TPN Co., Ltd. The grand opening of the laundry cafe “Hyukyo Coffee” on the 1st floor lobby floor of the ho tel “Sensuikaku” in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture!

Tape N Co., Ltd.
The grand opening of the laundry cafe “Hyukyo Coffee” on the 1st floor lobby floor of the hotel “Sensuikaku” in Sano City, Tochigi

TPN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture,
Representative Director Hirokazu Moro), a subsidiary of the Associe Group, has recently opened a laundry cafe “Hyusato Coffee” ( Hidesato Coffee) will open on November 16th (Wednesday).
At the café “Hyukyo Coffee”, bread is baked every day in the large oven inside the store, and in addition to taking it home, you can toast the freshly made bread with your favorite luxury toaster (Balmuda, Delonghi, Aladdin, etc.). You can also enjoy it with jam. In addition, since it is a cafe in the hotel, at lunchtime, we will also offer the hotel chef’s homemade beef stew bread and gratin bread set. We are planning a delivery service for bread to everyone in the area in the future.
For coffee, we pursue a particular flavor and richness, and grind the beans after receiving an order. In addition, the water used for brewing the coffee is local water from Kanma, Sano City, giving it a smooth and mellow taste.
You can enjoy a relaxing time with coffee in a green space full of cozy real plants.
The laundry area is also located on the 1st floor lobby floor, and there are many large machines available for use by non-guests. The concept is to wash your clothes in a slightly luxurious mood while drinking coffee.
Hidesato Coffee is named after Hidesato Fujiwara, the builder of Karasawa Castle in Karasawa, Sano City.
TapeN Co., Ltd.
Hotel Sensuikaku
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-Laundry Cafe Hidesato Coffee-
● Address: 316 Narahuchicho, Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture
12 tables 35 seats, counter 8 seats
●Laundry machine
Dryer 25kg 2 units, 14kg 8 units
Washer/dryer 15kg x 2, 12kg x 1
2 units for shoes
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