TOWING Co., Ltd. Ryoya Nishida selected for “Innovators Under 35 Japan 2022” sponsored by MIT Technology R eview

TOWING Co., Ltd.
Ryoya Nishida selected for “Innovators Under 35 Japan 2022” sponsored by MIT Technology Review
CTO Ryoya Nishida selected as one of the “Innovators Under 35 Japan 2022”, innovators under 35 who create the future

TOWING Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, CEO: Kohei Nishida, hereinafter referred to as TOWING), which aims to develop recycling-based agriculture on the earth and realize space agriculture, has announced that our CTO, Ryoya Nishida, will be involved in MIT Technology Review [ Japan version] We are pleased to inform you that we have been selected as one of the innovators under 35 who will create the future at the award “Innovators Under 35 Japan 2022”.
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What is “Innovators Under 35 Japan”?
The “Innovators Under 35” is an international award sponsored by the MIT Technology Review, the media division of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. With the aim of discovering creative and talented young innovators under the age of 35 who will tackle global issues and shape the future for decades to come, in the past Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Facebook co-founder It is highly regarded as an internationally authoritative award, with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, Executive Director, Chairman and CEO, also receiving the award.
“Innovators Under 35 Japan” is the Japanese version of the event, and will be held for the third time this year. In this fiscal year, the newly established “Medical/Biological There were more than 350 nominations and applications from domestic and overseas candidates in a total of eight fields, including engineering, and 14 people were selected as winners after a rigorous screening process. The winners of the Japanese version will be nominated as candidates for the global version next year.
On December 15th (Thursday), the “Innovators Under 35 Japan Summit 2022 in Nihonbashi” will be held at the Muromachi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo, where Ryoya Nishida will also be on stage. The event will also be streamed online.
For more information, please visit the Innovators Under 35 Japan website.
About MIT Technology Review
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MIT Technology Review, founded in 1899 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, is the world’s most historical and authoritative technology magazine. Over 80% of the readers of the US version are in charge of technology departments, and 60% are read by executives. The Japanese version has been operated as a membership web media since October 2016 by Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of KADOKAWA Co., Ltd., under a license agreement with Technology Review Inc. in the United States. From 2020, we are also publishing a paper version of the MIT Technology Review [Japanese version].
What is TOWING
TOWING is a startup from Nagoya University that aims to develop recycling-oriented agriculture on the earth and realize space agriculture based on environmentally friendly artificial soil “high-performance soil (* 1)” technology.
In order to realize sustainable agriculture, there is a worldwide demand for conversion of cultivation from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers, and carbon storage in agricultural land for decarbonization. TOWING is a “high-performance biochar” that can efficiently colonize the nitrifying flora necessary for decomposing organic fertilizers on farmland, and achieve highly efficient carbon-fixing performance by adding N2O-degrading and CO2-fixing bacterial flora. We will work on the research and development of This research project will lead to the realization and spread of “high-performance biochar,” which can fix carbon more efficiently than conventional biochar and at the same time improve yields.
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(*1) High-performance soil is the name of artificial soil created by adding microorganisms to biochar (porous material) such as plant charcoal, mixing it with organic fertilizer, and managing it in an appropriate state. TOWING’s own technology related to biochar pretreatment, microbial culture, etc. has been integrated and put into practical use, along with the technology developed by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.
High-performance soil has three major characteristics.
1. Organic fertilizer can be converted to inorganic nutrients with high efficiency.
2. It usually takes about 3-5 years to create good soil in a field, but high-performance soil can be made in just about a month. 3. Because carbonized plant residue, which would normally be discarded or incinerated, is used as a material for high-performance soil, it can also be expected to fix and absorb carbon.
Recruitment of demonstration partners
TOWING is looking for a demonstration partner who will work together with us to demonstrate the application and cultivation of
high-performance biochar (Soratan) in farmland, and to demonstrate the planting and cultivation of Soranae. If you are interested in producers, businesses, or local governments, please contact us using the form here.
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Recruitment information
We are looking for partners to realize highly efficient and
sustainable agriculture using next-generation technology. Click here for details.
Let’s become part of a team where “everyone” can take on challenges and open up the future of agriculture together. Check out the insider interview here.
Company Profile
Company name: TOWING Co., Ltd.
Representative: CEO Kohei Nishida
Location: NT Lab, 7-1-2 Maehama-dori, Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 457-0058 Established: February 27, 2020
Business description: 1. Development of a next-generation crop cultivation system (Sorano)
     2. Next-generation crop cultivation system (Sorano) introduction support service
EC site:
Details about this release:


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