TOMODY Exhibits Live Streaming Online Switching Service WRIDGE Scheduled to Launch in Spring 2023 at Inter BEE 2022 for the First Time

TOMODY Co., Ltd.
TOMODY Exhibits Live Streaming Online Switching Service WRIDGE Scheduled to Launch in Spring 2023 at Inter BEE 2022 for the First Time
– An online switching service that connects the world with a simple and intuitive UI –

TOMODY Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenji Tomimori) will launch WRIDGE, a live streaming online switching service in the spring of 2023, which will make live broadcasting and video production easier. Prior to the service launch next spring, WRIDGE will be exhibited for the first time at InterBEE2022, which will be held at Makuhari Messe from November 16th (Wednesday) to 18th (Friday), 2022 (Makuhari Messe Venue: Hall 7 Booth No.: 7512). INTERBEE2022 URL: [Image 1

■What is WRIDGE?
Live streaming online switching service “WRIDGE” is a service that can switch and deliver video sources from multiple locations on the cloud. It solves the problems of conventional live broadcasts and video creation, and easily realizes what was not possible before, reducing the burden and cost of live broadcasters and video creators. ▼WRIDGE Features
1) Eliminates various inconveniences of live broadcasting and video creation, and significantly reduces costs
・ Switching work between multiple locations and multiple cameras can be completed with just the touch panel.
[Image 2

・Since all image processing is performed in the cloud, complicated wiring at the camera site is eliminated.
[Image 3

・”Remote control” is possible not only for smartphones but also for video cameras of various companies.
[Image 4

・Voice conversation between relay staff, which is frequently necessary between camera relay sites, is possible
[Image 5

2) You can easily realize new expressions and create new contents. ・It is possible to replay real-time videos in live broadcasts [Image 6

▼Typical usage scenes of WRIDGE
[Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10


▼WRIDGE function list
cloud switcher
If there is a wireless environment such as WiFi, 4G, or 5G, you can switch videos uploaded to the server from all over the world in real time with just a PC or tablet, regardless of location.
Simple and intuitive UI
Anyone can easily operate the UI optimized for switching using a PC or tablet. All common features are covered.
remote switching
Since switching is performed on the cloud, it is possible to switch from a location far away from the shooting location.
Compatible with various Live distribution services
Compatible with YouTube, Twitch, Nico Nico Live, TwitCasting, etc. Switched video can be sent directly from the server to each service. Supports 4K input/output
It also supports 4K video input, enabling high-quality 4K
distribution. * A high-spec PC and high-speed communication
environment are required.
scene creation
Layouts that use multiple images such as PinP, and combinations of telops and BGM that match the images can be saved as scenes. Multiple scenes can be created and called up with a single click in the same way as camera images. Switching between scenes is also possible. Smartphone distribution app “WRIDGE CAM”
Video taken with a smartphone can be uploaded directly to the server and switched. It is recommended for simple delivery.
GPS linkage
When shooting with the smartphone app WRIDGE CAM, it is possible to generate and distribute a map that displays the current locations of multiple smartphones using GPS.
External device control
Remote control of smartphones and external cameras (LUMIX, NDI, etc.) is possible.
External controller connection
It is possible to assign and control various buttons of WRIDGE to an external device (MIDI controller).
Input source complete record
All input video sources can be saved on the server. Useful for replays and archive editing.
It is possible to create and save a replay video of the video input during distribution and distribute it with one click.
handwriting input
It is possible to input handwritten characters, illustrations, etc. into the replay video.
automatic voice switching
By turning on the automatic audio switching, it is possible to output only the audio of the video displayed on the PGO.
audio routing
Audio uploaded to the server can be individually routed to four channels: PGO, SUB1, SUB2, and Talkback.
Talkback/Team Chat
If you set the audio uploaded to the server as talkback, you can have a conversation with each grouped team. You can also text chat within the team.
motion capture
The input video source is always processed by the server for motion capture and skeleton recognition, and can be used for various purposes.
gesture control
Using motion capture, it is possible to switch according to the performer’s specific actions. It is convenient when the staff is limited, such as one operation.
Auto zoom/auto tracking
It supports digital pan-tilt-zoom and pan-tilt-zoom using a PTZ camera. Automatic tracking of performers is also possible.
▼ Service launch schedule
Spring 2023
▼Service introduction site
■About TOMODY Inc.
TOMODY provides a platform for “online distribution” that meets the needs of the world in order to realize the management philosophy of “making every experience more accessible”. Utilizing a distribution platform specialized for distribution and online lessons as a foundation, we also operate a studio dedicated to distribution and develop the business of online lessons.
[Image 12d111756-2-2035fdfd0e1ce9eedb61-2.png&s3=111756-2-5a416156e62456abf27c713aef702bb7-935x393.png
Company name: TOMODY Co., Ltd.
Address: Iron Misakicho 6F, 2-11-12 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061 Representative: Kenji Tomimori, Representative Director and CEO URL:
Inquiries regarding this matter
Katsura, Public Relations Manager, TOMODY Inc.
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