Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. Tsukuruba is in charge of the design of the new base of the Loveable Marketing Group, which was completed on October 13.

Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.
Tsukuruba is in charge of the design of the new base of the Loveable Marketing Group, which was completed on October 13
– Redefining the office and creating a base where new discoveries and innovations are born by connecting people –

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Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroki Murakami, hereinafter “Tsukuruba”) was in charge of design Design Loveable Marketing Group Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Masayuki Hayashi, hereinafter “LMG” ”) completed
construction of the new base “KAMIYACHO Connection Base” in Kamiyacho, Tokyo on October 13, 2022.
“KAMIYACHO Connection Base” has been redefining the conventional office as LMG promotes hybrid work that balances remote work and office work since COVID-19. As a result, it was born as a base with the concept of “a base where new discoveries and innovations are born”.
In this new base project, Tsukuruba took the lead from the concept creation process, including employee workshops and questionnaire surveys, and incorporated the concept into the spatial design that will make it a reality.
Tsukuruba will continue to promote the space design business of “creating a workplace” by making use of the knowledge gained from designing offices of various sizes from startups to large companies and co-working spaces.
“KAMIYACHO Connection Base” design features
Since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, LMG has practiced sustainable and optimal work styles such as encouraging remote work and relocating the head office to a shared office. , we examined how the new base should be. He then redefined the office as “a foundation for ‘connection’, a base where new discoveries and innovations are born when people connect with each other.” Tsukuruba led the concept creation process, including employee workshops and questionnaire surveys, for this new base project.
In order to realize the new concept, Tsukuruba considered how to effectively carry out the various soft contents planned at the new base, and applied them to the spatial design.
-Design features-
1. A space with no dead ends and scattered small spaces
It will be a flow line without dead ends that allows you to walk around the new base, and within it there will be small spaces and places where employees can connect with each other (sofa lounge, library bench, sofa seats for one person, kitchen counter seats, etc.). are carefully arranged. We designed the space in such a way that people can come into contact with various spaces and places along the way, creating accidental connections.
2. Arrangement of spaces with a high degree of freedom for software utilization Various projects such as study sessions planned by LMG as an opportunity for employees to develop common experiences have different atmospheres and features, such as small climbs, high table corners, and sofa lounges, so that the space can be used flexibly according to the content. We have prepared a variety of spaces.
3. Corner with space to assist corporate culture
As a marketing company, we devised a space that can support the culture of creating better content every day. Create a place for input, such as a space to display art or a library where employees and the company can put books recommended by the company, create a space such as a kitchen counter that can be used for voluntary gatherings of employees such as club activities, and a raised area. The space has a blank space that can be used freely.

[Image 2d43247-105-fc0d8be6622bab7bc678-2.jpg&s3=43247-105-2299126ef1d2dd9b302f7d1e0d88f113-1719x1147.jpg
Free address where employees can freely choose where they live [Image 3d43247-105-91120dee3a7b6c6fc258-1.jpg&s3=43247-105-9e6343ffa5861a29cd0c355add7df968-1846x1231.jpg
Easy-to-use family-style seating for meetings and gentle area zoning in alleys that are not partitioned by walls

[Image 4d43247-105-317723ffe093f8d0cd97-3.jpg&s3=43247-105-5c628da7759bec7f86aea52392e36d39-1862x1242.jpg
An area where the company’s recommended books and the library with the team’s books are arranged along the line of flow to create
opportunities for employees to connect with each other.
[Image 5d43247-105-ffd73f0d398ab4fcbe80-4.jpg&s3=43247-105-380a182551850737b71f4086e91ee68c-1883x1256.jpg
Not just a corridor, but a library flow line with windows and benches Tsukuruba designs workplaces for startups and major companies Since its founding in 2011, Tsukuruba has been engaged in office design contract business while understanding corporate culture and people, valuing “building co-creative relationships with clients, and working people as the leading role of the space”. .
As a specialized group of place-making professionals, we not only do space design, but also make the most of the assets of our partner companies, and produce new business development from a management perspective. We provide solutions centered on “management planning” for community formation and facility management.
Rather than just providing ideas, we aim to plan everything related to creating a space from upstream to downstream, put it into a real space, and design a sustainable system together. As a planning and design company specializing in the real estate field, we will continue to pursue new business creation with co-creation partners.
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-Loveable Marketing Group Inc. (TSE Growth: 9254)-
We are a marketing company group that promotes beloved marketing (lovable marketing) that emphasizes empathy that is close to the information consumption behavior of modern consumers, with the purpose of “sympathizing with the earth for people”. With the Group Mission of “Creating the Most Loved Marketing Group”, we are developing our business mainly in the area of ​​marketing operations.
URL: https://lmg.co.jp/
Company name: Loveable Marketing Group Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masayuki Hayashi, President and Representative Director Location: 9th floor of Prime Terrace Kamiyacho, 4-1-13 Ainomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: July 15, 2014
Business: SNS marketing operation support, development and provision of SNS operation support tools, development and provision of SNS certification courses, marketing operation support, introduction of marketing automation, etc.
-Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth: 2978)-
Under the mission of “creating the desired future through ‘place invention'”, we are designing places that combine design, business, and technology. The main businesses are the “cowcamo” distribution platform for used and renovated homes, the matching service “Urucamo” for people who want to sell and buy homes, and the shared workplace “co-ba” that supports all kinds of challenges. )” and other shared workplace businesses.
URL: https://tsukuruba.com/
Established: August 2011
Location: Second Ikura Building 2F, 1-1-5 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Representative: Hiroki Murakami, Representative Director and CEO Details about this release:


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