Try Group Co., Ltd. At the “Online LIVE Summer Course” held in the summer of 2022, the Tri Group will offe r new “VR” and “SDGs” special classes for free, and record a class satisfaction rate of 4.84/5*!

Tri Group Co., Ltd.
At the “Online LIVE Summer Course” held in the summer of 2022, the Tri Group will offer new “VR” and “SDGs” special classes for free, and record a class satisfaction level of 4.84/5*!
Continuing from the past, 1. Top-notch instructors 2. Large number of courses 3. Nationwide participation type 4. “Moving” teaching materials are very popular

Tri Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yurie Hirata) will hold an “Online LIVE Summer Course” from July 25th (Monday) to August 31st (Wednesday), 2022. The course has started. We provide high-quality classes for students from the 4th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of high school. In addition, hands-on classes using “VR” and special classes on “SDGs” were provided free of charge, and the overall class satisfaction score was 4.84/5*, exceeding that of 2021.
[Image 1

Last summer, Try launched an “Online LIVE Summer Course” with the aim of creating the nation’s No. 1 online education service. We offer a total of 350 high-quality classes in the form of “Completely Online x Completely Free x LIVE Classes”.
In general summer courses, there are many issues such as “high tuition fees”, “one-way classes with differences in understanding”, and “disparities in instructor levels”. Try, which is seriously working on this, has introduced a participatory “online class” early in the education industry where DX is lagging behind.
In this way, Tri Group, as a leading company in education, is taking on various challenges to realize a society where “the best education is available to everyone.” “Online LIVE summer course” will be held again this year, and 250 classes will be provided completely free of charge. New hands-on classes using “VR” and classes on “SDGs” were also held, which were well received by many people following last year.
[Table 3: ]
The “Special VR Class”, where you can feel as if you were actually there, and the “SDGs Special Class”, an ESD education program that is attracting a lot of attention internationally. While opportunities for outings and hands-on experiences are decreasing due to the corona crisis, the special online participatory class that allows you to experience real things while staying at home was very popular.

“VR Special Class”
In addition to subjects such as science and social studies, where the content of “VR special lessons” is easy to imagine, we also held VR special lessons such as Japanese.
For elementary school students / Japanese language “Word hunt at hot spots!”: We went to Kamakura and Komachi Street in VR and learned words and kanji from shop signs.
*The following is an example of the slides used in the “VR (hands-on) special class”.
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

* At the same time as the above materials, students will watch VR images on tablet devices.

■ “VR special class” where you can experience real learning
 The “VR (experience-based) special class” using VR videos and Zoom provided a sense of realism as if you were there, and provided learning that could be experienced online in a real way.
In this class, a professional lecturer gave a live lecture while using a 360-degree video. Specifically, with the theme of nature and cross-cultural exchange, we have realized a class where you can go to places you can’t usually go and meet people you can’t meet by using VR. Through learning experiences that cannot be obtained from textbooks and materials alone, you can increase your desire to explore and interest in scientific phenomena.
We have realized a new form of education as a lecture that changes the conventional experience class and, by extension, the common sense of educational culture.
■ Voices of participants
(5th grade) It was fun to be able to teach in VR for the first time. The teacher was also a bright person, and I want to receive it again! (Junior high school 3rd grade) It was fun to know “why?” in everyday life! I thought it would be nice if I could find out the “why?” myself and find out! I’m looking forward to next time!
(High school student) I enjoyed studying in the VR world! I was not good at physics, but I realized that physics was directly connected to my life, so I decided to try harder!

“SDGs Special Class”
For high school students / “We can change the marine environment”: We learned about marine pollution and fish catch problems, and discussed what we can do today to solve the problems.
*The following is an example of the slides used in the “SDGs Special Class”. [Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

■ “SDGs special class” for students all over the country to think about In the “SDGs Special Class”, a specialist lecturer was invited to give an overview of the “17 global goals” of the SDGs. Let’s protect” was picked up. By knowing the goals to be achieved for each of them and learning about the problems occurring on the earth, classes are held to think about measures and actions to build a sustainable world. Although there are many opportunities to learn about the SDGs, there are few opportunities to “think and act on your own.” In this class, we posed questions and provided students with an opportunity to think about what they can do for the world. Because it was a live online class, students from all over the country were able to connect, exchange opinions, and learn about diverse ideas.
■ Voices of participants
(6th grade elementary school) The teacher’s class was very helpful, and he immediately read the comments I sent on Zoom, so I was able to feel the contents close to me. It was a lot of fun!
(Junior high school 2nd grade) In the class about the sea of ​​SDGs, I was able to learn and think about how much Japan should cherish the sea and what I can do! I hope I have the opportunity to receive it again.
(3rd year high school student) I was told SDGs many times at school, but I didn’t have time to think about the content, causes, and solutions, etc., so it was interesting.

