TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd. First held / “Event Koshien 2022” where high school students create their own exciteme nt as an event The winning and runner-up teams have been decided! Start toward realization

TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd.
“Event Koshien 2022”, where high school students turn their excitement into an event for the first time, the winning and runner-up teams have been decided! Start toward realization
Joint project by Ashita no Terakoya, TSP Taiyo and CCCMK Holdings

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Ashita no Terakoya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo, Hokkaido; President: Yusuke Shimamoto); TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; President: Kago Ikezawa); CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) , President: Yoshinori Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as “CCCMKHD”) held “Event Koshien 2022” for the first time as a subsidized project of the Mitsubishi Mirai Development Foundation, where high school students turn their excitement into an event. We are pleased to inform you that the online presentation screening will be held on Sunday, October 16, 2022, and the winner and runner-up will be decided. The winner was Future Time (Hakodate City, Hokkaido) with “Let’s change! Hakodate and yourself on the streetcar! The future!” proposed. The runner-up was a 5th grade junior high school student (Sapporo, Hokkaido), “Change the world with your actions! SDGs RPG!” . These two organizations will work to realize the event after January 2023 based on the activity support money they have obtained (1 million yen for the winner, 500,000 yen for the runner-up).
■ What is “Event Koshien”?
[Philosophy] Don’t let your imagination end with delusions. Create! [Overview] Individuals or groups plan and enter events that can attract third parties. The top two teams that have passed the final screening will use professional escort support (planning and implementation consulting about once a month, introduction of personal connections, etc.) and activity support funds, aiming to hold the event after January 2023.
[Activity support money] Winning team 1 million yen, runner-up team 500,000 yen [Target] Individuals or groups (high school students, etc.) aged 15 to 18 nationwide
[Event official website] https://eventkoushien.studio.site/
[Organizer] Ashita no Terakoya Co., Ltd.
[Cooperation] TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd., CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Implementation schedule]
 Applications started on August 12 (approximately 100 entries)  September 17 Event Planning Workshop (TSP Taiyo)
[Image 2d56254-55-adb5b40d2039eed50879-1.jpg&s3=56254-55-86f11c630ca41dc53a811e40b2ab1b42-1280x720.jpg
 September 18 Marketing (customer attraction) workshop (CCCMKHD) [Image 3d56254-55-3a5fa2c36996ef9f4688-2.jpg&s3=56254-55-39c13c277bd832df68c50a9df75f81f5-1280x720.jpg
 September 31st deadline for submission of project documents (applications by 21 teams)
 October 3rd ~Notification of the results of the first screening  October 16 Second screening (presentation/question-and-answer), top 2 teams determined
[Image 4d56254-55-3ce2681d6400bffa12d0-3.jpg&s3=56254-55-6b55d28e9af0eedf5fb155067df841ce-1280x720.jpg
■ “Event Koshien” cooperating companies and judges (titles omitted)  ● TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd.
  ○ Yoshigo Ikezawa: President and Representative Director
  ○ Shojiro Kasahara: Sales Manager, Produce Division
  ○ Yohei Yamamoto: Business start
  ○ Kyoko Kotozuka: Producer Division Producer Room
 ● CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd.
○ Keita Masuda: Director
○ Daiki Ishii: Business Planning Div General Manager
○ Teppei Hisatomi: Business Planning Div Strategic Planning Unit 1 Unit Leader ○ Moriri Sato: Business Planning Div Strategic Planning Unit 2 ■ Groups that passed the 1st round and project titles (in order of announcement in the 2nd round)
● 5th grade junior high school student (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
“Change the world with your actions! SDGs RPG!”
● Yokohama Expedition (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
“From a single map to a new realization ~ Rogaining!! Everyone gather!!” ● Let Gift (Seki City, Gifu Prefecture)
“School supplies flea market”
● Aguncha ~Friends~ (Yoron Town, Kagoshima Prefecture)
“Adventure camp in Yoron Island to connect with people, yourself and nature” ● Future Time (Hakodate, Hokkaido)
“Let’s change! Hakodate and myself on the streetcar! The future!” [Image 5d56254-55-6cdae56a7116e35debf2-8.jpg&s3=56254-55-511bf56358a0dc11675ee779f9e5042a-1024x576.jpg
■ Winning team Future Time “Let’s change! Hakodate and myself with the streetcar! The future!”
