Toward a business that strategically utilizes intellectual property ~Applications for the 3rd round of IPAS202 2 Spot Mentoring for the Intellectual Property Acceleration Program~

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Toward a business that strategically utilizes intellectual property ~Applications for the 3rd round of IPAS2022 Spot Mentoring for the Intellectual Property Acceleration Program~

The Intellectual Property Acceleration Program for Startups (IPAS), a project of the Patent Office, will start recruiting companies and individuals to participate in the 3rd round of spot mentoring in 2022. [Imaged46770-24-89f2feb24a65ec4fa0c6-0.png&s3=46770-24-c9f2195a7f23b52829a59eb6ea78ade7-650x407.png
This program supports the construction of intellectual property strategies to accelerate the growth of startups. Intellectual property (intellectual property) such as technology and ideas is the main asset and source of competitiveness for startups founded based on innovative technologies and ideas. For this reason, we will build an
“intellectual property strategy” to strategically utilize intellectual property and lead to growth, such as establishing policies for acquiring intellectual property rights and know-how, as well as policies regarding collaboration and licensing with other companies. It is important to
However, it is not uncommon for startups to lack knowledge and know-how about intellectual property, or lack the resources to develop intellectual property strategies and acquire rights due to their focus on business launches. For this reason, core intellectual property is not sufficiently protected and utilized, and due to the outflow of technology and ideas, the emergence of counterfeit products, etc., it is not possible to generate profits, and the power to win the competition is lost. It is
In this program, we are looking for startups to participate in spot mentoring where you can experience the IPAS of the Patent Office, which has been well received every year, for a day (2 hours). In 2022, individuals who are preparing to start a startup using intellectual property can also apply.
2. Public recruitment of participating companies (including
individuals preparing to start a business)
Applications will be accepted four times during the fiscal year. 1st session (application closed)
2nd session (application closed)
Deadline for the 3rd event: Friday, December 9, 2022
The deadline for the 4th event will be announced on IP BASE at a later date. It is possible to apply for the 4th event before the deadline is announced. Support period: About 2 hours once (online or offline)
Number of adopted companies: About 6 companies each time
*: If there are a large number of applicants, we may decide to adopt and match before the deadline.
*: It is possible to apply for multiple times at the same time, but only one time will be selected.
3. Program details
Detailed information on this program can be found on the IP BASE website below. The application guidelines and application form can also be obtained from the same site.
IP BASE website URL: 4. Contact information
Intellectual Property Acceleration Program (IPAS) Secretariat (within NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting, Inc.)
Person in charge: Sakuragi, Takai
T E L 03-6261-7453
102-0093 JA Mutual Aid Building 10F, 2-7-9 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Details about this release:


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