Toybee Co., Ltd. Monetization of restaurant toilets, test distribution of “Toybee”, a video advertisement distribution service in private toilets, at 150 stores in Ebisu, Shibuya, and Ginza areas

Toybe Co., Ltd.
Monetization of restaurant toilets, test distribution of “Toybee”, a video advertisement distribution service in private room toilets, at 150 stores in Ebisu, Shibuya, and Ginza areas
Further expansion in the Ebisu, Nakameguro, Shibuya, Ginza, Shinbashi, and Shinjuku areas from December

Toybee Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuki Koebisawa; hereafter Toybee) provides regular supplementary income simply by installing a small digital signage in the private room toilet of a restaurant. We will plan and develop the video
advertisement “Toybee”, and test distribution will start in November 2022 at 150 stores in the Ebisu, Shibuya, and Ginza areas, and will be further expanded from December.
In the test distribution, AD plusVENTURE Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Co., Ltd.’s artist-specific audio distribution service “Artistspoken” and United Will Co., Ltd.’s dinner party, a new form of job hunting and job change activities that connects with the president. is delivering video advertisements.
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Ebisu/Shibuya/Ginza area 150 store private room toilet video ad test distribution
The Chinese restaurant in the city that I used to go to since I was a child has closed its 22-year history due to the influence of the new corona. I don’t want to increase the number of similar shops, and I wondered if there was anything I could do to contribute to
restaurants. We planned and developed the advertisement “Toybee”. From November 2022, 150 stores in the Ebisu, Shibuya, and Ginza areas will be used as monitors, and test distribution of “Toybee” will start. We are planning further expansion in the Shinjuku area.
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*Actual photo of Ram and Bubbles 2nd Eden-sama
Completely free and can be installed in restaurants
“Toybee” can be introduced in just 4 steps: Step 1: Meeting, Step 2: Filling in the application form, Step 3: Installation, and Step 4: Starting operation after receiving an inquiry on our website. In addition, there are four benefits to introducing “Toybee”. 1. Completely free
It can be introduced completely free of charge such as initial introduction fee and monthly fee.
2. No hassle
Our professional team will handle everything from installation to operation. There is no hassle at the time of introduction.
3. Extra income
You can continue to earn rewards according to the number of times your ad is displayed.
4. Your store information is well communicated
Since it is possible to distribute information about your own store, you can effectively convey information to customers in a high-quality viewing environment in a private space.
You can inquire about the introduction of “Toybee” from the link below.
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Benefits of Toybee for Advertisers
1. Posting advertisements in a high-quality viewing environment in a private space
It is said that the average use time of the private toilet is about 2 minutes. It is possible to convey your message firmly in a
high-quality viewing environment because it is a relaxing and personal space.
2. Expanding mainly in major areas of Tokyo
As Japan’s first digital signage advertisement in private toilets, it is being developed mainly in the Tokyo area. Currently, signage has been installed at restaurants in the Ebisu, Nakameguro, Ginza, and Shinbashi areas, and the area is being gradually expanded.
3. Targeting distribution that makes use of installation area and store attributes
We have introduced signage regardless of the genre of the restaurant, such as Japanese food, izakaya, Italian, and BAR. Therefore, it is possible to set distribution destinations that take advantage of installation locations and store attributes. It is possible to reach the target more accurately.
4.Advertisement distribution by motion sensor
It does not use a camera at all, it detects people based on
temperature and humidity in the same way as the automatic opening and closing sensor of the toilet seat, and counts the advertisement display and the number of times. Delivery reports for each store can also be delivered.
You can inquire about placing advertisements on Toybee from the link below.
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the next deployment
Further expansion is planned in the Ebisu, Nakameguro, Shibuya, Ginza, Shinbashi, and Shinjuku areas from December 2022. We plan to develop packages that combine Toybee and online advertising, provide brand lift surveys, and plan events for the entire Toybee installation area. We will continue to make various efforts to help restaurants and, by extension, the city.
About AD plus VENTURE Co., Ltd.
“Artistspoken” is an Audio Essay that stimulates the listener’s imagination by listening to the thoughts and feelings of artists from all walks of life who continue to create new expressions from 0 to 1. How do various artists such as film directors, architects, and photographers feel about this era, and what are they thinking about? Listening to the creative stories of such artists will also support their creative activities. Encountering new perspectives makes life a little more interesting and kinder. “Let’s listen to the voice that will change lives.”
■Company profile
[Image 5d112872-2-deb8def3fa046e472a75-4.png&s3=112872-2-ef935c9805442333cc1ff95e3cc8aca2-238x123.png
Company name: AD plus VENTURE Co., Ltd.
Business description: In-house entrepreneurship support business operated by Hakuhodo DY Holdings Established: November 5, 2010 Capital: 200,250 yen
Representative Director: Hiroo Takeda

About United Will Co., Ltd.
An HR tech company aiming to be listed in 2024. President Meshi is a direct recruiting service that directly connects job seekers and presidents. Three years after its launch, the service has grown to more than 1,000 registered presidents and over 50,000 registered users, and is still growing at a pace that is more than double that of last year.
■Company profile
[Image 6d112872-2-23ef1e497924ea6e29ef-5.jpg&s3=112872-2-e0c8dc0010d15a7ba39d72e845fe822f-1229x1229.jpg
Company name: United Will Co., Ltd.
Head office location: EBS Building 10th floor, 1-7-7 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021
Representative Director: Takumi Sasaki
Business description: Operation of the direct recruiting app “Chou Meshi” Established: December 2010
About Toybe Co., Ltd.
■Company profile
[Image 7d112872-2-84381d4754a5446bfc8d-7.jpg&s3=112872-2-0d576590e81460d1ca51a0a52250cc27-1198x688.jpg
Company name: Toybee Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 8F, Shibuya Center Place, 1-16-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, 150-0043
Representative Director: Kazuki Koebisawa
Business description: Distribution of content and advertisements to digital signage in private restrooms of restaurants, etc.
Established: October 4, 2022
For restaurants:
For advertisers/agencies

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