Triumph Motorcycles Japan Co., Ltd. Ivan Cervantes conquers the 1000 DUNAS RAID hardtail category!!

Triumph Motorcycles Japan Co., Ltd.
Ivan Cervantes wins the 1000 DUNAS RAID hardtail category!!

Triumph off-road rider Ivan Cervantes (hereafter referred to as Ivan Cervantes) scored 95.5% of the total points across seven stages of the 1000 Dunas race in Morocco.
Competed in the Tiger 900 Rally Pro and won the Hard Trail category with 1390 out of 1455 total points.
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Yvan, riding the same Tiger 900 Rally Pro that won the Trail category at Baja Aragon in July, demonstrated his mental strength and Tiger’s leading edge in this highly technical and difficult seven-day, 1500km rally. I showed the performance of the class.
Tiger’s racing record continues to grow, with Aled Price and Vanessa Ruck also riding Tiger 900 Rally Pros to complete the 1000 Dunas in the same hard trail category as Ivan.
Vanessa became the first female rider to complete an adventure bike. Triumph enthusiast and mechanic JOSU OROZCO added a much-deserved feat by coming in on a 10-year-old Tiger 800 XC that he had prepared himself for the race, finishing 3rd in the trail category.
The 1000 Dunas Ride is a physical and mental test of riders’ endurance, concentration and ability to navigate terrain to extremes. The 66 riders who took part in the 2022 event tackled some of North Africa’s most epic terrain, completing long stages in heat and dust, including the Recam highlands, the endless slopes of Buala and the Erg dunes of Merzouga. did.
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Congratulations to all four Tiger riders and the teams that supported them from Triumph officials and Tiger fans around the world
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Ivan Cervantes – “It was an incredible adventure of 1,500km. We encountered gravel, sand, mud, rocks, river crossings and every terrain imaginable, but the Tiger 900 Rally Pro did it perfectly. It worked, there were no issues, we were able to prove the Tiger’s capabilities, and it was thanks to Triumph Spain’s constant support that we were able to focus on achieving the best results during the rally. ”
General Classification – 1000 Dunas Raid 2022
Elite Category (max 2660 points)
[Table 6: ]
Pro Category (max 2660 points)
[Table 7: ]
Adventure Category (max 1455 points)
[Table 8: ]
Hard Trail Category (max 1455 points)
[Table 9: ]
Trail Category (max 1455 points)
[Table 10: ]


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