Toyonaka City Digitizing children’s support notebooks, making communication tools for developmental support more convenient

Toyonaka City
Digitalization of children’s support notebooks Making contact tools for developmental support more convenient

Toyonaka City is promoting the Urban Innovation Toyonaka project, which aims to solve regional issues in collaboration with private businesses that have flexible ideas and excellent technical
capabilities. Five projects were selected this year. As one of them, we will collaborate with LAC Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) to conduct a “demonstration experiment for the digitization of children’s support notebooks.”
* Support notebook: A notebook distributed by the city to record the growth history and support progress so far, as a tool to ensure continuous support for children and persons with disabilities who request it.
Outline of demonstration experiment for digitalization of child support notebook Implementation period
November 21 (Mon) to November 29 (Tue), 2022
We will make it easier to share information on children who need nursing care among families and supporters (schools, children’s centers, child development support, after-school day services, etc.). content
We will develop a prototype of the digital support notebook, and verify its practicality through trials of the prototype by supporters and interviews.
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