Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture and BloomAct Co., Ltd. conducted joint research on online contact points using the online business negotiation system “ROOMS”.

Bloom Act Co., Ltd.
Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture and BloomAct Co., Ltd. conducted joint research on online contact points using the online business negotiation system “ROOMS”.
– Towards realization of a contact point that “does not go” and “does not wait” through demonstration experiments –

BloomAct Co., Ltd. (President: Shun Takano, Headquarters: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) has started joint research using the online business negotiation system “ROOMS” in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture (Mayor: Tatsuo Igarashi, hereinafter referred to as Tsukuba City). increase. We aim to further develop administrative services by verifying the effectiveness of citizen satisfaction and staff work improvement.

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research summary
In order to meet the needs for online consultations, which have expanded due to the corona crisis, Tsukuba City is conducting joint research on online consultations using the online business negotiation system “ROOMS” provided by BloomAct Co., Ltd. as part of the “Tsukuba City Innovation Switch”. let’s start doing ….
In this research, we used “ROOMS”, a secure business negotiation system that can be easily used by men and women of all ages. ”, and aim to create a consultation infrastructure that realizes the wishes of citizens and improves the work of city officials, which is a win-win for both sides.
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Research title: Improvement of counter operations using the online business negotiation system “ROOMS”
Implementation period: Sequentially from November 2022 (until March 31, 2023) Implementation Department: Disabled Welfare Division, Economic Support Office, Sustainable City Promotion Office, and 4 other divisions ● Research overview
Using the domestic online business negotiation system “ROOMS” that specializes in remote conversations with a small number of people, we will conduct research on the feasibility of moving some consultation desk operations online, which is premised on making a reservation by phone etc. and coming to the office. .
● Expected effect
・Citizen service improvement
By using “ROOMS”, which can be reserved from the web, does not require installation, and is characterized by intuitive operability, you can easily make a reservation and conduct an online consultation at any time. This is expected to reduce the burden and waiting time associated with the movement of citizens.
・Internal business improvement
By utilizing this multi-functional and highly secure tool, it is expected to reduce the burden on staff involved in scheduling appointments and preparing follow-up reports, etc., while realizing services that are comparable to when they visit the office.
● Public service co-creation business (common name: Tsukuba City Innovation Switch)
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URL: https://www.city.tsukuba.lg.jp/shisei/joho/1008026/1008430/1007934/1007438.html A project in which Tsukuba City conducts joint research with private business operators in the field of government in order to create ICT products and services that lead to operational efficiency. As the first step, in 2017, we conducted joint research on business automation using RPA for the first time among local governments nationwide.
About “ROOMS”, an online business negotiation system for BtoC

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◆ ROOMS service site: https://rooms-online.jp/
“ROOMS” is a system dedicated to online customer service made in Japan. Unlike overseas web conferencing tools such as Zoom and Teams, it is equipped with a wealth of functions and hospitality elements specialized for the Japanese customer service scene.
No app download required. Connection can be started simply by sharing the URL or telling the other party the room number required for connection by phone, and business negotiations can be started with one click on various devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) anytime, anywhere. is possible. A function that publishes the availability of staff on the calendar and allows customers to make reservations is also standard equipment. Not only does it save you the hassle of adjusting schedules, but it also has functions for automatically sending connection URLs and automatically assigning staff in charge. It is also possible to create an original design room with the service name and logo of the introducing company, so it is a major feature that you can serve customers without breaking the world view of the developing brand.
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-Functions list-
Simultaneous connection to 4 sites/Business card handover/Desktop sharing/Presentation mode/Talk script/Handling of materials/Stealth memo/Voice automatic meeting minutes/Chat/File transmission/Automatic reminder mail/Outlook/Google calendar linkage/Background blur/Business talk history / Calendar linkage with HP / Reservation reception from customers / Assignment of person in charge / Replacement with company logo / Recording / Questionnaire / Smartphone / tablet compatible / Room key connection / Salesforce linkage / Access analysis tags (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager) Setting function / direct call (immediate connection) function / facial expression/speech analysis function / simultaneous connection function for 10 sites using WebRTC technology (browser communication without an application) / real-time electronic contract function, etc.
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All communications related to service provision are end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) with TLS 1.2, which is also used for bank
transactions and credit card payments, and in a compliant format. All servers that relay communications and store data are installed in Japan, and in addition to regular security risk checks by a
third-party organization, communications are monitored and protected 24 hours a day by a WAF (Web Application Firewall). We give top priority to security. In addition, IP address restrictions, two-factor authentication, and password periodic forced change functions can be added as options (free of charge), so it is possible to operate according to each company’s policy.
We have also acquired the international standard ISO27001 (ISMS certification) for information security, and we are conducting appropriate information management not only for the system but also as an operating company. It is a secure online business negotiation system that has passed the security screening of many major companies and financial institutions.
About BloomAct Inc.
“Bloom Act” is a company that focuses on the value of “time”, which is one of the management resources, and provides new solutions in corporate management. We believe that maximizing the potential and productivity of each individual will create a “new way of working” in the future, which will lead to corporate growth and a more prosperous society.
[Corporate slogan]
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* “Time” = time, experience, opportunity, chance, future
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We want to create a better future by creating new “time” for management. This is the slogan we put up with such thoughts.
[Outline of BloomAct Co., Ltd.]
[Image 9d44763-41-a84e710e69684d4d18e5-5.png&s3=44763-41-3c437e6f0fe9cce93272cc9f82ef34a2-1732x374.png
● Company name: Bloom Act Co., Ltd.
● HP: https://www.bloomact.co.jp
●Established: July 2018
●Representative: Representative Director Takano Takano
● Capital: 50 million yen
● Headquarters: Tsukuba Mitsui Building, 1-6-1 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
● Service: Business negotiation system B-Room for BtoB https://broom-online.jp/        BtoC customer service system ROOMS https://rooms-online.jp/        Documentary animation service SPOKES https://www.spokes-online.jp/        Electronic contract service REMOTE SIGN https://www.remotesign-online.jp

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