Toyosu Co., Ltd. We will release a congratulatory rice cracker with the motif of the 2023 zodiac “U” (rabb it).

Toyosu Co., Ltd.
We will release a congratulatory okaki with the motif of the 2023 zodiac “U” (rabbit).
Zodiac okaki popular every year as a lucky charm to color the New Year
Toyosu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Masahiko Sanada) will launch “Zodiac Okaki (U)” on November 23, 2022 in the brand “Araretoyoshi”, which is mainly developed in department stores. It will be on sale from (Wednesday) for a limited time.
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A classic New Year’s gift that has been loved by fans for many years This year’s zodiac okaki is in the shape of the rabbit, the zodiac of 2023. The rabbit has been popular as a symbol of “leap” and “improvement” because of its jumping appearance. The design, in which two rabbits are happily pounding rice cakes, also includes the idea that “by working together to make it, we will share the joy and have a happy new year.” Toyosu Co., Ltd. sells okaki for all the Chinese zodiac every year. Zodiac Okaki (U) is available in two types: votive tablet and box type. This is a popular item with some people looking forward to seeing the designs that change every year and having all the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. It can be used widely as an auspicious gift.
Product commitment
The soy sauce okaki with the motif of the rabbit, the Chinese zodiac for 2023, is based on white soy sauce instead of dark soy sauce, with the image of a cute “white rabbit”. The taste of traditional okaki with a firm texture and a slight sweetness. Its nostalgic taste is also a point that will continue to be loved for many years.
“Pyon!” The silhouette of the rabbit, which looks like it’s jumping, has been made into a soft and cute form by sticking to complicated die-cutting that is difficult to do with okaki. In addition, the package contains a story related to the zodiac, so you can enjoy it even after you eat it.
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                  ▲Zodiac Okaki (U) (12 pieces) 1,296 yen (tax included) [Image 3

                 ▲Zodiac okaki (U) (6 pieces) 648 yen (tax included)
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