TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Kintetsu Kusatsu holds popular picture book series “Pan Dorobo” POPUP by Keiko Shibata reading & autograph session/caricature event

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TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Kintetsu Kusatsu holds popular picture book series “Pan Dorobo” POPUP by Keiko Shibata reading & autograph
session/caricature event
-Plenty of POPUP STORE original items and fun events! ~

At TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Kintetsu Kusatsu (Shiga Prefecture), in the last year, we would like to raise books that we want to read and pass down to our children and that will be read 50 years from now at TSUTAYA. POPUP STORE of the “Pan Dorobo” series (Keiko Shibata / KADOKAWA), which won the grand prize for the first and second years in a row at the picture book award “TSUTAYA Picture Book Award”, which selects works from published picture books. And the author, Keiko Shibata, will hold a story-telling, autograph session, and portrait session, and various events will be held from October 26th to November 30th, where the store will be full of “Bread Dorobo”. .
1) POPUP store
From eco bags, rucksacks, notepads, sticky notes, and other stationery goods that can be used in everyday life, to sweets such as popcorn and drip coffee that make your time to relax more enjoyable, the cute charm of “Bread Dorobo” is on display. We will develop a large number of products limited to POPUP STORE, packed with lots.
[Image 1d18760-1317-64efd3a2967209ad5c4b-0.jpg&s3=18760-1317-4fa67cf935aaa1e8cc2bc17d7f8ffc21-1280x960.jpg
[Image 2d18760-1317-e7214094fd205d843085-1.jpg&s3=18760-1317-0ff57e51ed73954a7aabccccbbae512b-1280x960.jpg
Bread thief POPUP
2) In-store photo spot, bread hunting event, coloring exhibition Various events will be held in the store where you can enjoy the world of the picture book “Bread Dorobo”. At the photo spot set up in the store, you can enjoy the world of “Bread Dorobo” as if you were lost in a picture book. In addition, there is a “bread search” event where the bakery opens the “bread” (card) hidden in the store (a novelty gift for customers who collect all types), and a “bread” by children from nearby kindergartens and nursery schools. TSUTAYA BOOSKTORE Kintetsu Kusatsu will be dyed in the color of “Pan Thief”, such as the exhibition of coloring books of “Drobo”.
[Image 3d18760-1317-3604a9a16dfafe694b79-2.jpg&s3=18760-1317-7ff8a22d286c293c40fbe2045858b092-1280x719.jpg
In-store photo spot
[Image 4d18760-1317-42873cab42912aca9876-3.jpg&s3=18760-1317-9336bad66cafd04465b4a17da5803b14-960x1280.jpg
[Image 5d18760-1317-e9355d003a684eb41e24-4.jpg&s3=18760-1317-424bab4085fa050819a36e8e42188208-1280x960.jpg
coloring exhibition
3) Keiko Shibata storytelling & autograph session / caricature event held We will hold a story-telling session for two works by the author, Keiko Shibata, “Bread Dorobo Onigiri Boy’s Tabidachi” and “Bread Dorobo”. In addition, an autograph session and portrait session will be held at the same time, where Keiko Shibata will sign the picture book of the “Bread Dorobo” series and draw a portrait of the customer. -Overview of story-telling-
Date: November 12th (Sat) 13:00- / November 13th (Sun) 11:00- -Outline of autograph session and portrait session-
Date: November 12th (Sat) 15:00- / November 13th (Sun) 13:00- Participation method: Customers who purchased a picture book of the “Bread Dorobo” series in advance and on the day
*Registration for both events has already closed.
Keiko Shibata
Born in Kochi prefecture. His picture book works include the “Meganeko” series (tegamisha), the “Shirokuma” series (PHP Institute), and “Pome-chan” (Hakusensha). His favorite breads are cheese bread and twisted bread with chocolate.
-Store Overview-
■ TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Kintetsu Kusatsu
1-1-50 Shibukawa, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture
Kintetsu Department Store Kusatsu 4F
TEL: 077-598-0059
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