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Tomizawa Shoten Co., Ltd. Rice flour is now gaining attention! Tomizawa Shoten’s new project “Let’s start making rice flour bread” campaign is underway!

Tomizawa Shoten Co., Ltd.
Now, rice flour is getting a lot of attention! Tomizawa Shoten’s new project “Let’s start making rice flour bread” campaign is underway! Limited to the online shop, we will present 1,000 people as a set with 1 kg of rice flour for bread “Mizuhochikara” and a bread recipe of rice flour.

Founded 103 years ago, Tomizawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as our company) is one of Japan’s largest confectionery and bakery ingredients and utensil specialty stores. Focusing on “rice flour”, which has been attracting attention again with the word “gluten-free”, we have launched a “Let’s start making rice flour bread campaign” so that customers can use rice flour easily and happily.” We have started. For 1,000 new customers who have registered with Tomizawa Shoten’s online shop, we will present a set of 1 kg of Mizuhochikara, which is popular among rice flour, and an original recipe that is fun to arrange.
Comes with a “Petit Bread Recipe” devised by Aimi Masuda
What is “Mizuhochikara (rice flour for bread)” recommended by Tomizawa Shoten? The rice “Mizuhochikara” produced in Kumamoto Prefecture was developed for making rice flour, and is characterized by its higher aptitude for bread making compared to rice flour made from ordinary edible nonglutinous rice. By using Mizuhochikara, you can bake rice flour bread that is “sticky” and “fluffy”, which is different from the conventional image of rice flour bread as “non-swelling” and “wheat substitute”. Take advantage of this campaign to enjoy rice flour bread with a fresh, moist texture and a gentle sweetness.
■The online shop of Tomizawa Shoten, which has been in business for 103 years, has more than 300 recipes using rice flour. Mizuhochikara, which you can get in the campaign, also has a basic rice flour bread recipe that is fun to arrange.
Tomizawa Shoten provides recipes for each ingredient. More than 300 cooking recipes using rice flour are also posted.
Please enjoy this “Let’s start making rice flour bread” campaign. ■Overview of gift campaign
・ Period: 11/14 (Monday) ~ as soon as the quantity is sold out ・Campaign URL: %E3%83%9F%E3%82%BA%E3%83%9B%E3%83%81%E3%82%AB%E3%83%A9%E3%83%97%E3%83%AC%E3 %82%BC%E3%83%B3%E3%83%88
・Online shop limited sale. And limited to 1,000 new member
registration customers
・Gift: Kumamoto Prefecture rice (Mizuhochikara) rice flour for bread / 1kg + rice flour petit bread recipe
■Tomizawa Shoten has over 300 rice flour and gluten-free recipes! At Tomizawa Shoten, we have posted more than 300 types of “rice flour” and “gluten-free” recipes.
On the recipe collection site below, each recipe has an
easy-to-understand “beginner level”, “intermediate level”, and “advanced level”, as well as a guideline for cooking time. I hope you will challenge yourself to make bread and make sweets.
“Rice flour” recipe “Gluten Free” Recipes %AA%E3%83%BC
■A new initiative for the “New Tomizawa Shoten” aiming for the next 100 years. Since the price increase continues now, I dare to reduce the price. 2nd round in progress
From June 1, 2022, “New Tomizawa Shoten” started with a new brand logo. In the 103-year history of its founding, a campaign on a scale of all stores will be held for the first time from November. While many customers feel uneasy about their daily lives in the current price increase market, our company is based on the corporate philosophy of “bringing the joy of cooking to the world.” With the idea that we want people to enjoy cooking, we have started a project to reduce the prices of popular products from November 1st (Tuesday). As the second step, from November 16th (Wednesday) to 30th
(Wednesday), we will reduce the price of 4 types of popular products that are useful for making sweets and cooking even if they are single items by 20%. In addition, set sales that expand the fun of making bread and sweets have started at a great price.
As we celebrate the 103rd anniversary of our founding, we will strive to continue to implement measures that will please our customers, with the customer’s perspective as our top priority as we develop the new Tomizawa Shoten aiming for the next 100 years. I will continue. ■ Tomizawa Shoten Co., Ltd.
We strive to develop our business under the management philosophy of “appropriate business,” which is a sincere approach to our customers and suppliers, and to continue to do business in a way that builds long-lasting relationships of trust. Through physical store sales, online shops, and wholesale sales, we offer a wide range of
categories, including bread and sweets ingredients, utensils and tools, wrapping materials, spices, Japanese confectionery ingredients, Western ingredients, Japanese ingredients, beans, Chinese food, and ethnic products. We deliver a wide variety of items centered on more than 9,000 food ingredients that are particular about production areas and quality. In order to deliver the joy of cooking to the world, we will continue to protect the tradition and trust of our 103-year-old company, aiming for better quality and always making efforts to provide our customers with reasonable prices. (URL:
【Company Profile】
Trade name: Tomizawa Shoten Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Atsushi Tomizawa
Head office: 1-9-4-10F, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 URL:
Founded: April 1, 1919
Company Established: March 2, 1949
Capital: 10 million yen
Number of employees: 1200 (as of June 2021)
Business description:
・Ingredients for confectionery and bread ・Utensils ・Wrapping materials ・Dried foods ・Japanese ingredients ・Nuts ・Dried fruits ・Superfoods Operation of specialty stores (physical stores, online shops) and wholesale sales to bakery and confectionery specialty stores ・Product development of original ingredients, utensils, and wrapping materials ・Import of original equipment and wrapping materials
・Recipe site management and information provision related to confectionery and bread
・Confectionery manufacturing, food/food manufacturing, bottled/canned food manufacturing factory operation -Trademark matters-

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