● Outline of event planning
○ Purpose: Recreate the “fun of face-to-face communication” that has faded due to the corona whirlpool
○ Details of implementation: Charter one streetcar and operate it for one day under the name of “Goen Train”. According to the two rules of “no smartphones” and “always have conversations with people you ride with”, you can enjoy “accidental face-to-face communication” with people you happen to ride with. In order to promote exchanges, we will prepare various projects such as the “striped omikuji”. ○ Target: The main target is young people and the elderly, but anyone can participate.
● Members
○ Kao Akiyama (Hokkaido Hakodate Chubu High School)
● Impressions of members
I want to go to Event Koshien! I thought so strongly, and I applied on my own with the momentum. I will never forget the moment when the results of the second round of judging were announced. I want to create the best event because you chose me! I want to do my best from the preparation stage so that everyone who participates in the event will say that it was a fun time!
● Judge’s comments (partial)
○ It was a high-quality and well-packed project. It seems that the feasibility and event feasibility are also high. It’s a project that is likely to go viral, but I think it’s a good idea to ban
○ It’s interesting to see what you’re looking for, and by
participating in it, you’ll be able to solve problems, and I felt that it would be possible to continue holding the event!
 ○ This is a wonderful project that has the potential to create new value for streetcars with a streetcar setting unique to Hakodate and a project that is likely to continue after the event. I’m glad that the naming of the omikuji and the relationship was well thought out. [Image 6d56254-55-015e15f6888683f490a1-9.jpg&s3=56254-55-236cbe62db134d737e142ba61f879b9b-1024x576.jpg
Runner-up team “Change the world with your actions! SDGs RPG!” ● Outline of event planning
 ○ Purpose: To create awareness that “the SDGs are my own” from “knowing the SDGs”
 ○ Implementation details: SDGs real RPG was held with the goal of “doing your own thing while having fun”. An area to see the world from a human perspective (1st floor), followed by an area to see the world from a bird’s perspective (2nd floor), and finally an area (3rd floor) to deepen thoughts based on the realizations on the 1st and 2nd floors. proceed in order. We will prepare a mechanism that will lead to new discoveries and learning for elementary school students, and the budding of a spirit of inquiry.
○ Target: Elementary school students
● Members
○ Rina Tamai (Sapporo Municipal Kaisei Secondary School)
○ Hikari Okabayashi (Municipal Sapporo Kaisei Secondary School) ○ Ms. Momoko Washizuka (Municipal Sapporo Kaisei Secondary School) ● Impressions of members
○ This time, thank you for choosing 5th grade junior high school students from many teams!
○ We are thinking of an event where you can learn while experiencing environmental issues with the theme of real RPG x SDGs! We aim to realize new learning that has never existed before and make the SDGs your own!
○ From now on, with the help of many professionals, we will further brush up on this project! The three members will do their best to make this event fruitful for many people!
● Judge’s comments (partial)
 ○ The real RPG event planning that makes it your own with a theme that is difficult to understand and relate to is wonderful, including the amount of enthusiasm, and the presentation is excellent! ○ Excellent presentation materials. It was a good presentation that was easy to listen to even though it was a manuscript. In the Q&A session, everyone was able to talk about their own thoughts and hypotheses, which was just wonderful.
○ It’s good that you tried to make the difficult theme of SDGs into an event from a familiar perspective with an RPG game. I think it would have been better if there was content that could be done only because it was a real experience, rather than just choosing (because it can be done online).
■ The event will be realized after January 2023
The event devised by the top two groups selected in the second round will be held after January 2023. The three operating companies will prepare a high-quality support system and prepare together with the high school students. We will make another press release as soon as the details of the event are ready.
What is TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd.?
TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd., celebrating its 67th anniversary this year, is a professional group that creates moving places from consulting to event production. Since the Osaka Expo in 1970, we have been involved in the production of various events including international big events. As an event consulting company, we provide a total solution from advance income and expenditure planning to creative design production, architectural design, construction and operation.
In addition, we can offer digital events that utilize the latest XR technology, face-to-face events that allow people to interact in real life, or hybrid events that include both elements.
■Company Profile
Company name: TSP Taiyo Co., Ltd.
Head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yoshigo Ikezawa
Number of employees: 222 (as of June 2022, including contract employees) Business: Planning and production of various events, design and construction of venues, operation management, rental of related equipment, etc.
URL: https://www.tsp-taiyo.co.jp
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