“TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE LaLaport Sakai” Opens on Tuesday, November 8th

Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.
“TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE LaLaport Sakai” Opens on Tuesday, November 8th You can meet wonderful ways to spend “me time”

Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO Muneaki Masuda; hereinafter referred to as “TSUTAYA”) and TSUTAYA member company Seibunkan Shoten Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture / Representative President Takeshi Yada) opened “TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE LaLaport Sakai” on November 8, 2022 (Tuesday) in the large-scale commercial facility “LaLaport Sakai”, which will be grandly opened in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.
[Image 1d18760-1314-f6709dffb52ae08904a0-7.jpg&s3=18760-1314-ef89bd5e06ff18ccb021907a70b51c22-3900x2601.jpg
“TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE LaLaport Sakai” aims to provide the perfect channel for any customer in line with the changing times. Opened on the first floor of LaLaport Sakai, a facility that has 212 specialty stores, including stores that have opened for the first time, and is working to reduce the environmental impact by installing solar panels. “TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE LaLaport Sakai” is a place where you can enjoy coffee and books with your family with the concept of “encountering a wonderful way to spend your own time.” You can enjoy it to the family layer and the senior generation.
In the approximately 300 tsubo book store, we will develop children’s books, learning reference books, paperbacks, and specialized books with the largest selection of books in the area. You can meet your favorite book and enjoy coffee and sweets while enjoying conversation with a book in one hand. In addition, at TSUTAYA’s largest stationery and miscellaneous goods floor, we will strengthen the three genres of “food”, “baby and kids”, and “living” to propose a variety of lifestyles and discover “something” that makes life shine. We are here to help.
Characteristics of “TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE LaLaport Sakai”
1: “BOOK & CAFE”, which proposes the largest inventory in the region in a sales floor of about 300 tsubo
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[Image 3d18760-1314-de8205450480e77fcffe-6.jpg&s3=18760-1314-3bf2ff16e69a2a4b32010624c26766e1-3900x2601.jpg
We have one of the largest selections in the region, including specialized books for adults to discover knowledge, children’s books that keep children occupied, learning reference books that support academics, and practical books that will help you get in touch with your dream lifestyle. It is a “BOOK & CAFE” style store where you can try and read a book before you buy it slowly with a cup of coffee in one hand. Please enjoy the encounter with the book with delicious coffee.
2) Propose products for “food,” “babies and kids,” and “living” to help people live a richer life

[Image 6d18760-1314-025ad6ba823a57a973db-1.jpg&s3=18760-1314-5e6c1d2a8b6de6ea0cb1a0489bec4ed1-3900x2601.jpg
[Image 5d18760-1314-466f3961ff5e1f3b183d-3.jpg&s3=18760-1314-c9f9157cba9edafd2c3c02f46d763905-3900x2601.jpg
[Image 6d18760-1314-025ad6ba823a57a973db-1.jpg&s3=18760-1314-5e6c1d2a8b6de6ea0cb1a0489bec4ed1-3900x2601.jpg
We will develop groceries such as “organic ingredients” and “standard foods” and kitchen miscellaneous goods that will add color to your daily dining table. In addition, in the “Baby and Kids” section, we will propose products that match the growth of children, such as gift products and educational toys, for three generations of parents and children. In addition, the “Kurashi” sales floor will offer a wide range of fashion goods and cosmetics products, aiming to create a sales floor where you can enjoy shopping for yourself and with your family.
3) A children’s book store where families can have a good time [Image 7d18760-1314-daefc88c4d3e74632e55-5.jpg&s3=18760-1314-0c06a2a0280cb0b2bb665dc815196bdd-3900x2601.jpg
[Image 8d18760-1314-e13149ccb1df5c2469af-4.jpg&s3=18760-1314-dec3ba458b1d9d4713ce17df29ead95c-3900x2601.jpg
Educational toys, board games, and books that help children grow are available. We offer both play and learning. We aim to create a sales floor that the whole family can enjoy.
TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE LaLaport Sakai Store Overview
Location: 1st floor, LaLaport Sakai, 22-1 Kuroyama, Mihara-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka Phone number: 072-349-4026 Business hours: 10:00 to 22:00
Store area: 498 tsubo * Book 300 tsubo / stationery miscellaneous goods 143 tsubo / cafe (40 tsubo)
Store URL: https://store-tsutaya.tsite.jp/store/detail?storeId=5037

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