Toyama National College of Technology We held a workshop for “Experience creating an iPad application”

National Institute of Technology, Independent Administrative Institution [Toyama National College of Technology] We held a workshop for “Experience creating an iPad application”
A workshop to create a simple sample application will be held at the Nagano Prefectural Library on Saturday, November 12, 2022

National Institute of Technology, Toyama College (Toyama City, Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture; Principal: Yoshiaki Kunieda; hereinafter referred to as “Toyama College of Technology”) held an “iPad application creation experience course” workshop at Prefectural Nagano Library 3 It was held at Shinshu Manabi Creation Lab.
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Explaining about programming
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Creating an app
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Creating an app
As part of the GEAR5.0 project*1 in which Toyama National College of Technology participates, we will promote the development of human resources related to assistive technology (AT) and the creation of a place for collaboration where parties, supporters, and related parties gather. The purpose is that. At this workshop, we held a workshop on AT in collaboration with local stakeholders.
State of workshop
This workshop was held at Nagano National College of Technology, which is a partner school for the GEAR5.0 project. This time, we mainly experienced programming, which is the basis for creating
application-related support tools. As teaching materials for programming, they experienced creating sample apps such as a simple VOCA app, a drawing app, and a speech recognition app, which are iPad apps that are often used at schools for special needs.
In the workshop, 8 people from 7 groups of supporters and related parties, including teachers from special needs schools, participated in the workshop. I was.
It was an opportunity to touch on how to make an app that is actually used at a special needs school and deepen their understanding of how the app works.
From the participants, “I thought it would be easier, but I learned more than I expected by making it from scratch”, “I actually made it and it gave me an opportunity to come up with new functions I want” , “By experiencing it, I became interested in programming and wanted to DIY an app.” And so on.
(Reference) Let’s use ICT in special needs education – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Overview of the event
Event name: iPad application creation experience course
Date and time: November 12, 2020 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
Venue name: Prefectural Nagano Library 3rd Floor Shinshu Learning Creation Lab (1-1-4 Wakasato, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture) Location URL Participants: Parties, supporters, stakeholders, etc. involved in assistive technology (AT)
Number of people: About 10 groups (up to 2 people per group) Product: Simple VOCA app, drawing app, speech recognition app (participation fee is free)
What to bring: Writing utensils, outerwear, etc.
Organizer: Toyama National College of Technology, Nagano National College of Technology
Cooperation: Nagano Prefectural Board of Education
  :Nagano Prefectural Council of Social Welfare
Support: Toyama Prefectural Board of Education
*1 GEAR5.0 project
In the field of “nursing care/medical engineering” of “Society 5.0 future technology human resource development project/GEAR5.0” of the National Institute of Technology, “eAT-HUB concept * 2 supporting sustainable regional medical care and welfare and training of AT engineers It is a project with the theme of realizing a symbiotic society by “Kumamoto National College of Technology” as a core base school and Toyama National College of Technology as a base school. *2 eAT-HUB Concept
Conventional assistive technology (AT) is targeted In addition to mental and physical disabilities, we have established a base school for the GEAR 5.0 project with the goal of supporting the formation of a symbiotic society that targets the environment and society surrounding people with disabilities. , A plan to support the formation of a symbiotic society through the nationwide network of technical colleges.
About the GEAR5.0 project: Society50_KOSEN_GEAR5.0.pdf ( About Toyama National College of Technology
Toyama National College of Technology was established in October 2009 by integrating the Toyama National College of Technology and the Toyama National College of Merchant Marine due to the reorganization of the National College of Technology.
Our school has a total of 6 departments: 4 engineering departments (mechanical system engineering, electrical control system engineering, material and chemical engineering, electronic information
engineering), 1 humanities and social science department
(international business department), and 1 merchant shipping department (merchant ship department). It consists of an undergraduate course and an advanced course, and trains engineers, business people, and maritime engineers who are active in the world. It is also one of the leading higher education research institutions in Japan that conducts advanced research related to science, technology and the ocean.
[School Overview]
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Hongo Campus
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Imizu Campus
School name: National Institute of Technology, Toyama National College of Technology
Location: Hongo Campus 13 Hongo-cho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture Imizu Campus 1-2 Ebie Neriai, Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture
Principal: Yoshiaki Kunieda
Established: October 2009
HP: Toyama National College of Technology (
Business description: College of technology, higher educational institution [Inquiries regarding this release]
National Institute of Technology, Toyama College
Planning Office, General Affairs Division
TEL: 0766-86-5179
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~In 2022, the technical college system will celebrate its 60th anniversary~
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