “entertainment park” where you can enjoy not only shopping, but also a variety of experiences in the seven outdoor plazas within the facility and Tsuruma Park.
Name: Granberry Park
Location: 3-4-1 Tsuruma, Machida City, Tokyo 194-8589
Operating area: about 51,000 square meters
Number of tenants: 244
Access: Directly connected to Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Minami Machida Granberry Park Station
Business hours: Shop: 10:00-20:00 Restaurant: 11:00-22:00
*Business hours vary depending on the store
*Business hours may differ from the above due to measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
[Image 6d73657-21-9c7cd4afb4bacc389223-5.jpg&s3=73657-21-9a1900ea3fcab56649a871eb6b9fbe1e-390x260.jpg
■ What is “Peanuts”?
The “Peanuts” character and related intellectual property are owned by Peanuts Worldwide, with 41% owned by WildBrain, 39% owned by Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and 20% owned by Charles M. Schultz’s family. . It was in 1950 that Charles M. Schultz first introduced the Peanuts family to the world. That was when “Peanuts” debuted on seven newspapers. Since then, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang have left an immortal mark on pop culture. In addition to the familiar Peanuts shows and specials on Apple TV+, fans around the world will find a wide variety of merchandise, amusement park attractions, cultural events, social media, and traditional print to digital media. You can enjoy “Peanuts” through serialized comics published in various media. Additionally, in 2018, “Peanuts” entered into a multi-year partnership with NASA in the Space Act Agreement. This Space Act Agreement is a program designed for the next generation of children to inspire a passion for space exploration and STEM.
■ Related URLs
・Japanese Snoopy Official Website
・Japanese Snoopy official Facebook page “Snoopy Japan”
・Japanese Snoopy official twitter account “Snoopy Japan”

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