TS TECH Co., Ltd. Held “Next-Generation Vehicle Interior Space Presentation”

TS TECH Co., Ltd.
“Next-generation vehicle interior space presentation” held
– A new mobile space conceived by TS TECH –

TS TECH Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, President: Masanari Yasuda, hereinafter “TS TECH”) will hold a next-generation vehicle exhibition at the Tokyo International Forum on November 18, 2022 (Friday). We held a “next-generation vehicle interior space presentation” to propose a new vehicle interior space in anticipation.
Automobiles are undergoing major changes due to technological advances such as electrification and autonomous driving. We believe that this change will not simply change the structure of automobiles, but will also change the way people spend their time in the car, and greatly change the value of travel time itself.
TS TECH, which proposes the entire vehicle interior space centered on automobile seats, is conducting research and development of a new vehicle interior space targeting this next-generation vehicle. In this event, we will use the “XR Cabin”, which is a fusion of car seats and VR technology jointly developed with Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.
(hereinafter “Alps Alpine”), to create an unprecedented interior space and a new way to spend time there. I suggested time.
XR Cabin

[Image 1

By combining TS TECH’s automotive interior product development and manufacturing technology centered on seats with Alps Alpine’s in-vehicle HMI technology, we have realized the next-generation vehicle interior space we envision.
With car seats and VR technology, we propose a new travel time that has never existed before.
[Function introduction]
The interior of the car, which used to be a space for moving around, is transformed into a space that creates more comfort and excitement than anywhere else, with a cabin where “people and cars” and “people and people” can become one.
We will introduce some of the next-generation vehicle interior spaces that we propose.
[Image 2

■ Main features
・Relaxation sheet
・High-efficiency/rapid heating air conditioning for EVs
・Zone sound system
・Stealth switch that combines design and function
・Touch switches for intuitive operation, etc.
[Image 3

In the future, we will propose the optimal seat arrangement and various functions according to the scene in the car, where the driver will be freed from driving. changes to
State-of-the-art technology in XR Cabin
[Image 4

・Rapid heating air conditioning seat
・Inexpensive air-conditioning seat
・Sound & vibration HMI sheet
・Door HMI “Stealth Switch”
・Health Care Seat
・Sustainable seats
・Free space seat arrangement proposal

[Image 5

The video of the day of the presentation and details of the exhibits will be released on our website in early December.
Company Profile
Company name:
TS TECH Co., Ltd. [Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market Securities Code: 7313] Established:
December 5, 1960
Representative Director and President Masanari Yasuda
4,700 million yen
main office:
3-7-27 Sakaemachi, Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture 351-0012
Business description:
Manufacture and sale of automobile seats, automobile interior parts, motorcycle seats, motorcycle resin parts, etc.

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