Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. The office of YAMAGIWA Co., Ltd., designed by Tsukuruba, was selected for the Japan Space Design Award 2022-Office Space Category-

Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.
YAMAGIWA Co., Ltd.’s office designed by Tsukuruba was selected for the Japan Kukan Design Award 2022 -Office Space Category-

Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroki Murakami, hereinafter “Tsukuruba”) was in charge of the design of YAMAGIWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Shinya Matsukawa, hereinafter “YAMAGIWA”). The office building (completed in May 2021) was selected for the Japan Kukan Design Award 2022 Office Space Category announced on October 21, 2022.
Tsukuruba was in charge of designing the office space on the 4th, 6th and 7th floors of the 7 floors, and used a variety of lighting to create an expressive space that could not be created with furniture and interior decoration alone. . In the selection, it was evaluated in terms of contemporaryity, creativity, sociality, culture, design, innovation, and sustainability.
Tsukuruba will continue to promote the space design business of “creating a workplace” by making use of the knowledge gained from designing offices of various sizes from startups to large companies and co-working spaces.
YAMAGIWA new office design points
YAMAGIWA, a leading company in the lighting industry, has advanced lighting technology and expertise, while TSUKURUBA has expertise in creating work spaces through spatial design. We have realized a space that combines practicality and design.
・”Live office” where you can experience the possibilities of the workplace The 4th floor is not only a work area, but also serves as a showroom where you can experience examples of YAMAGIWA’s lighting and furniture in the workplace, as well as the possibilities of the space brought about by them, as a “live office”. The lighting is changed in detail depending on the area, and employees can choose a place that matches the work content and mode at that time.
・Lighting with attention to detail on each floor
In addition to the design of the lighting fixtures, we also fine-tuned the illuminance (brightness), color temperature (color)*, and other aspects of light to suit the different work styles on each floor. On the 4th floor, we set the color temperature as low as 3000K to create a calm space overall, while changing the illuminance (brightness) depending on the space so that you can choose the place according to the mode. Since the 6th floor is primarily an engineering floor, the color temperature is set at a high 4000K to provide even light distribution to avoid unwanted shadows while working.
*Color temperature: An index that expresses the color of light, expressed using the unit of Kelvin (K). A lower color temperature gives a more reddish and subdued light, while a higher color temperature gives a brighter and more active light with a bluish tint. ・Working with employees to define the role of space
An employee workshop was held at the start of the design process for the three floors of the work area, where employees were involved to consider how the office should be as a place for YAMAGIWA’s value creation, and the role of each floor was determined.
[Image 1d43247-107-237a96b9bb9ca16a2f48-0.jpg&s3=43247-107-d4ab2567b08983c1ff759fa65b05afc8-2458x1640.jpg
4th floor Live Office Big table in front of the entrance
[Image 2d43247-107-9e8dda1f1d1a1a553bb3-1.jpg&s3=43247-107-2bb94bec15a5671f8cf79bb721256839-2140x1428.jpg
4th floor live office work corner by the window
[Image 3d43247-107-7027c9bd2dd364087884-2.jpg&s3=43247-107-7619fba33229db186243eec8cf4f5fd9-2458x1640.jpg
4th floor live office library corner
[Image 4d43247-107-026c44134acb69ee2e08-3.jpg&s3=43247-107-8ddee3490518de1087d347ace40bf900-2379x1587.jpg
4th floor live office pantry corner
[Image 5d43247-107-dec4b4387f4f23a5fe12-4.jpg&s3=43247-107-432886b56f92156bf2d37fd3c43cedd6-1909x2700.jpg

Stakeholder comments
Konishi Toshiko / YAMAGIWA Co., Ltd. Solution Business Department East Japan PDC Office Designer
This office renovation project was a challenge and a project that brought about new changes for YAMAGIWA as part of work style reform during the corona crisis. New ideas and designs born from Mr. Tsukuruba’s passion for creating an office have created a wonderful space that exceeds expectations by collaborating with lighting. The number exceeds 150 companies, and we are very satisfied.
Yuumi Fukui / Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. Real Estate Planning and Design Department Design Group Group Leader
[Image 6d43247-107-538fc45924a3ac4aebd5-5.jpg&s3=43247-107-a446a10555a98342fdbff7d344533a06-1980x1320.jpg
I am very happy to have been selected for the Japan Kukan Design Award as a space design that utilizes YAMAGIWA’s lighting. In the early stages of the project, we held workshops to think together about new work styles and spaces that are unique to YAMAGIWA, and proceeded with the project. Tsukuruba Design’s strength is to create a consistent place from concept planning to space design. Even after the completion of construction, YAMAGIWA made good use of the space, and we are grateful that we were able to contribute to YAMAGIWA’s business. Tatsuhiko Igaki / Lead Space Designer, Design Group, Real Estate Planning and Design Department, Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d43247-107-136e3e54199aee95ffeb-6.jpg&s3=43247-107-8afbda8a5f1bf78609db09c12c42f10c-2102x1500.jpg
I am very happy that the space I created together with YAMAGIWA was selected for the Japan Kukan Design Award.
Through co-creation with YAMAGIWA, we reaffirmed the appeal of lighting, and felt that the importance of lighting in workplaces in the future will continue to grow. In this project, while discussing with YAMAGIWA on the theme of the diversity that lighting can create in the workplace, I feel that we were able to create a space that complements both the lighting design and the space design.
What is Japan Kukan Design Award 2022?
Born in 2019, it is the only and largest spatial design award in Japan. The purpose of the competition is to discover and evaluate excellent designers from Japan and overseas, as well as outstanding design works. Sending wonderful designs from Japan to the world, we convey the “power of space design” to many people.
About Tsukuruba’s real estate planning and design business
We are a professional group of place making professionals. “Business planning” that maximizes the use of the assets of partner companies and produces new business development from a management perspective, “space planning” that puts the space based on the strategy into an actual shape, and community formation after the start of operation of the venue We provide a variety of solutions centered on the three plans of “management planning” that manages facilities and facility management.
Rather than just providing ideas, we aim to plan everything related to creating a space from upstream to downstream, put it into a real space, and design a sustainable system together. As a planning and design company specializing in the real estate field, we will continue to pursue new business creation with co-creation partners.
[Image 8d43247-107-0db0988285a4a15d2dfe-7.png&s3=43247-107-2553ffedcac9a9b7fc87699b312a227c-2154x1118.png
-Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
An invention company that continues to create businesses that will eventually become culture. Under the mission of “creating the desired future through ‘place invention'”, we are inventing places that combine design, business, and technology.
Company name: Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth, Securities Code: 2978)
Location: Second Ikura Building 2F, 1-1-5 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Established: August 2011
Representative: Hiroki Murakami, Representative Director and CEO Business description: Planning, development, and operation of a marketplace-type distribution platform “cowcamo” (https://cowcamo.jp/) for used and renovated houses, matching service “ Real estate planning including planning, development and operation of “Urucamo”
(https://cowcamo.jp/urucamo), shared workplace “co-ba”
(https://co-ba.net/) and space production design business

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