TTArtisan announces large aperture, compact and lightweight APS-C lens “35mm F0.95”

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TTArtisan announces large aperture, compact and lightweight APS-C lens “35mm F0.95”

On November 25, TTArtisan announced a large-aperture single-focus lens “35mm F0.95” for mirrorless single-lens cameras. It is a full metal lens that combines retro texture and compactness, and weighs about 267g. Five types of Sony E, Fuji X, Nikon Z, Leica/SIGMA L, and Canon EOS-M mounts are available.
[Image 1

The fast f/0.95 maximum aperture is great for working in low light and also offers great control over depth of field. The lens configuration consists of 7 elements in 5 groups, and the 10-blade aperture achieves bokeh effects suitable for selective focus. Perfect for everyday photography such as portraits, streets, night scenes, landscapes, and reportage.
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Promotional video:
[Video 2:] Wearing example:
[Image 3d70183-229-0194517a43379adcdf05-2.jpg&s3=70183-229-d14a240af52e6e299235cf39fe5952ee-2000x2000.jpg
[Image 4d70183-229-ff7991b8eaa229857585-3.jpg&s3=70183-229-be8e8c66b5f7d6ce55ba9bdff2d67900-2000x2000.jpg
[Image 5d70183-229-40f41b58f84c9f2c5203-5.jpg&s3=70183-229-a9bef54cece4ee9866d2dec5d9f0a1a6-2000x2000.jpg

[Image 6d70183-229-9ac7f099124e48b8cdce-6.png&s3=70183-229-c0f51b293f6a7abff281479c77b84a13-737x539.png
Sample photo:
[Image 7d70183-229-18a31afcd8f0fafd6162-7.png&s3=70183-229-34f17372569bf17a103df56951b491a2-1163x581.png
[Image 8d70183-229-1467b18f1685b76764ff-8.png&s3=70183-229-af647763a7892868cc8caf59bfaadb22-1161x583.png
Product page:
Sony E:
Nikon Z:
Leica/SIGMA L:
Canon EOS-M:
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