[Table 4: ]
“Online LIVE Summer Course 2022” includes not only the special classes “VR” and “SDGs” newly provided from this year, but also the following from the beginning of the course: 1. Superlative instructors and talent instructors 2. Overwhelming number of courses 3. Nationwide Participatory Class 4. There are four points, such as intuitively understandable “moving” teaching materials. Therefore, you can deepen your understanding of the learning content in overwhelmingly easy-to-understand classes.
These points were well received, and the overall class satisfaction score was 4.84/5*, which surpassed last year’s.
[Image 10d89367-18-ed8907e505e9559578bd-9.jpg&s3=89367-18-e03467a490e90a70c177f24fe241d203-1280x720.jpg

Overview of “Online LIVE Summer Course 2022”
Period: Monday, July 25, 2022 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Name: Online LIVE Summer Course
Target: 4th grade elementary school to 3rd grade high school, high school graduates
Number of subjects: 12 elementary school courses, 14 junior high school courses, 22 high school courses
Number of classes provided free of charge: Total 260 classes (250 classes, 6 VR special classes, 4 SDGs special classes)
Class satisfaction: 4.84/5 points*
Voice of participants
(6th grade) I didn’t understand at first, but the teacher taught me and I was able to solve the problem very smoothly! thank you very much!
(Junior high school 1st grade) The teacher’s class was interesting, and I became more interested in science!
(2nd year high school student) It was so much fun! No more worries about studying for exams. thank you very much!
* Class satisfaction is the average value of the 5-point evaluation of the questionnaire conducted for the 2022 “Online LIVE Summer Course” participants.

About Tri Group
The Tri Group’s corporate philosophy is “People are taught by people. People are nurtured by people.” As a leading company in the education industry, TRY has continued to focus on the education of “people”. We are developing an educational business for children, an English conversation fitness business for young children, and even a collaborative business with governments and local governments nationwide.
And, by utilizing the network of “people” that the Tri Group has built and the track record and know-how of teaching 1.2 million people, we will develop new educational services that make full use of online and AI, and become Japan’s No. 1 educational DX company. Aim for

List of Main Businesses and Services of Tri Group
1. No. 1 in the number of tutor students in Japan * 1 “Try for tutors” 2. Number of directly managed classrooms nationwide No. 1 * 2 “Try individual classrooms”
3. Triplus, a community-based cram school that is strong in regular tests and exams
4. “Try Shiki High School”, a correspondence high school support school that supports college admission from school refusal and withdrawal
5. The shortest course to medical school “Tri-style medical school pass” 6. Medical Preparatory School “Integra”
7. “Trial programming class” where you can enjoy programming 8. “Adult tutor” that responds to adults’ “want to learn”
9. Former Professionals and Active Athletes Guidance “Professional Sports Tutoring Trials”
10. America’s No. 1 English conversation fitness for children “MyGym” 11.Public-private partnership type educational project “administrative project” 12. Comprehensive staffing service “Try@resource”
13. Intensive training in a short period of time “Try-style training camp” 14. Eiken learning service “Eiken passing course” in partnership with Obunsha 15. Complete one-on-one guidance by a “personal trainer for exams” “Personal program to pass a difficult university”
16.129 “First choice school pass guarantee course” that realizes university admission
17. Complete one-on-one interactive class “Online Tutoring School” 18. “Preparatory school” in digital space “Online LIVE group cram school” 19. “Online LIVE Seasonal Course” where you can take live classes from professional instructors for free
20. High-quality video learning “Try IT” for 0 yen forever
㉑ High-speed and high-precision learning diagnosis “Diagnostic AI” utilizing cutting-edge AI technology
㉒ AI carefully selects the questions necessary to pass the desired university “entrance exam question AI”
㉓”Online study camp” where you can take intensive measures by grade and level in a short period of time
㉔ “Online coaching” where a full-time coach manages and navigates weekly learning
㉕Self-study room/question room in digital space “Online self-study space” * 1 No. 1 national tutor and student enrollment June 10, 2020 Sankei Medix research
*2 Number of directly operated classrooms, based on research by Nissan Medix on May 20, 2016.

Company Profile
Company name: Try Group Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-10-3 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072 Representative: Yurie Hirata, Representative Director

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