Toyohashi City Hall The world’s first attempt! Germany’s historic castles on Instagram live

Toyohashi City
The world’s first attempt! Germany’s historic castles on Instagram live
A must-see for those who love castles, overseas travel, and history! Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, will hold an Instagram live introducing the interior of Wolfsburg Castle, a symbol of Wolfsburg City, Germany, which is a partner city.
The official live distribution is the first in the world. Would you like to enjoy the feeling of traveling together from home?
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Toyohashi City has been conducting a staff exchange project with its partner city, Wolfsburg, Germany since 2017, and currently dispatches one staff member from Toyohashi City to Wolfsburg.
We started with the idea of ​​wanting to introduce Wolfsburg Castle, which has become a symbol of the city over 700 years of history, to the citizens of Toyohashi and all of Japan, among the many tourist attractions in Wolfsburg. project.
Based on the relationship of trust cultivated over many years of employee exchange projects, the officials of Toyohashi City and Wolfsburg City continued to negotiate tenaciously. It’s decided. In addition, a new form of international exchange has been created, such as filming Wolfsburg Castle live streaming in Toyohashi City and using it on the castle’s SNS.
On the day of the event, a 30-minute tour will be held from the outside to the inside of the castle.
Built in Renaissance style and once inhabited by aristocrats, Wolfsburg Castle is a beloved symbol of the city.
A must-see for those who love castles, travel, and history! Would you like to experience the feeling of traveling together?
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▶︎Live Stream Details◀︎
[Date and time] November 23, 2020 (holiday) 20:00-20:30 (local time 12:00-12:30) Live distribution on Instagram account (toyohashi_kokusai) of Toyohashi City Multicultural Coexistence and International Affairs Division
*At a later date, the archived video will be released on YouTube “Eejanaika Toyohashi Channel” for a limited time.
I want to see such a person! Travel lovers, castle lovers, and history lovers are also welcome.
Wolfsburg Castle means “wolf castle”. There are gardens, restaurants, museums, etc., and exhibitions and weddings are held there.
Aristocrats used to live here, so it’s a calm and comfortable space, and there’s even a hunting room decorated with stuffed wolves. Don’t miss the rare live streaming where you can see the inside of Wolfsburg Castle, which you don’t usually get a chance to see! Highlight 1: Touch Wolfsburg Castle and Wolfsburg City from Home [Image 3d25583-204-7dfb7331b3fb217f5243-2.jpg&s3=25583-204-7728fe8b9fdab50a4956cc04ed1bf84d-1000x987.jpg
Wolfsburg Castle was first mentioned in a book in 1302, 720 years ago, and has been transformed and expanded over the centuries, including by aristocrats. Currently, it is used for various purposes such as exhibitions and weddings, and there is also a beautifully arranged garden on the premises.
In 1938, the city of Wolfsburg was created for automobile
manufacturing (the Volkswagen factory).
Named at the time as a reference to the Nazi regime’s slogan KDF-Waggon (Power Through Joy), it converted from car production to a weapons factory during World War II.
In 1945, after Germany lost the war, the Allies allowed the car to be remanufactured, provided it was given a new name to replace the Nazi slogan.
The city of Wolfsburg was named after Wolfsburg Castle, which means “Wolf Castle”.
The current population of the city of Wolksburg is about 120,000. A relatively new city and also known as a city of immigrants, half of its citizens work for Volkswagen.
Sightseeing spots include Wolfsburg Castle, art galleries and museums, Autostadt (car theme park), Volkswagen Arena (home of professional football team VfL Wolfsburg), and more.
On the day of the tour, you can listen to explanations while moving from the outside to the inside of the castle together.
Now that it is still difficult to travel abroad casually, you can enjoy an extraordinary experience!
Highlight 2: Question time! Communication between viewers and local presenters is possible
In the live stream, the Wolfsburg Castle staff will explain in German, with translation into English and Japanese. A Q&A session with viewers will also be held.
Communication in English and German is also possible.
It is also attractive to be able to experience the reality of the interior, which is difficult to see, by looking at it while
communicating directly.
*If you are interested in the history of Wolfsburg, please see the live video of “My Best Germany! If you watch it in advance, it will give you a better understanding, so we recommend that you do so as well.
Now that it is difficult to go to the site due to the corona wreck, why not enjoy the feeling of traveling while watching a castle tour together at home?

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