TOWADA TRAVEL Let’s enjoy harvesting Chinese yam with “farming experience and cooking class tour”

Towada Oirase Tourism Organization
Let’s enjoy harvesting Chinese yam with “farming experience and cooking class tour”
Rediscover the charm of Towada through seasonal flavors!

It’s finally time to harvest the yam. The “Agricultural Experience and Cooking Class Tour” co-sponsored by the Towada Oirase Tourism Organization and the Towada Agricultural Experience Liaison Council will be held during the peak harvest season. The event is scheduled for November 26th (Sat) and December 3rd (Sat), and we are recruiting participants at the TOWADA TRAVEL online store.
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(C)︎ (one company) Towada Oirase Tourism Organization
Since the opening on August 20, the “Agriculture Experience and Cooking Class Tour” focusing on Towada City’s proud agricultural products has been held with different ingredients depending on the season. The agricultural products that serve as a bird for the tour are autumn-harvested Chinese yam, which reaches its season on the border between autumn and winter. An experience of digging up and cooking yams will be held on November 26th (Sat) and December 3rd (Sat).
Towada yams are white and sticky, but autumn-harvested yam are fresh, crunchy, and have little bitterness. While you can make the best use of its flavor by eating it with aemono or lightly pickled vegetables, the fluffy yam is also sweet and delicious. Since the skin is thin, you can reduce the loss of nutrients by slicing the skin into round slices and grilling them quickly. Let’s get through the cold winter in good health by warming the body with Towada yam, which is also good for intestinal regulation and nourishment.
During the tour, you will experience picking yam under the guidance of the Towada Agricultural Experience Liaison Council, and listen to Nagisa Nagisa’s lecture on yam recipes. Cooking class menu is tuna, burdock and yam cooked rice, yam stuffed with meat, fluffy omelet with yam, and yam steak with mushroom sauce. You can make and enjoy a lunch that gently warms your body using the Chinese yam that you dug yourself.
By experiencing the joy of harvesting, this tour aims to convey the splendor of Towada City, which is rich in agricultural resources, and revitalize the region. I know that you are very busy, but I would appreciate it if you could interview me and introduce me.
Implementation date
Saturday, November 26, 2022 *Application deadline: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 17:00
December 3, 2022 (Saturday) *Application deadline: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 17:00
travel fee
4,000 yen
*Price includes: harvest experience fee, meal fee, bus fee, cooking instruction fee
Number of recruits
10 people (minimum 1 person)
Tour conductor
I will not accompany you
Clothes and hats that can be dirty and can be used to prevent heatstroke Belongings
Drinks, towels, work gloves, clothes and shoes for changing clothes, apron, triangular bandage
Rain gear and boots in case of rain (Umbrella not available) Itinerary
       8:50 ArtStation TOWADA (15-3 Inocho, Towada City, Aomori Prefecture 034-0011)  Assemble
(Move by bus) ↓
9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Yam harvesting experience
(Move by bus) ↓
      12:00-14:30 Sawada Yugakukan Cooking class/lunch
(Move by bus) ↓
     3:00 ArtStation TOWADA Dismissal
●Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate. ●Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies.
●This event is held rain or shine. It will be canceled if a heavy rain warning is issued. It may be decided at the meeting place on the day. ●It may be canceled due to the new coronavirus infection situation. ●Customers are responsible for parking fees near the meeting place. ●Please participate after understanding and cooperating with infection prevention measures.
Application destination
Towada Oirase Tourism Organization (TOWADA TRAVEL)
Online store:
TEL: 0176-24-3006 FAX: 0176-24-3007
About “Agricultural Experience and Cooking Class Tour”
Towada City is proud of its agricultural production volume and quality. A total of 7 “agricultural experience and cooking class tours” are scheduled to be held by December to attract customers by making use of the unique local resources.
This tour, jointly planned by A-WORLD Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Norimitsu Furusato) and Towada Oirase Tourism Organization (Chairman: Kinji Onoda), focuses on seasonal agricultural products, from farm work to cooking lessons. Through this experience, we aim to let more people know the deep charm of Towada City, where the ingredients are delicious. The co-sponsor of this tour, the Towada Agricultural Experience Liaison Council (Chairman: Makoto Urushizaka), provides a full-fledged farming experience, and Naoko Nagisa, a food education cook, is a healthy food that makes the most of the delicious ingredients of Towada City. Share the menu with the cooking class. Please pay attention to the contents of the event that change with the change of the season!
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(C)︎ (one company) Towada Oirase Tourism Organization
Future schedule
November 26, 2022 (Saturday) [Chinese yam edition]
   December 3rd (Sat) [Chinese yam edition]
*Due to the new coronavirus infection situation,
Dates may be changed or canceled.
Towada Oirase Tourism Organization (TOWADA TRAVEL)
A-WORLD Co., Ltd.
Towada Oirase Tourism Organization (TOWADA TRAVEL)
Towada Agricultural Experience Liaison Council
Towada Oirase Tourism Organization (TOWADA TRAVEL)
TEL: 0176-24-3006
Introduction of related companies
A-WORLD Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d67262-60-5222aea404f72170211f-2.jpg&s3=67262-60-cdf2fad0a999a24710f3f23f6e01ca84-1575x1181.jpg
(C)︎ A-WORLD Co., Ltd.
Based at Roadside Station Oirase “Oirase Roman Park” (Towada City), the company aims to dig deeper and communicate the original charm of the area, and is also a brewery for Oirase Beer. OIRASE BEER Brewery & Restaurant”, Aomori apple specialty store “Ara, Ringo. Aomori Factory”. In collaboration with the Towada Oirase Tourism
Organization, we are promoting the development of contents that make use of Towada City’s proud ingredients and the snowy scenery unique to heavy snowfall areas. We are planning to develop a “heavy snow restaurant” that provides
Towada Agricultural Experience Liaison Council
[Image 4d67262-60-637f29e8a8257c7b0c11-3.png&s3=67262-60-430c1dcfa8c25cca052b236966920eca-620x322.png
(C) Towada Agricultural Experience Liaison Council
It is a group formed by farmer fathers and mothers to welcome everyone like a real family and to exchange hearts and minds through farming experiences. We communicate the charm of Towada’s culture and history by interacting with the locals and experiencing the simple life of a farmer. There are plenty of farm work experience menus, and we also support cooking and private lodging experiences.
Nagisa Naoko
[Image 5d67262-60-15959df94a3553231979-4.jpg&s3=67262-60-76dd5a3e93b51896b66174115cb2fc08-1000x882.jpg
(C)︎ Food Communication Co., Ltd.
Lives in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture. Food education cook who travels the world. Owner and chef of “Nagisa Cafe” with the concept of nurturing the body through food to prevent illness and injury. In 2015, she won second place in the Woman Chef category at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. We continue to spread the wisdom and energy that enriches the food scene, which is literally a “lifelong relationship,” and pour our love and passion into creating a healthy space and environment with food.
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