TOYOKE Co., Ltd. Sauna facility “Shibuya Saunas” produced by Katsuki Tanaka will open on December 23, 202 2 (Friday)

TOYOKE Co., Ltd.
Sauna facility “Shibuya Saunas” produced by Katsuki Tanaka will open on Friday, December 23, 2022
2 weeks left until the deadline to recruit fans! Added return products from today |

TOYOKE Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kurando Furuya), a wellness company that produces spa facilities and plans and develops vegan food, is the first sauna facility to be produced by Katsuki Tanaka, Shibuya. We are pleased to announce that SAUNAS will open on Friday, December 23, 2022.
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01. The members show their skills in the sauna room
In general, aufgusa refers to stirring the steam emitted from the sauna stones by the roryu into the sauna room.
At Shibuya Saunas, Mr. Morohoshi, an Auf Goose entertainer belonging to K-PRO, serves as an Auf Goose Advisor, and Kentaro Shibata, who is also active as an Auf Gieser, participates as the manager of the store. In addition, Ms. Minami Sakeyama, who participated in the 2022 AUFGUSS CHAMPIONSHIP World Tournament, will perform Auf Goose as a regular member.
In addition, the facility offers a massage and relaxation treatment service called “Whisking”, which originated in Lithuania. The whisking meisters who perform this treatment are the comedians Mampei Mag and Ms. Junko Matsuda, who belong to Jinrikisha. In addition to this, Shibuya Saunas plans to carry out collaboration projects with various people for each event in the future.
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Star Moroboshi
Star Moroboshi
While being a comedian, he is also active as a heat wave master. “Star Moroboshi’s Auf Goose Academy” is also open.
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Kentaro Shibata
Kentaro Shibata
AUGUSS PROFESSIONAL TEAM belonging Aufugisa. He will serve as the manager of a popular sauna facility in Fukuoka until 2022.
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Minami Sakeyama
Minami Sakeyama
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Mag Mampei
Mag Mampei
An entertainer who loves saunas. He is also a Finnish Ambassador certified by the Finnish Tourism Board.
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Junko Matsuda
Junko Matsuda
Whisking meister and beautician. After learning Lithuanian whisking, he develops and supervises whisking menus.
02. 2 weeks left! Added crowdfunding return product lineup
From July 14, 2022 (Thursday), we have received support up to 14,597,550 yen* for crowdfunding, which is being conducted using the All-in method. *As of November 16, 2022
We have decided to add return products so that we can receive further support to achieve the target amount of 20 million yen.
[Overview of Crowdfunding]
□ Recruitment page |
□ Target amount|20,000,000 yen
□ Recruitment deadline|November 30, 2022 (Wednesday)
[Crowdfunding additional return products]
Bespoke FREDRIK PACKERS sauna bag ¥18,150 (tax included)
Sauna bag specially ordered from FREDRIK PACKERS, which is popular for its high technology and excellent design. Based on the popular model “MISSION TOTE”, we have added the essence of the sauna’s perspective. An independent inner bag that can hold wet items (you can go to a sauna or public bath as it is, and it can also be used as a cold bag), a slit for a laptop, and a 1000 denier cordura nylon outer fabric that is familiar to FREDRIK PACKERS. It is a bag full of attention to detail such as a shoulder that is easy to adjust the length. *This item is a Kurafan limited color.
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Bespoke FREDRIK PACKERS sauna bag ¥18,150 (tax included)
Sauna proverb L/ST shirt ¥6,200 (tax included) 3 colors
I tried to incorporate a proverb related to saunas into the design. *This item is a Kurafan limited color.
All people are created equal but nowhere more so than in sauna (All humans are equal, but there is no better place than a sauna.) A sauna without a birch whisk is like food without salt
(A sauna without a whisk is like cooking without salt.)
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(Front) Sauna proverb L/S T-shirt ¥6,200 (tax included) 3 colors [Image 10

(Back) Sauna proverb L/S T-shirt ¥6,200 (tax included) 3 colors Sauna Stone L/S T-shirt ¥6,200 (tax included)
Sauna stone photo print design. I tried to shoot the sauna stone as cool as possible.
*This item is a Kurafan limited color.
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Sauna Stone L/S T-shirt ¥6,200 (tax included)
Logo hoodie ¥7,800 (tax included) 3 colors
A hoodie with the same design as the logo T-shirt. Light ounce and pile lining, so it can be worn for a long time and can be worn for 3 seasons.
*This item is a Kurafan limited color.
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Logo hoodie ¥7,800 (tax included) 3 colors
Hat ¥4,500 (tax included) 2 colors
A simple bucket hat with a simple embroidered logo mark. It is a casual hat that is easy to wear with a slightly rough texture. *This item is a Kurafan limited color.
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Shopping bag (recycled material) ¥3,300 (tax included) 2 colors 03. Shibuya SAUNAS Facility Overview
□ Opening date | Scheduled for December 23, 2022 (Friday)
□ Structure|S construction, 3 floors above ground
□ Location|18-9 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
□ Admission fee|Weekdays: 2,800 yen (3,080 yen including tax) / Weekends and holidays: 3,500 yen (3,850 yen including tax)
□ Business hours|8:00~24:00
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About Katsuki Tanaka
The original author of the work “Sado”, which is so popular that it is called the “Bible” for sauna enthusiasts. In 2019, “Mangasa Road” was made into a drama on TV Tokyo’s “Drama 25”, and “Totou” became a buzzword.
Born in Osaka in 1966. Debuted as a manga artist in 1985.
In addition to “Sado”, his books include “Ossu! Tonko-chan”, “Bakadrill” co-authored with Seiichi Ameku, and the inventor of the capsule toy “Cup no Fuchiko”. Certified sauna ambassador of the Japan Sauna and Spa Association.
[Image 17d70556-3-db999586bb1f856d9eda-3.jpg&s3=70556-3-6009a2d3f3a9390d2ef33ed4b19ba8b5-800x430.jpg
TOYOKE is a wellness company that creates items and services that keep the mind and body healthy in modern life and create items and services that will keep the society, environment, and the future of the earth around us happy.
The name TOYOKE is derived from Toyouke Okami, the goddess of food and grain that appears in Japanese mythology.
It was named with the idea that “rich food brings a rich life.” Specific initiatives include plant-based food products and the production of spa facilities. Through food and retreats, we provide wellness experiences that help you live better.
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