Training for nursery teachers “That’s why childcare is interesting!

Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai
[Training for nursery teachers] “That’s why childcare is interesting! Conveying tips to make childcare more enjoyable under the theme of “dialogue with children”

Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai (Corporate Headquarters: Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture; Chairman: Kotaro Maeda), which operates childcare facilities and provides welfare services for people with disabilities, will hold open online training for nursery teachers and nursery facility operators in 2022. It will be held on December 10th and February 18th, 2023. The lecturer will be Kazunaga Aoki, a corporate vice president and Ph.D.
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Lemonkai is a social welfare corporation that is working on
child-centered childcare practice, “childcare that connects children” at childcare facilities such as Raymond Nursery School and Lemonko Nursery School.
“Child-led connected childcare” is childcare practice based on a project approach, in which the child finds and deepens what they want to know and try, rather than being led by the childcare provider. This will nurture children’s cognitive and non-cognitive abilities, as well as connect them to elementary school.
There are various tricks to putting this kind of childcare into practice, such as how to interact with children, how to configure the environment, and how to develop activities. Therefore, from 2020, Lemonkai will implement round-trip training. The staff who took the course said, “Childcare has become more fun!”
Based on the idea that “childcare is interesting and I want many people to feel its charm to the fullest,” this training will be held as an open training so that it can be delivered to as many people as possible who are involved in childcare. I have decided.
[Course content]
In order to draw out children’s independence, it is important to create a place for dialogue and the ability of childcare workers to “ask questions.”
This time, with the theme of “dialogue with children”, which is the starting point, we will deepen our understanding of “circle time” and “questions” and acquire practical skills.
・Nursery teachers, nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers
・Staff at child care facilities
・Facility operators such as the director
・Students aiming to become nursery teachers
・Nursery teacher training school teacher
[Date/Time/Registration] * Same content for both dates
Saturday, December 10, 2022 10:00-11:00 (60 minutes)
Saturday, February 18, 2023 10:00-11:00 (60 minutes)
【 venue 】
Online delivery (Zoom webinar)
【 Entry fee 】
3,000 yen per person / Free for students
【 Teacher 】
[Image 2d84175-22-227c4991f8401995b571-1.jpg&s3=84175-22-026312b35711a10aa4400a0376be61ea-384x384.jpg
Aoki Kazunaga
Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai Vice Chairman, PhD (Pedagogy) Part-time lecturer at Osaka Comprehensive Nursery School
After graduating from university, worked as a national civil servant. After that, he joined the social welfare corporation Lemonkai, and after serving as the director of the kindergarten, he assumed his current position. He started attending graduate school when he was the director, and obtained a doctorate degree in 2019. In addition to managing facilities nationwide and training staff as vice chairman, he also provides guidance to students, gives lectures, and trains overseas childcare workers as a part-time university lecturer. 2015 Japan Early Childhood Education Society Newcomer Award
“Childcare becomes fun from the perspective of 3 steps! Connected childcare start BOOK-supporting exploration through project approach-” Main paper
“Research on Improving Understanding of Infants and Children in Childcare Practices -Through Efforts to Describe Episodes-”
“Study on Childcare Content Conception Process of Childcare Workers -Utilizing Double-Track Equivalence Modeling (TEM)-”
“Current status of ICT introduction in public kindergartens in Shenzhen, China” and others
Recent conference presentations
“Questioning the way childcare workers should be in the practice of SDGs/ESD” “Practice and Possibilities of Reciprocal Training for Childcare Workers Utilizing Online -Challenge Born from the Covid-19 Pandemic-” (74th Japan Society of Childcare Sciences Oral Presentation) ■ Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai
In addition to childcare facilities such as Raymond Nursery School, we operate preschools, child development support projects, and
after-school children’s clubs at 79 facilities nationwide. With the slogan “Beyond the question”, we aim to create an environment where both children and adults can learn proactively, interactively, and deeply. In addition, we will focus on welfare projects for people with disabilities, such as employment transition support projects. It has a corporate headquarters in Wakayama Prefecture, and headquarters in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nara, and conducts welfare projects in 11
Corporate name: Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai
Representative: Kotaro Maeda, Chairman
Corporate headquarters: 240 Kowada, Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture Established: February 2007
Number of employees: 1376 (as of April 1, 2022)
Business description: Operation of childcare facilities (certified childcare center, licensed nursery school, designated management of public nursery school, licensed small-scale childcare business, company-led childcare business), preschool operation, after-school children’s club business, child development support business, employment transition support business, work continuation support business (type A), communal living support business
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