Toyonaka City Toyono area 3 cities and 2 towns joint disaster drill

Toyonaka City
3 cities and 2 towns in the Toyono area jointly conduct disaster drills
Toyonaka City, Minoh City, Ikeda City, Toyono Town, and Nose Town, three cities and two towns in the Toyono District, conducted a joint disaster prevention drill on Monday, November 21st.
This drill has been held every year since 2001, with the aim of confirming the situation and responses of local governments in the event of a disaster.
This time, assuming one week after the occurrence of a large-scale earthquake in the North Osaka area, we conducted a map simulation of the Disaster Response Headquarters under conditions where aftershocks continue.
Overview of the joint disaster drill
Date: November 21, 2020 (Monday) 14:00-16:00
◆ Venue: Toyonaka City Hall 2nd Government Building 3rd Floor Large Conference Room (Each municipality conducts in its own conference room and broadcasts online)
◆Summary of assumed disaster (assuming the same scale as the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake)
Date and time of disaster: April 16 (Sat) 1:25 am (Training date: April 22 (Fri) 2:15 pm)
Type of earthquake: Inland earthquake (magnitude 7.2)
Epicenter: Northern Osaka Prefecture
Weather conditions on the day of the disaster: weather: cloudy temperature: maximum 25 degrees / minimum 16 degrees
Maximum seismic intensity for each municipality: Upper 6
◆ Assumed damage in each municipality
“As shown in the diagram below.”
[Image 1d78420-348-f077dba192c570cb0efb-0.png&s3=78420-348-af2036841fbe114441f785e3be3ef982-776x245.png
[Image 2d78420-348-01a63186436df5a9f05c-1.jpg&s3=78420-348-dbe56db69b9de05ab3f894c836b038ab-600x401.jpg

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