Transpect Co., Ltd. General sales of room camping items “Table Fire Pit” & “Hammock Chair” that create your own special “home time” relaxing with flames are now on sale.

Transpect Co., Ltd.
General sales of room camping items “Table Fire Pit” & “Hammock Chair” that create your own special “home time” relaxing with flames are now on sale.
[Released on November 15, 2022] Easy to use camping essential items anytime! Flickering flame interior “Table Fire Pit” & special seat “Hammock Chair” where you can relax

Transspect Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroki Kobayashi), which operates the outdoor brand 4 SPRING, has started selling new products “Table Fire Pit” & “Hammock Chair”. . Pre-order sold out before release!!
In the pre-order campaign that preceded the release, the first 100 hammock chairs were sold out immediately, and pre-orders for the next production are now being accepted.
For those who want to easily enjoy camping at any time, the 4SPRING official website, some home appliances, has a “table fire pit” where you can enjoy the bonfire, which is a staple of camping, in your room, and a foldable “hammock chair” that realizes a higher level of comfort. Available at mass retailers and some outdoor stores. table fire pit
hammock chair
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4SPRING “Table Fire Pit” & “Hammock Chair”
Simple yet full-fledged usability
As a result of thinking about “What items are necessary to easily reproduce the extraordinary experience of camping in a room?”, we arrived at a table fire pit and a hammock chair.
The table fire pit where you can enjoy a full-fledged flame creates a feeling of camping just by pouring bioethanol fuel into the burner cup and igniting it.
The hammock chair, which has a fun feeling of floating, can be stored compactly and can be assembled in just 90 seconds.
You can easily carry it anywhere and enjoy it.
[Image 2

4SPRING “Table Fire Pit” & “Hammock Chair”

About the table fire pit
If there is a flat place indoors or outdoors, it can be used regardless of the scene or location.
The palm size makes it easy to carry, so you can easily enjoy the flames not only in the living room and bedroom, but also on the veranda and outdoors.
[Image 3

Flickering flame interior table fire pit
Structure with enhanced safety
Because the interior uses fire, the burner cup has a triple structure that maximizes heat loss.
As a result of considering fire resistance, durability, and thermal conductivity, we pursue safety by adopting the optimum cement material.
Even though it is made of cement material, it is lightweight at 1.6 kg, so it can be easily carried by children and women.
[Image 4

The table fire pit has a triple structure
Simple usage & maintenance
Easy to use and intuitive to use.
Just 2 steps to pour bioethanol fuel and ignite, you can enjoy the flame immediately.
There is a dedicated fire extinguishing snuffer, so no special maintenance is required after extinguishing or using.
Capacity to fully enjoy the flame
The maximum capacity of the burner cup in the table fire pit is about 125ml. You can enjoy the flame for about 1.5 to 2 hours by filling the tank with fuel. *Burning time varies depending on the environment.
It is said that the flickering flame has a “1/f fluctuation effect”. Moving phenomena in nature, such as the babbling of a river or the movement of clouds, can be seen unconsciously while attracting attention, so they are also useful for mindfulness, meditation, and concentration. Not only can you enjoy it alone, but you can also enjoy the flickering flames with your loved ones.
[Image 5

The table fire pit can also be used for mindfulness & meditation. design
The chic and deep black body with matte coating blends in with any room, including luxury, urban, natural, and West Coast taste. By adopting a hard silicon material on the back of the legs, it has a shape that prevents it from falling over and does not damage the floor.
[Image 6

The legs on the back of the table fire pit are made of hard silicone that does not damage the floor.
Enjoy while considering the environment
The table fire pit is a tabletop fireplace exclusively for bioethanol fuel. For the future, you can enjoy the flame while using a new fuel that limits CO2 emissions as much as possible.
[Image 7

4SPRING (bioethanol fuel for table fire pit)
Do not pollute the usage scene
By using bioethanol fuel, you can enjoy a clean table fire pit that does not emit odors, soot, stains, or carbon monoxide emissions. About the hammock chair
It can be used in a variety of situations, such as indoor and outdoor relaxation, belamping, outdoor activities, and chairing.
It is a simple assembly type that can be used immediately when you want to use it, and even beginners can assemble it in about 90 seconds. A storage bag is also included for easy carrying.
[Image 8

4SPRING (hammock chair)
The comfort of a hammock
Reproducing the shape of a hammock, it provides a sense of security and comfortable shaking.
The belt can be automatically adjusted and reclining just by falling backwards and getting up forwards. The metal fittings of the handle are cover specifications. It is a safe design that does not pinch your fingers.
I aimed for a chair that doesn’t get tired even when sitting for a long time. The high bag design on the backrest supports the upper body, and the wide seat surface makes it large enough for adult men to sit comfortably. I made it a structure that makes it difficult to feel stress on the body.
By adopting a pillow that fits the soft neck, it fits well on the neck and reduces stress.
In order to improve the fit of the neck, the cotton material and capacity uses 100g of polyester cotton filling for the pillow, so you can relax comfortably.
[Image 9

The hammock chair pursues comfort.
light and strong material
I wanted strength that I could carry anywhere and leave my body. The frame uses aluminum alloy A6061, which is used for automobile parts. It is lightweight, strong, rust-resistant and
corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use.
The leg frame, which bears the heaviest weight, achieves a static load capacity of approximately 150 kg by distributing the weight with two pipes.
[Image 10

The hammock chair is suitable for any occasion
Freestanding & compact storage
Since it is free-standing, no special environment or tools are required to hang the chair. Can be placed anywhere.
It can be easily used indoors, such as in the living room, as well as outdoors.

Product Summary
[Product name] 4 SPRING table fire pit
[Sales price] 8,800 yen (tax included)
[Color] Black
[Size] Diameter 13 cm x Height 10.2 cm
[Material] Body: cement, accessories: stainless steel
[Product weight] about 1600g
[Product name] 4 SPRING hammock chair
[Price] 19,800 yen (tax included)
[Color] Melange Gray
[Size] Width 97 cm x Depth 83 cm x Height 100 cm (unfolded) Width 60 cm x Depth 18 cm x Height 18 cm (storage
[Material] Aluminum alloy (frame), polyester Oxford 600D (seat) [Product weight] about 3400g (with storage bag)
4 About SPRING
[Image 12d74970-12-c5ed0f594594e9dcf357-2.png&s3=74970-12-b13564d69860dc9163ced60a7cea3cd0-800x433.png
Make outdoor activities more freely and more interesting. 4 SPRING is an outdoor brand from Tokyo that proposes easy and new outdoor experiences.
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